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  1. I like the production and the ideas. Everything comes through clear. After the bass plays through like 4 - 8 bars, if a 4 on the floor beat came in, it would be really sick. You could remix it full-on. And I could hear some DnB sounds in something like this, like a DnB bass, or some of those distortion leads. You should put up remix files !
  2. haha I'll have to check it out. A really talented composer/producer made the songs for those games.
  3. Thanks! haha Street Fighter II was one of my favorite games growing up.
  4. I'm from MI too. I have no idea where to play live sets or DJ my stuff around here. I'd be very interested if anyone has any more information about the scene here. -Amoeba
  5. Hadn't made super full-on in a while, so I put this one together last week or so. Have a listen! and fill out the poll I put on here too! (it's on the top of the page) http://soundcloud.com/djamoeba/perception-divide and fan my facebook page for more songs and updates - Ameoba on Facebook BOM -AMOEBA
  6. Hey everyone. I just released my first psytrance album and am really excited about it. Fan the page and get a free song download! Amoeba - No Turning Back Amoeba Official Page Also, check out the rest of the samples of the songs on the album, and the Video log! BOM Amoeba
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