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  1. Now I have been to movement 6 times and other events and no psy is found but I hear philly has a very strong psy scene but for those of us who live around Detroit how is the psy-community because I have been searching High and Low and found nothing please help me
  2. like how does it sound cuz Astral Projection is what got me into the psy scene so is it alright or what?
  3. I have heard of the chillumnati but see the problem is I can't drive so it really cuts my options down but according to the people i work with say i will be able to drive in September and i also got a cabin in Canada and i practice driving like once a day up there cuz you see last summer my parents gave me like 100 bux to go to the final WEMF but i made a fucking terrible mistake and OD'd on a bunch of drugs and Now i am trying to come back from that I have heard of Hardcore 313 but I have also heard of psycore 313 so I am just confirming if you guys have also heard of that its psycore 313 its
  4. ya but plane tix are so fucking expensive and I hear florida is a hot spot for goa and I also hear tenesse is also a hot spot for goa and psy but michigan has no psy events as far as I have checked
  5. because i have been looking around and asking people but no one knows any events so if any of you are in Michigan like me do you any parties? cuz i cant find any and i have been looking
  6. I am going to ultra next may and i will be at the psy stage handing out flyers for the promotion of psychedelic techno music
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