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  1. UK


    I think RAJA RAM deserves some credit too... ;) He has certainly influenced the scene on different occasions, especially in the ambient end of the spectrum (Twelve, Infinity Project, Mystery of the Yeti, Eclipse, etc..). And TIP has brought us a remarkable number of classic trance-compilations on behalf of Raja over the years, including the Color- and -Nations-series, Stash Bag, Crystal Skulls and many more. :)

  2. I agree with the points so far.


    I think the cause of the decline in record sale is and always has been due to 3 reasons...


    1) As some of you has already pointed out: TOO MANY RELEASES - quantity over quantity. I've lost count on the new compilations out every month on psyshop. You don't see multimillion dollar artists releasing 2 greatest hits album every year. The psytrance scene is a very VERY small market, threatened by homogenising. There are simply not enough consumers to buy the myriad of releases. Eventually the good stuff is overlooked and more and more people will stop buying cds.


    2) Download. BUT it should also be noted that had it not been for mp3s, most of us would never have heard of any of the artists in the first place... which brings me to point number 3...


    3) Bad publicity... Which in my opinion is the worst threat to the survival of the artists and labels. I cannot stress enough how fed up I am with the lack of information and exceptionally poor marketing effort on behalf of major labels. One very pitiful example, Twisted Records, has again and again failed to update their site, release information about upcoming releases and the lack of these. Need I remind you all of the horrible delay of the Unusual Suspects 2 album? Everyone was wondering what the F*CK was going on. And what happens when you write Twisted? No answer! We had to wait 7 months for an explanation... and had to read it in an interview with Simon Posford on a fanpage. There is no excuse for this pitiful negligence, and this is just one example.

    When the labels ask themselves why they are on their knees, they should start by examining their obvious lack of even the simplest communication and marketing skills which are essential to the survival of a company in this day and age.

    And don't ask me how this can be dealt with, cause I have no idea. But there's gotta be someone out there who does.

  3. Shpongle - The Seventh Revelation


    About halfway through... after the trance kicks in and the tweaked vocals blare away. :lol:  I FLY away everytime I hear it. Masterful :rolleyes:


    At Earthcore Carnival 2004, when Hallucinogen spliced his original Gamma Goblins pt. 2 with the GMS-version. Pure genious! The danceflor exploded. :lol:


  4. Shpongle - The Seventh Revelation


    About halfway through... after the trance kicks in and the tweaked vocals blare away. :lol: I FLY away everytime I hear it. Masterful :rolleyes:


    At Earthcore Carnival 2004, when Hallucinogen crossbred his original Gamma Goblins pt. 2 with the GMS-version. Pure genious! The danceflor exploded. :lol:

  5. Whatever Raja Ram and Simon Posford comes up with next, I guess... Shouldn't take long. They obviously enjoy working together :)


    More immediate releases on the 'must-have'-list are obviously the new Ott and Younger Brother albums :lol: . So close I can smell the vinyl.


    Hmmm... Frontier Psychiatrist's Skazi-thing is taking on fetish-proportions :unsure: He needs our support. ;)

  6. Are you nuts? God could never be THAT good.... :P


    Just kidding. I wouldn't call Simon Posford a divine being, but his musical genius is legendary and impossible to describe in English. To do that, I'd need to invent a special keyboard with special letters... ;)


    Maybe 'pioneer' fits the description better, hm? :rolleyes: I don't think any musician in history has ever made such brilliant music, changed his style (and succesfully, too) and enjoyed so much praise from fans and music-lovers alike. A talent that is one in a million, for sure.

  7. Good ones, so far...


    Here's my list of the Founding Fathers of Psy (not necessarily acts, but also producers/contributors):


    SIMON POSFORD: There's just no way around this guy, when you wanna get into this type of music... Whether it be the legendary heavy-weights Hallucinogen and Shpongle or his various brainchilds. On another note, Hallucinogen's first-born 'Twisted' smashed straight into the top 30 in France, becoming one of the biggest selling goa-albums of all time. Quite an accomplishment, especially when we are talking 1995, ppl. It formed the basis of Twisted Records in UK, still THE psychedelic label of our time. ;)

    Best known for: Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Younger Brother, Celtic Cross, The Infinity Project, various Twisted Rec.-compilations.


    RAJA RAM: The grandfather of psy. There's a huge difference in people's opinions on this guy's contributions to the scene lately. But frankly, who cares? Raja's passion, enthusiasm and pioneering work to establish the psytrance-scene in the UK, not to mention his eye for quality, skills with a flute and wicked covers is nearly unfathomable. The TIP- and TIP.WORLD labels formed by Raja in the 90's has brought us nothing but smash-hits and classics, all serious contenders for the finest psychedelic releases of all time. A few black sheep, but so what? Everyone stumbles in the dark, eh ;). Watch this guy in action on the 'Solstice' and 'Liquid Crystal Vision' and at a trance-festival near you B). Laughs and enlightenment guaranteed.




    JUNO REACTOR: Though their music is among the best and most inovating to ever hit the scene, it is still a complete mystery to me that Ben Watkins and co. crossed over into mainstream without losing the edge and even contribute to the Matrix-movies. :blink: Who said the time of miracles is over?


    DOOF: The super-man of trance and ambient/dub. Nick Barber was there from the beginning and collaborated with Simon Posford to create some of the finest psy-tunes.



    By the way... Here's a really wicked article on the history of psytrance (for those who are either generally interested, writing a report on the subject or has got nothing better to do :)



  8. What's with you, ppl??!! Haven't any of you heard Hallucinogen - E? :huh:


    You'll know what I mean, when you listen to Twelve from TIP.WORLD and reach the end of the cd. Hallucinogen completely mellows out on a piano and a cello and it is TOTALLY blissful. Sad, really :( ...But beautiful beyond words :rolleyes:


    Entheogenic's melodies are also quiet powerful, IMO. The melodies sometimes make my heart bleed and I cry like a waterfall. <_<


    Ott's Smoked Glass and Chrome almost made me cry in joy. And Shpongle have come close numerous times - especially with their first album (whereas the second one was more of a roller-coaster ride ;) )

  9. Ozric Tentacles - Pteranodon (Hallucinogen remix).


    Found it on Hallucinogen's webiste. It is only a sample :( , but SHAG ME SIDEWAYS!!! What a killer track! :P That is the spaciest guitar-riff I've ever heard!


    I'm gonna save up a load of cash and go hunting for everything spawned by Ozric Tentacles. This stuff is truly mesmerizing (and they have a cool-sounding name, too :) .


    Just finished listening to Deflo - Implacable (one of my all-time favorite darkpsy trax) and The Infinity Project - Stimuli (Hallucinogen remix). Think I'm gonna put on some Psychonauts shortly. Derwish and Ramba Zamba are master-blasters! :rolleyes:

  10. (except from the ones already mentioned) I like Psykovsky, the perfect Russian psy artist title with his celebration (¿;) of the countryman and great composer Peter Tchaikovsky.  =)


    Good way to reintroduce the old genius to a new audience... ;)


    Green nuns of the revolution also has a nice ring to it, no? :)

  11. Have you ever heard an artist- or projectname that was so cool you just HAD to listen to their music? :lol:


    Who has the most creative alter egos in your opinion? :)


    My top 10 :rolleyes: :

    1) Ozric Tentacles

    2) Shpongle

    3) Distortion Orchestra

    4) Hallucinogen

    5) Psychonaut

    6) Infected Mushroom

    7) Walter Ego

    8) Rinkadink

    9) Jaia

    10) Lucy in Space With Diamonds

  12. The Nommos - The River

    Hallucinogen - Space Pussy

    GMS - Slingshot

    Beast - Spawn

    Pigs in Space - Some Mental Symptoms

    Juno Reactor - Conquistador pt 2

    Miraculix - Bad Dream

    Deflo - Implacable

  13. Here's my list of evil stompers:


    Hujaboy - The Day, Flake

    Hallucinogen - Space Pussy, Thugs in Tye-Dye, Gamma Goblins pt 2

    The Nommos - The River, In the Shadows

    Psychonaut - Witchcraft

    The Delta - Thing, Supercell, Pop

    Pigs in Space - Solar, Some Mental Symptoms

    Deflo - Tio Mate, Implacable

    Haldolium - Motion, Nega.tif, Heliotropin

  14. simon's obscure anubis - the rites of ra


    that track owns


    Don't forget Invocation... a chilled, oriental tune from Anubis. Also check out S.U.N. Project - Sexdrugs and Acidtrance (hard stuff, but it'll make you belly-dance for weeks :lol: )

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