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  1. Hi, i'm looking for the title and artist name of the song that goes something like this "round baby round, it's the sound that running through my brain" any suggestions on a title???????? i've tryed round baby, but nothing matched. thanks
  2. Hey everybody! does anyone know of some good goa parties happeneing up north? perferably around the toronto/ottawa area or even out east on the atlantic? goa and psy music isn't too popular in canada yet, and its a shame. we need some good parties up here to introduce the public to the beauty and magical sensation of a goa/psy party. I know us canadians will love them!!!
  3. I recommend BRASIL for psy/goa parties. I just recently came back to canada from a 3 week trip to Brasil and I atteneded the 1200 mics festival. It was AMAZING!!!! You can always find a party weekly pretty much and the brazilian people are very nice. they love foreigners, however if your a girl they love to kiss down there!!! ahaha but theres nothing wrong with that! GO TO BRASIL! you won't regret it, and it's super cheap as well. the sun is always shinning and the food is excellent down there!
  4. I saw 1200 mics live in Sao Paulo, brasil last weekend. it was amazing. it was my first big goa experience and I loved it. Now i'm hooked!!!
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