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    Visual Architects event decor, lighting and installation services have fast become one of the most respected event transformation services in the UK. Beginning as a side project of the event production team illumiNaughty, demand for the Visual Architects services was so great the company now exists in its own right, operating across the UK and beyond.



    Check us out here -> Visual Architects


    We've literally just done installations at Glade Festival (Fuse Tent) and also Cosmo Festival in the UK - and we're now set to create some of our work in Europe - Check our gallery for a sneak of what we do! This is far from our full range so please feel free to contact us if you're interested in a booking :)

  2. Had a retard moment today.




    I once lost ticked as well, it was winter and cold and I was pissed ..............


    hehe, these stories remind me of the time me and my friend lost our tickets on the underground in Budapest. We'd been our partying, and decided it would be an AMAZING idea to travel across the city and go to a hot spa. SO we did....via the wonders of underground travelling technology. We were absolutely spangled, and got stopped, stupidly wide eyed as we were, by a group of about 8 big burly ticket inspectors. We culd hardly communicate with each other, let alone the guards. After much deliberation they pointed us to the ticket machine, where we spent about 15 minutes trying to get some tickets out the machine. They stared....we fumbled...they stared more...we fumbled more....then the tickets popped out the machine. Off we went on our merry way..... fucking awful experience. I laugh when I think of it now.

  3. Is your house made of thin thin wood like mine? Every time there is a strong wind it feels like an earthquake <_<



    We win! B)



    We do indeedy win! Yesh wooden housey that wobbles with the wind and wobbles when there's an earthquake too!! One could say it's a rather wobble-tastic abode B)

  4. :lol:


    Has Damion started writing for psyreviews again or is it someone else now? I can't seem to access the site myself right now.


    Well I assume he's writing again, based on the above...but ye I can't get the site to work at the moment either....here's the linky http://psyreviews.ne...nt/view/659/46/ to this review, but ye, seems to be down so who knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws what's happening????????????? I originally read the review on another site, and thought i'd share it here too :unsure:

  5. Not sure if this has been posted somewhere else on the forum....but thought I'd share it here :)


    From Psyreviews


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    Coldplay return with their most phantastic and ambitious album yet. The British band have gained an increasingly largeish reputation on the international stage in recent months, and with this release they complete their metamorphosis into exactly the sort of thing your Dad might listen to when picking you up from school were you still fifteen.


    Vocalist Chris Martin is much more prominent here than on their previous outingLast Days Of Gravity. There are vocal tricks and soarings reminscent of their early shot to fame Yellow (for some reason missing from the digital reissue of Coldplay's debut A Flock Of Bleeps.)

    Martin displays a more out-there, almost psychedelic side with the noodly, Norfolk Spinning Into Place, replete with wallpaper. More involved and layered guitar sounds characterise Pound A Rhythm, where we witness instrument section Johnny Buckland and Guy Berryman nodding toward the exploration of Big Sounds.


    Closing track Tetris sounds just like the opening track of Viva la Vida, underscoring a strange and delicious circularity that suggests we are all ultimately heading to exactly where we came from, dude, except with drums nicked from Bjorks's Hyperballad. There are moments of brilliance, but in order to notice them you need to make a conscious and controlled effort to make yourself forget that this is a band desperate to carve themselves a niche that they've not yet decided upon.


    Coldplay are too Dad to be hip, too leftfield to be MTV, and too MTV to be Leftfield. Or not MTV enough. I'm not sure, which is it again?


  6. Hi Heva! So nice to see you back here :)


    Yes, we decided to let Offtopic make a comeback after Mars gave the site in our hands ... after all that is the essence that makes the forum alive. The recent return of a few old members proves it.


    Enjoy your stay :)


    WHy thank you....tis nice to be back!!! xx

  7. I am about to watch Tangled! i did watch The Tourist friday night...mmm.....:)


    Johnny Depp looks really wierd in that film! I quite enjoyed it though....


    Am absolutely addicted to Spooks at the moment. I'm just about to watch series 9, in anticipation of series 10 being shown soon! Oh....it's just marvelous...I'm not usually one for watching shows but as soon as the theme tune starts I'm instantly hooked! Amaaaaaaazin'! :)

  8. So today Imoved into a new house! I'm literally unpacking my life out of the bag I have been living out of since last July. Having spent the last months floating around, it feels nice to be settled in one place for a while. And I got 3 new housemates....so fun times, new places and new people ahoy!! I have to say, even when living out of a bag it's amazing how much stuff can accumulate..... :unsure:

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