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  1. Lucas presents Tales of Heads (TIP Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Lucas really hits form on this album and has become the sound of now! With a direct link to the original Tip Records vibe, Lucas has worked with a Who´s Who of the best in the UK´s Deep, Full On, Psy Tech Trance scene. As one of the best DJ´s on the circuit, he has carved out a very good niche and has become an important dynamic of Tip Records. As Raja Ram´s right hand man and resident Tip DJ he has been gigging all over the world on numerous tours with a fanbase growing by the week. On this second album, he follows up the successful God Save the Machine perfectly. Hiiglights are hard as all tracks have something to say. Here at Tip HQ our personal favourites are the ones he wrote with Prometheus and Eat Static perhaps. The solo effort, or ones made with Raja Ram, Tristan, Laughing Buddha or Aphid Moon could all vie for your favourite. Then there are the Avalon and Dickster collaborations which are both outstanding. What more to say .... “the message is in the music!” Check it out! To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Eat Static & Lucas - Troglodyte 02. Dickster & Lucas - Dirty Tackle 03. Laughing Buddha & Lucas - Mind Cockpit 04. Avalon & Lucas - Stinkin Warehouse 05. Tristan & Lucas - Magic Umbra 06. Lucas - Hooked on machines 07. Aphid Moon & Lucas - Hat Trick 08. Raja Ram & Lucas - All In the Mind 09. Prometheus & Lucas - Far From Home :: GET YOURS NOW :: Psyshop | Saikosounds | Amazon.co.uk :: Worldwide Distribution :: Arabesque Distribution Related Links Lucas | Website | MySpace | Facebook | TIP Records | Website | MySpace | Soundcloud | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  2. Lunarave - The 4th Sun (Hadra Records) OUT NOW !!!!! All the prophecies, all the traditions of our world are converging towards the years that we are presently crossing. From dusk till dawn of mankind, traverse some high points of history through the hypnotic sphere of psytrance. No need to tell you more, just listen to wake up and start searching for the truth. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. The Dawn 02. Eden Ecology 03. Golden Age 04. In Nomine 05. La conquista del Paraiso 06. Pow Wow (LunaRoot Remix) 07. Modern Times 08. Truth is Out There 09. The 5th Dimension NOW AVAILABLE | Available in both .mp3 and .wav formats | Click >> HERE << to go to HADRA Records to order COMING SOON !! Digital Talk - Audio Extremists STILL HOT !! VA - Hadracadabra 5 D_Root - RootART Related Links Lunarave | Website | MySpace | Hadra Records | Website | MySpace | Facebook | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  3. UPDATE ::: RAJA RAM will be joining Simon on stage for the SHPONGLE DJ set.... first time in London in YEARS so it will be a special occasion indeed!! Tickets are selling fast and sure to sell out soon so grab yours NOW>>>> >> MORE INFO HERE << Also check out this! RELATED LINKS Click below to see more details ! >> Info for TWISTED WEEKENDER << including travel & accommodation details !!! >> YOUNGER BROTHER LIVE / SHPONGLE DJ << 18 November 2010 !!! >> HALLUCINOGEN / PROMETHEUS @ HALCYON << 19 NOvember 2010 !!! >> PLEDGES FOR NEW YOUNGER BROTHER ALBUM << xx
  4. Cubic Spline - Unusual Path EP (Hadra Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Hadra Rec. is proud to present its first digital EP by Cubic Spline ! Through this EP, Cubic Spline confirms its unique and own style, between psytrance and darkpsy, with twisted spirit and mental build-ups. Get ready to explore these 3 undiscovered places by taking the unusual path. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Frozen Planet 02. Ghost Town 03. Lost Ruins NOW AVAILABLE :: GET YOURS NOW :: | Available in both .mp3 and .wav formats | Click >> HERE << to get yours from Hadra Online !!! :: WHAT ELSE IS HADRA UP TO ? :: | Check recent and upcoming releases : click >> HERE << to go to Hadra website for more info | COMING SOON !! Lunarave - The 4th Sun Digital Talk - Audio Extremists STILL HOT !! VA - Hadracadabra 05 D_Root - RootART Related Links Cubic Spline | Website | MySpace | Hadra Records | Website | MySpace | Facebook | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  5. Mood Deluxe - Massive Dynamic EP (Liquid Records) OUT NOW !!!!! 3 Massive dance floor monsters from the Psychedelic Prince of Darkness himself .. Mr Cameron Leonard-Scroff.. A whopping 1st track 'Massive Dynamic' is exclusive to this EP, on track 2 fellow Liquid artist Beatnik remixes 'Satanic Radio' for the trance floor, the third track 'Hot Points' is a super psychedelic taster of the NEW album that will be released on Friday 19th November 2010. Mood Deluxe will be rocking the dancefloors over the next few months with a release party at Halcyon on 19th November where he will be joining the lineup along side Hallucinogen, Prometheus and Astrix, as well as Badger's Ball 20th November in Plymouth, he will also join the mainroom lineup for New Years Eve in London where Liquid join Alchemy and Friends for a massive psychedelic celebration! ......Let the madness begin...... Enjoy! To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Massive Dynamic 02. Satanic Radio (Beatnik Remix) 03. Hot Points NOW AVAILABLE Exclusively from the Liquid Records online shop * downloadable in both .mp3 and .wav * Click >> HERE << to get yours NOW !!! Related Links Mood Deluxe | Website | MySpace | Facebook | Liquid Records | Website | MySpace | Facebook | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  6. STAY UP TO DATE BY JOINING THE FACEBOOK PAGE :: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=102598869804214 TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW Gigs and Tours | www.gigsandtours.com | Access All Areas | www.accessallareas.com | Related Links Younger Brother | Website | Myspace | Facebook | Shpongle | Myspace | Facebook | Twisted Records | Website | Myspace | Facebook | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  7. Tripswitch - Geometry (Section Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Section Records is proud to open its doors this October with its first release, the eagerly-awaited second full-length album from Nick Brennan aka Tripswitch. With a long list of compilation tracks and remixes for labels like Interchill, Global Underground, Platipus, Six Degrees and Resist, and two Tripswitch albums for Youth’s Liquid Sound already under his belt, Nick's music has garnered support from the likes of Nick Warren, Anoushka Shankar, Annie Nightingale, DJ Ravin, Pathaan, Claude Challe and Jose Padilla, and he has been a regular on the global trance festival circuit for many years. Nick's 2005 album 'Circuit Breaker' is widely recognized as one of the definitive 'must-have' records for anyone with even a passing interest in the chillout scene, bringing together a host of different genres with a common thread and injecting them with a psychedelic edge which gave Tripswitch a unique and instantly recognisable sound. This classic album was given a new lease of life in 2007 when it was re-released with remixes from the likes of Shiloh, Eat Static, System 7, Youth vs Subsonar and Gaudi. Section Records now hold the recording rights for Circuit Breaker and will be re-releasing it in 2011 with a fresh set of remixes. Geometry turns the page and presents a fresh view of Nick's trademark sound, a combination of intricate electronic composition and live instrumentation. An accomplished guitarist, Nick has weaved layer upon layer of 6-string goodness through much of the album. Still with the same lush production values as it's older brother, Geometry strips back the sound and rebuilds it with elements of breakbeat, shoegaze, blues, dub and downtempo synth-pop to create a heady flow between downtempo genres with a precision that's faithful to its title. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Circularity 02. Concentric Circles 03. Goldbach's Conjecture 04. Floating Point 05. Strange Parallels 06. Tesselation 07. Harmonic Mean 08. Stereogram 09. Glide Reflection All orders for the album placed through the Section Records site will receive a free track to download called 'Intersection', and will be entered into a prize draw to win a geometry T-shirt. Click HERE to order yours now ! A number of singles are on the way with remixes from some killer artists, starting with the first single “Strange Parallels” *featuring killer mixes from Purple vs Tim Healey, Shiloh, Codemonkey, Aurtas, Koan, Indidginus and ODT. Distribution: UK | Section Records | www.sectionrecords.com | Japan | Wakyo Distribution | www.wakyo.jp | Worldwide ex. Japan | Ultimae Network | www.ultimae.com | Related Links Tripswitch | Website | MySpace | Facebook | Section Records | Website | Facebook Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  8. Alien Jesus - Open Your Eyes (Space Tribe Music :: GMS vs Space Tribe) OUT NOW !!!!! Alien Jesus is now here on Planet Earth!!! As predicted in prophecies & sacred texts for thousands of years, Alien Jesus is here to save the earth from itself!! Open Your Eyes is the debut album from Alien Jesus, the exciting new project from trance pioneers & legends GMS & Space Tribe. Where the Whole is greater than the Parts…This fantastic album breaks all the rules…exploring new directions & dimensions… every track is a unique creation… Pumping basslines & driving rhythms with voices, synths & guitars, lyrics & hooks …. Alien Jesus present an evolution in psychedelic electronic music… Exquisitely produced, euphoric uplifting music that will take you on a journey through time & space, inner & outer dimensions… music for the Mind, Body & Soul!!! Alien Jesus deliver salvation!! To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Open Your Eyes 02. Rhythym of Life 03. Faster Evolution 04. Alien Jesus 05. Becoming Insane 06. Tonus Diabolicus 07. Lucy in the Sky 08. Digital Ant's Nest 09. Everything is Nothing BUY IT NOW !! Psyshop Juno RecordsJuno Records[/url] Juno Download Distribution: Arabesque Distribution Related Links Space Tribe Music | Website | MySpace | Alien Jesus | MySpace | Facebook | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  9. Expansion Pack 2xCD Open Records OUT NOW Open Records are proud to present our long awaited third CD compilation Expansion Pack, compiled by label boss and pioneering force in the Australian underground dance music culture, Ian Woodsman. Anyone who knows the man himself, knows that Woodsman doesn’t do anything in halves. So when it came to the task of putting together his own compilation at the start of the year, one disc alone was never going to cut it. After months in the lab, he is finally ready to give us Expansion Pack, a 2-disc collection of deep, intelligent, genre-mashing dance music, held together with Ian’s distinctly staunch, epic sound that has earned him the title of one of Australia’s favourite open-air DJs. From international heavyweights like Matador, Erphun, Boris Brejcha, Pow-Low, Fiord, SQL, NDSA, Weekend Heroes, Perfect Stranger, Astronivo, Sheff, MUTe, Grouch, Alexander Madness and A. Balter, through to home grown Aussie favourites like SunControlSpecies, Sensient, One Tasty Morsel, Waltone, Blinky, Def Digital and Algenon, the music of Expansion Pack sits at the point where techno, progressive and minimal meet and is proof that quantity and quality can co-exist without compromise. Representing a significant step forward for Open Records on the international stage, Expansion Pack is one of the “must buy” CD releases of 2010, for both the DJ or listener alike. To hear samples and see more click >> HERE << CD track listing: Disc 1 01. NDSA - Titanic 02. SQL - Primitive 03. Sheff - Frisco Bay 04. Weekend Heroes - Fear Factor 05. Grouch - Who in the Fu#k is Grodon Bennet? 06. One Tasty Morsel & Waltone - Please Spread 'Em 05. Alexander Madness - Dirty Mood 06. A.Balter - Vintage Lovers Unite 07. MUTe - Modern Talk 08. Astronivo - Wham Bam 09. Fiord - Scratching the Sides 10. Erphun - Seenaak Disc 2 01. Perfect Stranger - Free Cloud (Sensient Remix) 02. SunControlSpecies - Sleeve 03. Blinky & Def Digital - Defunke (open edit) 04. Sheff - Pipeline 05. Alexander Madness - Dirty Mood 06. A.Balter - Vintage Lovers Unite 07. Algenon - Trekka 08. Sensient - There Will Be Mud (Pow-Low rmx) 09. Matador - Faberge 10. Boris Brejcha - Liebe Im Detail You can purchase here :: Psyshop :: OUT ALSO ON OPEN RECORDS :: SunControlSpecies - Sleeve single * with Erphun, Sheff, Astronivo and Solips Remixes * Download it HERE from BEATPORT :: Worldwide Distribution Physical CD :: Psyshop :: Digital Distribution:: EQ co/ Stomp Entertainment Related Links Open Records www.open-records.net www.myspace.com/openrecordsaustralia www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=13408894359 www.beatport.com/labels/open+records www.soundcloud.com/open-records www.residentadvisor.net/record-label.aspx?id=2553 Triskele www.triskelemanagement.com www.myspace.com/robintriskele www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=73604449205
  10. STLL FRESH and rocking the festival circuit left and right!!! **If you buy the hardcopy of the CD, you also get a BONUS LIVE ALBUM featuring tracks mixed as if from a live show and DJ friendly :: containing their biggest dancefloor hits from the past 3 years CD: Beatspace Psyshop Downloads: iTunes Beatport Juno :: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Upcoming EPs exclusive to Beatport as well as a Remixes album :: see HERE for more information: LOUD 1/3 :: OUT NOW !! LOUD 2/3 :: OUT 28.07.2010 LOUD 3/3 :: OUT 28.08.2010 As well as a REMIXES ALBUM to include remixes by Earthling , Psysex , Zen Mechanics , BLT , Perfect Stranger , Sub6 , Bizzare Contact , X Noize, Mute and more !!!! Related Links LOUD | Myspace | Facebook | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook
  11. OUT NOW : Blisargon Demogorgon & friends finally OUT TODAY ! You can purchase in these online shops :: PsyShop Saiko Sounds Beatspace Digital Juno Worldwide Distribution by :: Beatspace Arabesque Distribution
  12. Blisargon Demogorgon & Friends – Ruthless Illusions Bhooteshwara Records Release date: 19 July 2010 Bhooteshwara Records is proud to present its sixth release. The collaborations album of the well known Macedonian producer Blisargon Demogorgon is set to strike yours and all psychedelic brains alike. When the night begins to bloom you can feel is full of secrets your heart and mind become numb and you are no longer afraid of fright. Don’t think you are save, levitate your self and pierce yourself to the bone as you flow into the black sky music. Dark hours will run deep in your veins as u can feel the blood pumping madly while drinking life’s fullest cup of darkness. Spine chilling creatures that sleep in the earth will awake between faithless shadows and will devour you with evil smiles. Unexpected sounds will sink you down and take your soul away to the awaken slumbered under land as it will seductively provoke you to motion and perform your body, spirit & mind rhythmically from night fall to dawn. Let your imagination expand and manifest itself. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Shadow Noises – Welcome to Your Destiny 02. Blisargon Demogorgon – Not From This World 03. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Astrometrix – Lords of Illusions 04. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Netrosystem – The War is Over 05. Blisargon Demogorgon – Tres Rios 06. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Pixie - Firimar Mela 07. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Evergreen - Regular People 08. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Terranoise - 100 Millions Megatons of TNT 09. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Sychotria - No Game 10. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Tryambaka - Dual Score :: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Upcoming Releases :: Paranoize - Demented - COMING SOON !! (BHOOTCD007) Related Links Bhooteshwara Records | Website | Myspace | Blisargon Demogorgon| MySpace | Facebook Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  13. LAST CHANCE PRE-SALES ( also available at Gate) :: HADRA UPCOMING RELEASES !! With only a week to go.... were getting WELL excited !! 3 nights: 70 € 2 nights: 50 € Tickets can be purchased presale until 30th June, Wednesday ! >>HERE<< At the gate 3 nights : 80 eu 2 nights (fri/saturday) : 60 eu There is also an option to come Saturday only ... so no excuses to miss this one ! 1 night (saturday) : 30 eu Free entrance for Russian people as part of the 2010 French/Russian cultural year. Apply at shop@hadra.net HADRA RECORDS UPCOMING RELEASES !!! D_ROOT - ROOTART Let your imagination wander towards new realms... Find yourself in a sphere where emotions are fused and unveiled, where melancholy confronts joy, desire counteracts fear. This is a world where sensibility is expressed in astonishing unknown spaces. This universe, in perpetual evolution, will surprise you; it will illuminate whoever enters its gate. Take off for an expedition within yourself, a discovery of powerful and pulsating refreshing emotions. >>READ MORE HERE<< V.A. - HADRACADABRA 5 (Double CD) This new release from Hadra Records is the fifth compilation of the Hadracadabra series. Since the birth of the label, these have gathered tracks from artists we had the pleasure to invite at Hadra events. For this special fifth edition, we chose to bring forward the prosperity and diversity of the various musical styles that were represented at our events over the last two years; as well as the wealth of human and audio experiences we had the pleasure to share during that time. >>READ MORE HERE<<
  14. Dejavoo - The Remixes (Transient Records) OUT NOW !! UK based Dejavoo delivers their second studio album The Remixes with nine tracks by well known artists such as XNoise, Krunch, Eskimo, Triptych and Digicult reworked by the duo. In their remixes Dejavoo bring out their trademark quality production with a progressive edge and technoid touch on the original tunes. With the bpms ranging through 130 all the way to 145 the album travels through techno with melodies to catch by into the progressively uplifting spheres of psy trance. Dejavoo is a duo formed by Francesco aka Dj Kalimamboh (also Plastic Vibe) and Kristian (Transient Records DJ and A&R and Antiworld DJ). They released their acclaimed debut Future Shock on Alchemy Records in 2008. In the following summer Dejavoo can be experienced on all major festivals such as Life Festival, Boom Festival, Full Moon Festival, Antaris Festival and being a resident live act for Halcyon, London. TRACKLISTING 1. Krunch - The Show (Dejavoo Rmx) 2. X Noise - Gain Control (Dejavoo Rmx) 3. DigiCult - Out Of This World (Dejavoo Rmx) 4. Tryiptych vs Dj Beka - State Of Confusion (Dejavoo Rmx) 5. Kruger & Coyle - The Witness (Dejavoo Rmx) 6. Ejekt - High Robot (Dejavoo Rmx) 7. Eskimo - My Rave (Dejavoo Rmx) 8. Synchro - Next Stop Oblivion (Dejavoo "Deep" Rmx) 9. Plastik Vibe - Mouse Trap Please click HERE forSamples | Related Links Transient Records | Website | Dejavoo | Myspace | Facebook | DJ Kristian | Myspace | Plastic Vibe | Myspace | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  15. OUT NOW !!! To ORDER yours now please see: HAITI APPEAL PROJECT WEBSITE Get your CDs NOW ! This special set of 3 CDs will feature mostly exclusive and previously unreleased material. We have only printed 1000 so do expect them to go FAST !!! Click to order... avoid disappointment!!! You can purchase a Limited Edition CD in eco cardboard packaging direct from our website : HAITI APPEAL PROJECT WEBSITE *or at any other online retailer Digital Download Bundle Online ! This is a bundle of ALL 30 tracks from the CD as well as 9 additional tunes specially selected for the 3 exclusive bonus mixes by Gaudi, Shane Gobi & FØRM (Ans & Allaby). The CDs are OUT NOW and available to download. Get it NOW at: BEATPORT iTUNES TRACKITDOWN JUNO * To hear all samples in a player click HERE For contact with helping PR, sell CDs in your country or general ideas for marketing collaborations: We are also looking for other worldwide PR opportunities. If you can help with an advertisement, banner placement, interview, or sending to your mailing list.. please do contact us HERE robin@triskelemanagement.com and help. WE NEED YOU TO BE AMAZING !! Spread it on Facebook & Myspace... Twitter it !! BLOG IT !! The more people we tell the more we will raise !!!
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