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  1. Thanks, that would be great for the loop, just im making a simple break because im 'discoverying' the technic for making breaks (i mean, i can make a better bass and add more sounds), and for sure i'll try your ideas, also i think the track its lofi becuase the quality (its 128kbps) and i forgot to tell you that besides i used a little reverb hehehe . Thanks to all for the help.
  2. :lol: Thanks everybody!, i made a breakbeat with your help, its not perfect but with practice it'll be better. i use 2 similar snares one at low level, and the ohter at high level, the rest is easy. this is the loop DNB it doesnt has any effect, except some compression in the kick and main snare, also the bass is shit, cuz the important thing is the structure of the pattern.
  3. Thanks man! i know distorition helps a lot "melting" the sound, im searching for a more 'realistic' battery sound (like DNB), with more speed, but your examples helpme a lot, very apreciated man, thanks again i think i would get it playing with velocyties in the snares, or just with the right samples... if i achieve the sound, i'll post a sample.
  4. Thanks man, i'll try, but for make ido you use effects in the snares? or do you use more than 1 snare?
  5. Hi all, somebody have some experience making breakbeats, i'd like make some parts with breakbeat in my tracks but just i can´t get a decent breakbeat. To be specific, i need help with the structure of the pattern. maybe there´s some thechnic. could you help me plz? (sry my bad english, thanks)
  6. HI! try painting the notes in the "piano roll" like in a gate affect, then with a phase effect OR LFO in the cut off for automating. I think its not very difficult, you have to practice and practice and practice again... Experiment with modulations to be original you dont need the same lead to make a good track. [sorry my bad english] hahahaha
  7. anyway, protools could be used with another sequencer with rewire. here info about...
  8. Hi all. i heared that pro tools is more orientated to audio recording... i hope this help, hehehe (sorry my bad english)
  9. HI . also you can try GURU or search for one here
  10. Cool! Thanksa lot m8, i found them. Sirius Records: Compilation - Transparent Image (cd) 5.PARANORAML ATTACK - Go on
  11. NP post more info about the track u r searching, maybe ppl here can help u. and sry my bad english
  12. HI! http://www.sirius-records.com/ the track in the intro, do you know it? could you tell me what is the name please?
  13. Well.. i know now that audiorealism bassline is the best , but what do u think about Novation Bass-Station VSTi for make basslines? have u tested it? i think is hard to get a nice sound but is possible... Sry my bad english
  14. HI! first: nice title hehehe (im from mex. too). nice melodys, nice "chill-out" track but there is a lot of intro (its too long, 00:00 - 3:50). second:(suggestion) try to add some nice vocals .
  15. Hi! there r many topics about it, try to search. ze+a absynth pro-53 also u can see here (vst's web)
  16. HI! if u will use reason see here nice site (amazing reply xiphiaz!!!!!! )
  17. i think u can make it with soundforge too (im not sure )
  18. N.P and there r nice "turorials" in the technique section http://www.soundonsound.com/articles/Technique.php
  19. HI! late but here ur track hehe VA - X-Mode Vo 8 Extraterrestrials 09 - space cat - city of dust
  20. HI again m8's all must see this. (sry my bad english again looooooool) here a very good site for all
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