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  1. Thanks for the replies. I hated Borgore and Skrillex, not even close to what Im looking for. Broken Note is more likely it but still not there. Big thanks for trying to help, it doesnt hurt indeed
  2. Hello. So I cant stand the so called "aggressive dubstep" with those singing girls intros and then big drops, whatever. I hate it, its commercial. Im looking for some kind of dubstep artists with those filthy baselines and really aggressive drops and sound overall. Im tired of searching for this kind of stuff with no results, all I find is the generic dubstep music on youtube, UFKDUBSTEP and so on, people calling it dirty, filthy, aggressive, killer and genial on comments to the videos, my ass. Thanks in advance =)
  3. So I was walking down some street and there were some dudes playing some drum and base based songs with those dubstep "features" I hate Dubstep and this was good.I find dubstep music (tho one I know of) limited and repetitive and I have searched quite a lot. This new sub genre or whatever its called is damn aggressive and well acomplished, I dont know the name of any of the songs I heard so I was wondering if you guys could show me something about this, Im sure that many may be deeply into it thanks
  4. Trance has a much larger meaning for me
  5. Which ones gave you the best trip, the ones you will never forget.
  6. That has to be the one of my favourite trance albums.
  7. Agreed. That is why I hate calling names to things when it comes to music. Genres and sub genres names are just not accurate enough, music evolutes through different paths, they sure are sometimes connected and influenced by each other but the "genre" itself is in a constant mutation and it comes down to "where do YOU think we have came from?" Kindzadza surely can be dark, based on what I have just said. I just believe people give too much power to genre quotations. I do find them very useful and logic though
  8. I personally believe that Psykovsky can't be compared to any other artist that are labeled as "dark psychedelic trance", Psykovsky is probably the only one who reached the goal of understanding what this genre is and how you should express it, if you want to. Yes, Kindzadza appeared first, 2004, I personally love that album but I can't consider it dark, it is not trying to be dark either. Yes you got UX's Master of the Universe, that's not dark psychedelic trance, that's an attempt, I'm not writing about the quality of the album, I'm just referring to it's genre, which is psychedelic trance imo. Psykovsky's music is the only dark psychedelic trance so far imo. And again, this is just how I see it, definitions tend to be personal most of the times.
  9. I know right, can't do anything about it Using the same pair of shoes for 5 years because I havent found a replacement so far(its not a matter of price/size)
  10. Checked that Atarix album and to be honest I find it pure trash, not even close to Noisia, Spor or any good DnB artist, no offense =)
  11. Checked all of those, noisia, spor and a few calyx and teebee tracks are the only ones that suit my style... Looks like theres not too many options , which is sad
  12. Thanks for those 3 but they didnt satisfy my needs. Heres some aggressive tracks I found recently http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m4iyYFxKh0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ifpqG7ivkQ Looking forward to find similar artists.
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