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  1. haha I know what you mean but religion shits me to no end no matter what faith... it's the cause of soooo many bad things...


    I thik some of the melodies could be quite trippy... and I'd love to buy my mum (conservative roman catholic) a copy of:


    v.a - "Jesus On Acid"  :lol:




    im not christian/catholic either, but still like to hear variety

  2. Posted Image


    a race through the twists and turns of high-speed full-on psytrance :ph34r:


    sundrop - driving in the fast lane

    70min, 99mb, 192bits


    veering from aggressive, intense, and insane, to inspiring, groovy, and bouncy

    this is my ode to driving as fast as i can through the city streets!

    mixed live on dual pioneer cdj800s





    1 scorb - lets go raving

    2 theoreme - ram

    3 cpu - so it begins

    4 three musketeers - galactic wisdom

    5 logarythm - what you waiting for?

    6 derango - we're all mad here (rmx)

    7 cpu - thinking machines

    8 space tribe vs sirius isness - dead serious

    9 inner action - private party

    10 theoreme - wagama rmx

    11 tickets - the toy

    12 e-jekt - high robot

    13 rinkadink vs gataka - lost laundry

    14 broken toy - psychobitches

    15 space tribe vs cpu - wacko


    hope u like it ^_^

  3. that's true BUT most cheaper models wont last for 5 years or longer if you use them every day, so eventualy you are better of with something more expensive. I own a gemini cdj 20 and  it does it job way better than all those expensive pioneer cdj's (due to pitchbend buttons wich I prefer over any jog wheel) but it had to be repared 4 times last 3 years so,...


    ive owned American CDI500 and they wouldnt hold a pitch.

    i had to sell them because of this, it made mixing impossible.

    i know this sounds like craziness, on acid i can tell if the pitch wobbles.

    on pioneers i cant hear any wobble even when high.



  4. theres no rule on volume, just put it at the level you want.


    when you are playing on a really loud sound system, sometimes the headphones might not even be loud enough at 100%


    im often cranking up the headphones as loud as possible so i can hear every detail in the mix.

    and constantly adjusting the headphone volume while mixing.

    sometimes lowering it to 0 if there is a quiet part on the main system (people can hear the next tracks hihats in your phones)


    personally i like to hear the combined mix, having it split on each ear makes me dizzy


    your bro right about the deaf part tho... eventually loud volumes will degrade your hearing

  5. WOW!!!! Thats by far the dumbest statement in the history of Psynews! You just earned yourself the award of honorary SKAZI, here this is just for you:


    Posted Image

    so only music with a killaaarghhh roling  bassline is psytrance, you are a genius, you have just defined a whole genre by one sound. now go do the elephant walk with your friends


    dont be a loser!


    i asked a simple question.


    if you are too stupid to answer it then fuck off.



  6. it's not, they started with trancey-psy influence, but they moved on.


    technically is progressive house, and they are damn good at it  B)


    ya it sounds good


    the beginning song definitely a nice chill track, like chicane

    should mix well with jaia, but it aint psy


    i dunno... i bought their last album, but im gonna pass on this one

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