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  1. Listen to my first demo track, without adjustments or breaks etc. It is just the main story.... It is a demo version.... But I think personally, that track will personally my best track ever until now...
  2. This is an complete track, but I lost the files, so I could not Eq it... sorry for that, maybe you like it also... http://soundcloud.com/cosmic_silence/phoetonix-maras-fall
  3. Thanks I dont know at time. I will produce the first album and then I will see...
  4. Here the demo version of my newest track: http://soundcloud.com/cosmic_silence/cosmic-silence-in-my-dreams-65
  5. Good news guys! I`m so excited^^ I found my old Project Files from 2007-2011... After I found this treasure I will do 2 Albums with all this very good demo versions! I know I was long time not seen, this insults in private life actions. But now I`m back and I had made music all the time, now after I found my old library which I thought was lost, I could finish all the demo tracks. I have now material for 2 Albums. ^^ Today it`s like Christmas for me... ^^ Please take an insight in some demo versions via my soundcloud profile: http://soundcloud.com/cosmic_silence. Here is just a small demo sample of the demo track "Cassiopeia"... Please tell me your opinions about. Thanks in advance!!! Sincerly yours, Michael. http://www.sendspace.com/file/v06mq1 I thank in advance for every good comment here. Best wishes, Michael.
  6. Happy new year to all af you! Hey guys, just wanted to invite you to take few minutes of your precious time and vote in annual Ektoplazm music survey for 2011. Neogoa is nominated in ''best netlabel category'', in ''best compilation category'' (Turlitava, Future Architecture, Pantheon, Dimensional Gateway 2), ''best EP category'' (Javi, Nova Fractal, Psychowave, Sky Technology, Sky Technology / Nova Fractal). If you liked our stuff, don't hesitate to vote for us http://bit.ly/free-music-survey-2011
  7. Here you have an upcoming track by me, I hope the link works for you... http://soundcloud.com/cosmic_silence/afterlife This link works, just copy it and paste it in your browser... dont know why it dont work here... ;-)
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