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  1. To whom it may concern: https://zentricegg.bandcamp.com/track/13157-the-singing-gardens P. S. My iPad screwed up the thread title.
  2. I like the solid crunchiness. It has a warm enveloping glow in the darkness.
  3. Guitar practice. Today it is the Schecter Hellraiser diamond 6 FR (FR is not short for french).
  4. How can u tell it's me? I might be Reger posting under a fake account. Anyway, although you people distracted me from the subject (not bum sex but music), I watched the Mike Oldfield 1981 concert DVD (live from Montreux) last night and it was amazing. I used to listen to this music a lot the first time round but I had never seen MO playing. As much as I like the Simon Posford concert DVD, Alter Bridge, Rammstein etc... None of them compare to this MO concert.
  5. Sometimes I think I exhibit Radish traits. That worries me. But I know I haven't deteriorated that far yet. By the way... I have turned over a new leaf. I am not like the old feathers. The old me would have said you were all dumb. The new me doesn't judge everyone that way and I am more apt to say that some of you are dumb. It's not important who, just a percentage of you. It used to bother me what people thought of me and whether or not I was liked. Now I realise that's not important. The need to be liked is simply the need to belong and fit in. I could fit in if I wanted to. I could wear the psychedelic baggy pants and smoke joints, but I don't need to. I don't feel a need to fit in. I used to create random polls about seemingly random and pointless subjects. That was probably due to some hidden desire to be noticed. The new me would not do such a thing because I don't want to be noticed. I am almost invisible and I want it to stay that way. Thinking about it, it was probably a dumb move using bum sex to draw you in because really I don't want the attention. Anyway, this thread has gone off topic and that's not really acceptable because it's like I hijacked it myself. I would prefer to talk about the music instead but now it's probably too late. So I guess you people got what you wanted, you forced a change of subject and made this about me. You force me into the limelight so I can perform like some demented monkey craving affection. I may be a monkey but I don't need affection. Affection is for needy people. I have to go now, my cat wants food.
  6. PRS Guitars. I got one. It's the purple Paul Allender SE. Yes it is.
  7. That's great! He is a very good guitarist/composer. He successfully blended rock with electronic synthesis and folk music. I wonder who is the MO of this decade? Is it Simon Posford? I was surprised to see Simon playing guitar on stage in a concert DVD I have. I thought he only played keyboard. Back to MO: I guess it's time to listen to his music again.
  8. I can't really allow you to post pictures of bum sex here so instead I wish to talk about recent stuff you have acquired... Today I acquired Mike Oldfield 1981 concert DVD from Amazon. I had not listened to MO for many many years. I first got into his music when I was still at school in late 70's. It was all I listened to for a few years. Then eventually I moved on and MO just started releasing variations on Tubular Bells. At that point I lost interest. However, I recently became very nostalgic and started listening to Ommadawn again. I'd never really seen much in the way of video footage of MO so I decided to buy a concert from when he was at his musical peak. This isn't just about MO. It's about any new music you or I may have acquired recently or begun listening to again... I also recently got into a band called Alter Bridge. Another band I have been impressed with is "She wants revenge" (retro 80's pop which sounds like new order/depeche mode and some other 80's musik all blended). Also got into Steve Vai since I practice guitar myself. He is quite theatrical on stage. I am sorry there is no bum sex here, but I am resorting to cheap and dishonest trickery to get your attention in order to sell you something entirely different. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNaZmX-NmQo
  9. Hmmm, I can believe that. I think this is what happens when a virus mates with a dating site. Of course they are using the usual tricks to get you to buy special privileges after you join.
  10. I looked in my junk hotmail folder and found a message from a friend. Friend was on Badoo. I have never heard of Badoo but I have heard of my friend so I signed up. What's strange is that the Badoo email with pic of my friend also showed some other people. It said "you may know these people"... One of the people was my ex girlfriend who lives in China. At this stage I had not signed up with Badoo and I had not shared my hotmail friend list so how did Badoo make the connection between me and my ex girlfriend? Anyways, I have signed up and I had to manually search through profiles in China until I found hers. It is indeed her. So what the feck is badoo about? It appears to be almost viral in operation and reads like a cheap dating site. ??????
  11. Affirmative Rottywanks. I tend to forget that not everyone has an easy-going naked female boss with nice baps like I do.
  12. Looks good to me. Very clear. I just downloaded a sample. Now downloading full vid. You are a pirate and I will report you to the RIAA or whatever it's called. Before I do so I will delete the copy I downloaded.
  13. Thus far I have bought nothing today. Over the past 2 weeks I went nuts and bought a new GPU for my PC. An MSI 560Ti Twin Frozr OCII. A week after that I went totally insane and bought a second identical GPU. Now I am running SLI for the first time. Very impressive. I nearly bought 2 x waterblocks for the new GPU's which would have cost a further £150 spoons in total but it turns out the waterblocks won't fit my non-reference MSI 560 boards, thus I had a lucky escape and don't have to spend a further £150 on top of the £450 I spent on the GPU's.
  14. A movie called "LIMITLESS"... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1219289/
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