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  1. kazma

    Doctor Acid

    hi,it released 1996 yoyo records-bne holymen-doctor acid
  2. check out this turkish goa trance artist right click save target as mindsphere---mindrama psyturk.com
  3. ooohhh thats all what i need thank you for your help thanks thanks thanks.......
  4. kazma

    Doctor Acid

    yes hi its my first track in my psylife about 96,and it comes to me with goa trax a double beginning i think it can't found because its just 500 copies on released year .but i have one maybe the last one
  5. hi,i just want to learn which kick sound used in psytrance.. thanks ..
  6. kazma

    Doctor Acid

    1. Lift Off 9:14 2. Fear 9:09 3. Hercules 8:04 4. January 22 (dead) 8:02 5. Look to the Future 8:24 6. Acid People 7:26 7. Alien Conversation 9:01 8. Fading Childhood 8:29 i just want to write little,this is amazing album that i have never heard like this..a sound that tells all true spirit for back now and future ...
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