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  1. Tough choice...


    Each artist has made at least a track or two that kicked serious arse IMO.


    Astral was the first psytrance music I listened to and sort of got me hooked on the music.


    Infected put out some of the greatest psy-tracks ever made on their first albums.


    Hujaboy has renewed my faith in Israeli trance the last few months (especially with 'Flake' and 'The Day').


    Shulman is a sonic genius, almost as good as Shpongle (but still a LONG way to go).


    Astrix has made some great tracks (4th revelation, Eye to Eye, Chaos)


    Space Cat collaborated with Simon Posford in the late 90s and brought us 'Invasion', one of the finest achievements ever in the history of psytrance.


    Oforia is still one of the masters, though I think 'Pigs in Space' (1998) was one of the 10 best psytrance-acts EVER.


    Insect Sun is also wicked. He should be on the ballot too :rolleyes:

  2. yea i dont see the point in slagging them for useing sample cds, you grab this sample and make something better than divine moments of truth :)



    however judgeing from the new hallucinogen track, i really have low expectations for this album. Simon is still a genious but hes lost his dark edge. I also think he used all his tricks on the first album that at this point the tricks dont have the same effect as back then (the stuttering vocals, the filter delays) It doesnt seem like he has come up with any new mind blowing tricks at this point.


    Aw, come on! Have a little faith :rolleyes: . I heard heaps of Simon's new stuff (particularly Long Long Arms, Stretchtastic and Nothing Lasts) as he left a trail of happiness across Australia in november and december... Trust me - he STILL got it. ;)


    Keep in mind that not all of this stuff rocks your world at first listen. The first time i heard 'shamanix' and 'shpongleeyes' i thought 'come ON! What was THAT about??!!' and after 5-6 listenings.... POW! Catch the right soundwaves... Let it sink into your neural highways and you'll feel deranged and shpongled like never before.


    Peace :lol:

  3. I thought the name was Mental Sharon? At least that makes more sense...  :lol:


    yup... could be a typo. MENTAL makes sense, tho. Have some new favorite titles:


    Shpongle - Turn up the Silence :rolleyes:


    The Orb - A huge evergrowing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld <_<


    Frank Zappa - Ethel the Mountain :blink:

  4. where did you hear about this ?


    www.solstice23.com. solstice records is releasing the unusual suspects 2 compilation - the same one twisted keeps delaying. same tracklist, except for the balloon dance track. it is the first track, it seems, released by Hallucinogen and Eat Static's collaboration, metal sharon, whom we've been waiting for news about since who-knows-when.

  5. Shpongle - Around the world in a tea daze (took me a while to figure that one out) :lol:


    Hallucinogen & Joti - Long Long Arms (covered with beautiful feathers) :D


    Metal Sharon - Balloon Dance (strap a balloon to your leg and GO NUTS with merv and simon) :rolleyes:


    1200 Micrograms - E=MC2 (killer title, if you paid attention in science-classes) :blink:


    Hallucinogen - Shamanix (the 'X' makes it sound cool) B)


    Infernal Machine - Nocturcal Chainsaw kefuffle (whatever the hell that means) :unsure:


    Juno Reactor - Masters of the Universe


    Ott - Splitting an atom


    Aphex twin - Come to daddy


    Total eclipse - Freefalling upwards


    Reefer Decree - Spinal Tics


    Younger brother - Magic Monkey Juice


    X-Dream - The frog


    Walter Ego - Purple Pygmies

  6. GMS/Zorba, Audialize, the almighty 1200 Mics, Nibiru and.....ummmm..... Astrix (great melodies).


    I like full-on as a way to perk up in the morning. Full of energy. But its the seething, nuclear chaos of goa and psytrance (Hallucinogen, Deflo, S.U.N. Project, Oforia, The Nommos, Hujaboy, Koxbox, The Delta, etc...) that really does it for me. Different music for different moments.

  7. Hallucinogen - Jiggle of the sfinx: The celtic thingy. Quite an accomplishment and as out of place in psytrance as it is well-executed. :lol:


    Actually, the entire track is one massive stroke of genius in the world of electronic music (especially the mid-section with a million percussive gadgets blasting away for 2 minutes - it's stretch-TASTIC! Uh...i mean... FANtastic) :D

  8. "Let's go back in a time machine to ancient India and smoke hashish before Shiva"...



    ROFL!!!! No way........ ROFL!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!


    Nothing beats going back in a time machine and smoke hashish with lord shiva. The thought of it just fills my brain with epic, fun visions. It is a feast for my imagination. :P

    I dig 1200 micrograms for every new track i hear. They are pioneers of 'fun-trance' and pure dancefloor enjoyment (true testaments to this are: high paradise and mescaline). Their music really caters to my taste. Oh, and their live shows are equally awesome. Anyone who went to earthcore this year will not dispute my words. If i live to be a 100 years old i will never forget how they rocketed 10000 people in to the next world with a feast of fun, dance and energy. What a life! :rolleyes:

    Give it a chance, people! Haven't you noticed how new things can initially suck and then, after a couple of listenings, really REALLY grow on you? :)

    I'm gonna buy the new stash bag, too... Those sample tracks just keep getting better. :lol:

  9. stop me if you've heard this before, but... I like Beija Flor! Hey, it's not Shpongle's finest achievement, but it is not bad... In fact it is F***ING awesome!


    About the tracklist.... All evidence points to the 20+ tracklist being the official. Since Simon has never released a track that was shorter than 6 minutes, i seriously doubt we will have a cd full of 2-3 minute tracks. I'm guessing they are releasing a double cd - which is a damn fine way to lay Shpongle to rest.

    Then again, I've heard some rumours of the album being released on some new type of cd medium - with 4 times the capacity of a regular disc... Hmm.... Unlikely, but the time of miracles is not over yet.





    AMEN to that! Straight from the Hallucinogen soundlabs, Simon played this dancefloor-killer at Earthcore and in Sydney in november. That track is, in lack of a better word, AWESOME!!!! The Hallucinogen sound is not only back - it is even better. 6000 people went kablooie when they wathced their arms grow veeerrryyy llloooonnng. That sample just put a big fat smile all over my face for the whole night. It is a 10/10 track that will become a CLASSIC. Simon has NOT lost the touch! ;)




    Peace B)

  11. Britney Spears - Toxic..... ABSOLUTELY horrible


    But seriously :P


    Hujaboy - The Day :blink:

    The Delta - Supercell

    The Delta - Pop

    The Delta - Thing

    Blowfish - Liquid Eyes

    Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins pt. 2

    Haldolium - Nega.tif

    Insect Sun - Dive

    Infected Mushroom - Psycho

    Infected Mushroom - Release Me

    Tube - Meet The Monster

    Psychonaut - Spiritwalker

  12. thanks rain... but i meant the one-from-TWISTED-RECORDS UNusual suspects 2. This one is from SOLSTICE RECORDS and is called USUAL suspects. The two are often confused. :rolleyes:


    but thanks for the tip. i will check it out. i like antidote - and joti, too (whom, by the way, joins forces with hallucinogen on the before-mentioned album).

  13. The Nommos - Digitaria (haven´t heard all tracks, but "River" is the BEST psy-track i´ve heard since the Hallucinogen-days) :blink:


    Prometheus - Robot-O-Chan :lol:


    er.... i must admit i haven´t heard that many releases this year, but i bet there are loads of good ones out there waiting for me. I´m thinking of giving Electronic Universes a try. And i´m DEFINITELY buying Unusual Suspects vol. 2 from Twisted Records (if it ever gets released, that is).

    I know i haven´t heard ´em all, but 2004 have been a pretty lame year with too many full-on releases. i must´ve been looking the wrong places. But i doubt that anything this year can best my personal all-time psytrance-favorites:


    Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

    Infected Mushroom - The Gathering

    Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls

    Secret of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls

    Raja Ram´s Stash Bag vol. 2

    Blowfish - Puffed Up

    X-Dream - Radio

    The Delta - Scizoeffective

    Pigs In Space - Pigs in Space

    Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible (let´s just call it psy-trance)

  14. :blink:


    Hmm. Lots of punches for this one... Did any of you even bother to listen to the cd?

    It is a matter of opinion, sure - but no one likes to read a petty, non-constructive basher of a review.



    Personally, i am getting tired of the full-on sound and some of the israeli and spun acts begin to sound identical. On the other hand, it still works wonders on a packed dancefloor anywhere in the world. But there are good moments on this cd. And 1200 Mics sure made me laugh (as is often the case) with their Peter Gunn-based High Paradise. Not psychedelic trance, sure (that would be like comparing porn with erotica) but great fun.


    I had my doubts about this cd surpassing its "predecessors"... For one thing, there are no Hallucinogen- or Shpongle tracks on this one, but you have to move in new directions now and then, so I don´t blame TIP. Besides, nothing could possible top the Gamma Goblins/Crystal Skulls-combo on Stash Bag 2 - THAT was a psytrance-moment of epic proportions. :)


    There seems to be a lot of piss and venegar thrown at Raja Ram at the moment... Totally unnecessary. For one thing, none of you seem to agree on who has done the mixing for the cds and, for some reason, you blame it on him.

    You also seem to be forgetting something: when you release over 100 cds over a period of 10 years, you have every right to put your foot wrong now and then. No one can work miracles every time. You can´t let your sky-high expectations ruin your objective perception of a cd. Come on!

    Personally, I´m glad that we still have someone like Raja out there, whose love, dedication and passion for the psytrance-scene is constantly reminding us why we all fell in love with this type of music in the first place. :rolleyes:

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