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  1. Hey everyone ! I was listening to this free and amazing music and I was thinking "Let's share it with the psytrance community". It's kinda psychedelic infact. Hope you'll enjoy. Here's the link : http://www.jamendo.com/en/download/album/2225 See ya !
  2. From what i heard of it (listened to it a few times), I really enjoyed what i heard. The first cd is a very cool style, showing all Vince's talent in making dark psy but without being too dark or gloomy, iinstead it's more focused on the full on and crazy side of music. The second cd is more melodic, morning stuff but sometimes cheesy IMO. I think it's really worth checking out. hope i helped
  3. Oops ! Sorry, I just saw that the info had been spread already !
  4. It's delayed ! Here's what i found on their myspace page : " 22 juin 2007, 00:00 king mongoose IV hello everyone...i come today with bad news....the album release has been delayed until the start of september. Really sorry to tease you all like this but we really had no choice due to delays in the artwork and a gut feeling amongst both the band and the label that we should make a commitment to more promotion on the album before its release as we feel we've got something special that deserves a wider audience. We wanted to put it back to the end of july but that means the risk of releasing in august which is a terrible month to do anything as every one is on holiday. So sorry to bore you with lame excuses but i wanted to let you know the real reasons to stop any wild fantasies forming about us being kidnapped along with the master tapes by a super advanced race of mongeese who have demaded release conicide with the crowning of their new king -Ram gong IV- on september 2nd.(apparently he wants us to play at the coronation) x p.s for more info on mongeese visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongoose" If you haven't seen it already, you should check this also: BYE !
  5. Just wanted to tell you I really really enjoyed listening to this album and i think i will keep on doing it for some time . It's so cool to know that people still make this kind of music (i know you changed your style recently). And I must say it's got quite its own identity which is also great. You know i think it's really the kind of trance i wanted to hear right now: rather soft, 303-ish, well produced but not too much (i'm fed up with today's "crystal clear" obsession), great melodies, not too intense (psytrance is sometimes too much), etc. Anyway, I'm looking forward the better quality version. Thank you very much for sharing this great piece of trance with us and good luck for your future projects. You're talented man !
  6. Hallucinogen - Deranger It really drives me mad !!
  7. by the way do you have the prometheus album ? great stuff !!
  8. New koxbox ? It's really good in my opinion. Really good full-on with intelligence, twistedness and psychedelia. And believe me i'm not a fan of today full-on The tracks "Grow more pot" and the Tristan's one on Unusual Suspects comp. (Twisted Rec.) are also very nice .
  9. Wow !! This is what I expect from today's psy ! Woohoo !
  10. Thanks anyway Spindrift I'll check the Wild Rumpus comp and I'll dig Resonant Earth's songs deeper ... Actually one thing I really like about the music in your mix is the punchy basslines.
  11. I'm sorry Amphiton but there's no tracklist available, only a list of artists featured in the set. Check the first post of this thread. I'm still waiting for some similar recommendations Thanks guys.
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