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  1. Greetings Cosmonauts! Welcome to Cosmo Festival 2012 — a unique celebration of psychedelic music, art and culture that extends for 4 days and 3 nights over the June bank holiday weekend. Synchronised with a full moon lunar eclipse and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the gathering provides an opportunity to embrace an alternative existence with a couple of thousand like-minded human beings in the beautiful Somerset countryside. Cosmo 2010 video: ►❖ MUSIC ❖ 3 STAGES ❖ 100+ ARTISTS ❖ UV DECOR ❖ LASERS ❖ 3D VISUALS ❖ Cosmo 2012 features multimedia artists and musicians from across the globe in music styles ranging from psy trance, Goa trance, techno, progressive, psy breaks, chillout/ambient, minimal techno, underground house, breaks, live acoustic and other styles of some of the most rapidly evolving electronic music on the planet. Music will go for 24 hours from 14:00 on Friday until 12:00 midday on Monday. The only exception is between 18:00 and 20:00 on Sunday 3rd of June in celebration and respect for Her Royal Majesty the Queen and her diamond jubilee celebrations. Church bells will be rung across Taunton and as we’re near a church that’s having a service to celebrate, on Crown land and have been given permission from the Crown to hold Cosmo, we think it’s appropriate. We’ll be celebrating in our own way while the sound systems are off with the Cosmo 2012 Jubilee Team Challenge. Expect games, nonsense and general buffoonery. Bring your water pistols – it’s going get hot and heavy! The Main Stage is designed for you to enjoy the intelligent depths of psychedelic trance: twilight, forest, full-on, groovy full-on, Goa and progressive. We’ve handpicked a fine selection of live artists and DJs from all over the globe! KOX BOX (Twisted Rec.) ELECTRYPNOSE (2to6 Rec.) SENSIENT (Zenon Rec.) EVSY (Ektoplazm) JAHBO (Parvati Rec.) DEVIANT SPECIES (Ambivalent Rec.) IANUARIA (Blue Hour Sounds) GROUCH (Zenon Rec.) ONKEL DUNKEL (Parvati Rec.) ARJUNA (Parvati Rec.) FLOOTING GROOVES (Peak Rec./ Blue Hour Sounds) DIGITALIAN (Phreex Networx/ Parvati Rec.) HOODWINK (Wildthing Rec.) ANNOYINGNINJAS (Sanaton Rec.) BACKGAMMON (Phreex Networx) DOHM (Forest Freaks) WHRIKK (Sanaton Rec.) ANKUR (Lost Theory Rec.) GU (Phreex Networx) HYPNOCOUSTICS (Liquid Rec.) LOOSE CONNECTION (Free Radicals Rec.) MARK DAY (Blue Hour Sounds) SHIVA CENTRAL (Audio Aashram) TANTRIX (Blue Hour Sounds) SPROCKET (Catawampus Rec.) GIUSEPPE (Parvati Rec.) ZOOLOG (Parvati Rec.) TREVOR PIXIE (Planet Zoid) FORDY (Cosmo Festival) LIQUID ROSS (Liquid Rec.) Djane JAZZMINE (Blue Hour Sounds) LUCA (Blue Hour Sounds) PURPLE WIZARD (Cosmo Festival) WHICHDOCTOR (Psynon Rec.) HAWAIIK (Chillum Tribe) Hosted by Planet Bob’s+Chai Emporium, the Lunar Stage presents you with a feast of eclectic international talent from the realms of progressive, house, minimal techno, chillout, ambient and acoustic. AES DANA (Ultimae Rec.) FLOOTING GROOVES (Peak Rec./ Blue Hour Sounds) SENSIENT (Zenon Rec.) SATTYANANDA (Audio Aashram) ISHQ (Interchill Rec.) FRANK E (KoxBox Music) ONE TASTY MORSEL (Zenon Rec.) HYPOGEO (Zenon Rec.) GROUCH (Zenon Rec.) DUBTEK (Dubmission Rec.) RADIOACTIVE CAKE (Glitchy Tonic Rec.) REACTANT (Zenon Rec.) BRUJO'S BOWL (Zenon Rec.) PIRATE VISION (BrainWaves) ELECTRYPNOSE (2to6 Rec.) LEMONTREE (Blue Hour Sounds) DE FUEGO (GuitarPro) EDINA BALZCO (Spanish Jazz) AKASHA EXPERIENCE (Free Spirit Rec.) ASHTOZ (Independent) KALYUG (Audio Aashram) SKYHIGH 'N' TING (Catawampus Rec.) ZEITGEIST (Glitchy Tonic Rec.) LILL'LI (Zenon Rec / Uroboros Rec ) NOLAN SHMOLAN (Zenon Rec.) ADD SIMEON (Something Groovy) IAN DUB (Something Groovy) IMPULSE RESPONSE (Cosmo Festival) LORRAINE (Psilosybe Tribe) LUCA (Blue Hour Sounds) MR. MUSH (Free Spirit Rec.) ANDY FORCE (Mutagen Rec.) NELSON MANDALA (Cosmo Festival) PAUL BACON (Planet Bob) PLUMSTEAD (Kamouflage) PURPLE WIZARD (Cosmo Festival) RODRIGO (DMT Tribe) SPINDRIFT (Planet Bob) SPOONA (Planet Bob) SPROCKET (Catawampus Rec.) Jacks-house stage will feature underground house, electro, minimal, tech-house and all things in between – the perfect summer soundtrack to chill to in the sun with your friends. DJs from Freaky Disco, Wetdog House and Muchiq Records are all on board. Headliners include: Victor Simonelli Rob Nutek Johnny Trotter Steve Murrell ►❖ ARTS ►❖ CULTURE ►❖ • Visionary art exhibition & live painting • Visual shows • Cinema & documentaries • Performing arts • Healing area & yoga workshops • Eco-sustainability • Lectures & workshops • Restaurants , chaishops, organic & healthy food options • Market stalls • Fire shows • Face painting • Drumming circle Arts village An amazing spectrum of some of the finest visionary art, presented by the artists who’ll be onsite explaining the inspiration behind their work. We’re very excited to welcome exhibitions of visionary art from Robbie’s psy art gallery and Elixir of Life, curated by Emma Watkinson. We’ve also secured visionary art by Pouyan Khosravi – whose Pineal Visions will have you seeing visions of your own -– ink works from Rowan Koshui and Sam Tomes will be creating one of his custom-made cosmic especially for Cosmo! Cosmo kids Children under 12 will be allowed at the festival for free when accompanied by a parent/guardian. There will be a mandatory registration process on site for the children under 12 and their parent/guardian. Kids Between the ages of 12–18 are not allowed. Healing area Hosted by Jyoti Goddess Healing Space, the Cosmo Healing Area will offer a tranquil zone of peace, calm, relaxation and connection. You can choose from guided and silent mediation sessions, gentle yoga, reiki, mantra and chanting, massage, sound journeys, woman’s circle, body work, and somewhere comfortable to take some time to centre and reconnect. See you all at Cosmo Festival 2012! ♥.·˙˙Please invite your good friends & spirits˙˙·.♥ For info and updates please check out our website: www.cosmofestival.org Tickets At just £76, our recession-busting advance tickets are flying out the door. All advance ticket holders will be given a free CD when they enter the festival containing tracks from headliners on the Lunar Stage. And all Cosmonauts will get a program that includes set times for the three stages, a map, details of the visionary art, talks, performers and healing area, and other useful info. Gates open: 12:00hrs Friday 1st June 2012 Gates close: 16:00hrs Monday 4th June 2012 Weekend Pass entry starts at 10:00hrs each day. Presale: 4 days/3 nights Until 31st May 2012: £70 + B.F ** Special offer ** Buy four advance tickets, we pay your booking fee – Order online Prices on the gate: £85 Presale: 3 days/2 nights Presale – £50 + bf – Order online Price on the gate: £60 Presale: 2 days/1 nights Presale - £22.50 + bf – Order online Price on the gate: £30 Access All Areas: http://www.accessallareas.org/ 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AL. Tel: +44 (0)20 7267 8320 & +44 (0)20 7267 6148 Opening hours: Mon – Wed 12pm - 7pm / Thur – Sat 12pm - 8pm http://www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=ep&id=4378 Buy a ticket and get a free MP3 download with every one from our headliners! The record labels and artists get paid and you get some great new music, check it out here! Website : http://www.cosmofestival.org/ Updates : http://www.facebook.com/cosmofestival2011 Directions to the festival : http://www.cosmofestival.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=56&Itemid=77
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