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  1. VA- Tundra and Sunflakes V.2 comp by THE ORB (Ketama Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Ketama Records is Russian vinyl and digital label established by famous Ketama café which is definitely one of the best chill out places in Moscow. Ketama Records was created in 2011 to release quality downtempo, chillout, ambient and leftfield music by the most respectable and talented international artists of these genres. Legendary The Orb project headed with their leader Alex Paterson present brand new compilation for Ketama Records — “Tundra & Sunflakes Vol. 2”, which includes 12 tracks by Thomas Fehlmann, High Frequency Bandwidth, Autolump, Beign, The Orb themselves and many more. “With love to the Ketama crew for those special cocktail evenings in the Russian dusk of light and beauty”, — The Orb. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Thomas Fehlmann - Immer Nie Da 02. The Orb - Flying Carpets 03. High Frequency Bandwidth - I'll Always Be 04. Gaudi - Under The Surface 05. Beatundercontrol - Nuetron Dub 06. Screen - 15 Minutes 07. 81 Neutronz - Somni's Orison 08. Being - I Used To Be You 09. Autolump - Lumpy Conicals 10. 81 Neutronz - Healing Needle 11. Years Of The Canine - Devil's String (Ambient) 12. High Frequency Bandwidth - High Flying Birds (Being Remix) :: ORDER YOUR COPY NOW :: | Beatport | | Juno | :: LEARN MORE ABOUT KETAMA RECORDS :: Ketama Records Ketama Records Soundcloud :: COMING NEXT ON KETAMA :: OMFO — Sirtaki On Mars 12" vinyl click HERE for samples on Soundcloud Ketama Records first EP is a cosmic single Sirtaki On Mars by OMFO project completed with amazing remixes made by : The Orb vs High Frequency Bandwidth : Abakus : Electrosoul System [/center] Related Links The Orb | Website | Facebook Ketama Records | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook | *Interested in a Marketing & PR Campaign for YOUR label or event? Contact TRISKELE MANAGEMENT for a discussion and a quote for a campaign tailored to YOUR needs. For statistics and previous references please see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/triskele_promo.html.
  2. Something special for our SOUNDCLOUD FOLLOWERS....( and any new followers) In the run up to the new Hujaboy album we thought we would give you guys this exclusive unavailable anywhere else track inspired by Orbitals classic "Remind". Hope you like it! http://soundcloud.com/tiprecords/hujaboy-and-techtonic-rewind
  3. Mentalist - Unified EP (BOOM! Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Vital Royak (behind Mentalist) has been spinning cds since the beginning of the third millennium in militantly tense, but lovely Israel, playing mostly at open airs, inducing the psychomorphing uplifting trance- state atmosphere. Mentalist produces an apocalyptic trance. An intelligent music with fresh and sharp rhythms topped off with celestial melodies. Very atmospheric, mesmerising and psychedelic. An overwhelming sound that will drive you to immerse yourself and dance. To hear samples in Soundcloud click >> HERE << CD track listing: 01. Mind Link 02. Hacking Reality 03. Ego Attack 04. Paranormal Default :: ORDER YOUR DIGITAL COPY NOW :: | Beatport | | iTunes | | Beatspace | | Juno | INgrooves DISTRIBUTION Related Links Mentalist | Website | MySpace | Facebook | BOOM! Records | Website | MySpace | Facebook | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook | *Interested in a Marketing & PR Campaign for YOUR label or event? Contact TRISKELE MANAGEMENT for a discussion and a quote for a campaign tailored to YOUR needs. For statistics and previous references please see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/triskele_promo.html.
  4. Tekniset - Teknical Problems (Freakdance Productions) OUT NOW !!!!! YEARS OF WAITING IS OVER - BRACE YOURSELF FOR TEKNICAL PROBLEMS! TEKNISET is a collaboration between two suomisaundi old-timers, Huopatossu Mononen (synths & sequencer, guitar, vocals) and Rick Timebees of Shiwa 2000 (synths & sequencer, percussion, vocals). The group was originally formed in 2004 when the two wrote exclusive soundtrack music for the Finnish shockumentary movie "Riot On!" (2004). You can also find released tracks from Tekniset on Japanese NullZone and Russian Hippie Killer compilations. The duo is also well known for their wild live shows where live instruments, vocals and percussion are combined with their ethno-folk influenced electronic dance music. Their shows are also often accompanied by guest performers and musicians. Tekniset has been creating fresh tracks and touring extensively during the 7 years preceding this album release. They have performed in various international music events in countries such as Germany, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Belgium, in addition to an extensive list of performances within Finland at nearly all main trance/electronica events. WATCH OUT FOR THE GARDEN GNOME! TEKNICAL PROBLEMS is the long-awaited and widely-begged exciting debut album from Tekniset and also marks the eighth release from the Finnish alternative electronic music label Freakdance Records. It is an intriguing mixture of ethnic, folk and classical music from around the world, combined into a nearly unimaginable melting pot of electronic dance music with electro, psy trance and break-beat influences. The entity really can't be described apart from the fact that the listener will surely realize it is something that can only originate from the deep forests of Finland. The creation process of the debut album has also been as long as the career of Tekniset itself. The tracks for the album have been carefully selected and polished throughout the past years for pristine production quality and to provide a widescreen view for the listener into the enchantingly bizarre and often unpredictable world of Tekniset. Some of the songs date back to the origins of the group itself and have later been re-mixed and re-recorded along with top-notch guest musicians playing live instruments, such as Jimi Python on electric violin, Olli Rautiainen (Plutonium 74) on accordion, Olli Kari (Hidria Spacefolk, Uzva, Frank Zappa Memorial Pancake Breakfast Band) on vibraphone and marimba, Sju Shutanen (Kuukunanmunat) on flute, as well as many others. Jump in the 74-minute rollercoaster ride and get ready to blow up your circuitry - It’s time for TEKNISET! To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Pelkät Jää 02. Metsänhaltija 03. Pulla Pa Kosti 04. Ubsunurin Allas 05. Pajupilli 06. Sabel Violince 07. Paha Tonttu 08. King Urhea 09. Svin Polizai 10. Kuudan Yö 11. WuarenCuningas 12. Glownare 13. Syvällisyyden Pinnallisuus GET YOURS NOW !! :: CDs HERE :: | Saikosounds | | Psyshop | | Beatspace | | Juno | Worldwide Distribution: | Saikosounds | www.saikosounds.com | | Arabesque Distribution | www.arabesquedistribution.com | Distributors in Finland: | Freakdance Webshop | www.freakdancerecords.net/webstore/en | | Super Sounds Music | www.supersounds.fi | Digital Distribution: | Rebeat Digital Distribution | http://artistcamp.rebeat.com/tekniset/teknical-problems/9008798061068/index.html | Related Links Tekniset | MySpace | Facebook | Freakdance Records | Website | Facebook | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook | *Interested in a Marketing & PR Campaign for YOUR label or event? Contact TRISKELE MANAGEMENT :: robin@triskelemanagement.com :: for a discussion and a quote for a campaign tailored to YOUR needs. For statistics and previous references please see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/triskele_promo.html
  5. PEACE MAKER - Step Up EP (Nutek Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Peacemaker was established in 2006 by the brothers Tal and Idan Adi. The Adi brothers began their journey in the electronic music scene mainly as D.Js, For several years each one in his own separate way has established his knowledge in sound and electronic production while producing their own tracks. In 2008 the two have decided to join forces which led to the birth of the "Peacemaker" project. After intensive studio work and many track releases in compilations around the world combined with remixes for artists such as U-Recken, Sun Project, Mad Max and many more. "Peacemaker" then launched their first album " Everybody Equal" that was released in 2009 at the world's known label Phantasm Rec. "Everybody Equal" has received many good reviews and won the attention of the crowd and D.Js who have been playing it worldwide and as a result the two has been ever since constantly performing all over the globe and producing new tracks that has been released in the prestigious labels such as Phantasm Rec, Nutek Rec and United Beats Rec. This coming E.P is a direct result of what we like to call "step up" when it comes to production and modern sound which was the element in the first place that has brought "Peacemaker" to their level in the global trance scene and the great appreciation from the people To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Black Hole 02. New Goa Tek (Peace Maker Rmx) 03. Club Tec :: GET YOURS NOW :: | Beatport | iTunes | Juno | :: COMING SOON ON NUTEK ! :: VA - PAINKILLER & FRIENDS ... and the new downbeat side of Nutek launches with: VA - MIRA (compiled by Green Beats) :: Digital Distribution through :: Bonzai Digital Network bonzaidigitalnetwork.com Related Links Peace Maker | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Nutek Records | Website | Facebook | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook | *Interested in a Marketing & PR Campaign for YOUR label or event? Contact TRISKELE MANAGEMENT :: robin@triskelemanagement.com :: for a discussion and a quote for a campaign tailored to YOUR needs. For statistics and previous references please see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/triskele_promo.html.
  6. Hujaboy - The Seed :: TIP Records OUT NOW !!!!! Nir Shoshani in this album went back to the early sounds of Goa Trance and imagined what the music would have sounded like if made in that moment but with the new technology…a look at how the music could have sounded or developed. This is the Future Sound of Goa. The Seed. Hujaboy has digested a lot and cut away the grissle...stark...like a room with a wooden bed and a small lamp...cool...and adequate. Sounds that twist like ribbons in a breeze…notes from the east, strangulated singers wail their goods, dates and inlaid mosaics...hareem dancers showing nipples hard as acorns, sweet fruits, earthly delights, stoned prone lying on guilded cushions while electric turtles parade with kleidescopic jewels adorning their shells. Clouds floating through ones head,storms of passion and accelerating protonic platonic love bites. Hard wired hard beats, rock solid, swirls and twirls like a dervish on acid or a samari on speed...this is ti chi and ping pong...bouncing coloured balls, a thousand million marbles falling down a staircase while a bucket full of eels wriggle and squirm on marbled floors. These tracks are hairy chested...tough...strong 100%proof......they should be illegal. Its music to oil robots with, music to make love to a machine at midnight. Secret cogs, weird times and revolutions as the machine comes to life, like a gigantic creature changing shape and colour. Enormous insects from space rubbing their legs in time. The sound of deep caves ...crunching, the earth caving in, the sky opening up, the heavens shaking in their boots, the planet crapping itself, munching the void like a whale gulping plankton. The cosmic harvester ploughs thru time and space and is captured in the giant net of Nir…who casts out his lobster pots of creation, hauling in a giant catch of notes and feelings and riffs and moods and trances and dances and wild whirlings of worm holes colliding with endorphins…tickling the parts that have been dormant like a winter mouse. This is the time to let the main juice flow and let the music do the work as you sit there like a simmering stew while your brain takes over and numbs the mind into another dimension of alien activity...abduction of the senses. This is serious stuff for serious dancers and trancers…deep as a well...high as a kite… the real meal....The evolution of trance has just moved forward... The Seed has been planted... To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Transported 02. Digital Cobra 03. The Seed 04. Wormhole 05. The Flower 06. Astral Projection - One ( Hujaboy Rmx) 07. Clouds Over Goa 08. Freeze & Hujaboy - Mid & East 09. Once Upon a Trip :: STILL HOT !! :: GOA CLASSICS - Remastered 2 | Psyshop | Beatspace | :: COMING NEXT ON TIP !! :: LOGIC BOMB - The Grid :: Worldwide Distribution :: ARABESQUE DISTRIBUTION www.arabesquedistribution.com Related Links Hujaboy | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | TIP Records | Website | MySpace | Soundcloud | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  7. ARTSENSE - Scoop EP (Nutek Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Artsense is a Russian psytrance project led by Vladislav Malkov. Everything started for Vlad in 1998, when he began experiments with different styles of electronic music. At that time he gained much experience in professional soft- and hardware searching for his unique sound. In 2006 his musical tastes turned to psytrance and as a result Vlad created his «Artsense» alter ego and started his first releases and live sets. In each track Vlad emphasizes on the importance of musical innovation and originality, as well as on the high quality production. "Every track has to be truly special and unforgettable, since all music is ART", Vlad states. After succeeding in debut album “Prime” last year and also successful EP "Evolution Factor", Vlad is back with his new blasting release at the world-known Nutek Records. This EP consists 2 fresh and powerfull dance floor tracks, includes remix on famous track of Painkiller - Format originally released in 2007 and one solo Artsense track called Scoop combining modern musical innovation and old school psytrance sound. Dont miss it... To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Artsense - Scoop 02. Painkiller - Format (Artsense Rmx) :: GET YOURS NOW :: | Beatport | iTunes | Juno | :: COMING NEXT ON NUTEK ! :: ~Friday 9th Sept~ Peace Maker - Step Up EP :: Digital Distribution through :: Bonzai Digital Network bonzaidigitalnetwork.com Related Links Artsense | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Nutek Records | Website | Facebook | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  8. Pavel Svimba - Space Babuska (Hippie Killer Productions) OUT NOW !!!!! Pavel Svimba – solo project of Joonas Wahlsten, who was born in the city of Lahti (1984) but grew up in the suburbs of Helsinki. Around of 90’s he got interested in electronic music and at the end of 90's he started fooling around with various music programs. In the year of 2000 he heard Texas Faggott for the very first time, and it kind of changed his life. He started to like the weird and funny melodies and sounds really really much and wanted to create something similar. Pavel Svimba project saw daylight in the year of 2006. “I just wanted to learn how to write tracks from start to end by myself, so I started writing tracks under name Pavel Svimba, the project name itself is an inside joke” says Joonas. In 2007 Antiscarp Records released his first “Bathrobe” EP, and right after he played first live gig which was in Moscow and second was already at Kazantip festival in Ukraine. After that he have been touring from Paris to Israel and from Izhevsk to Belgium etc and around Finland of course. He is also part of projects like Mullet Mohawk And The Sebastians, and have featured on albums like “Salakava - Fractal Fishing” and “Mandalavandalz - Poison Machine”. First talks about releasing a full length Pavel Svimba album started around 2008, the releaser was without a question Moscow based Hippie Killer Productions. 13 tracks which seemed to work best on dance floors around were carefully chosen for this album called “Space Babuska”. If u want to describe this music with 4 words, here they are: funky, ghetto, goa and trance. Grab your copy now as there will be limited only 500 NUMBERED COPIES To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Free Step on it! 02. Space Babuska 03. Cheese Garlic Story 04. Bad Hair Day 05. Narrow Shoulders 06. Magnetic Fields 07. Same Frequency Different Level 08. Schrimp Cutter 09. Pimputus 10. Yellow Snail Man 11. Lying Pyramid 12. Fucking Brains 13. Teknikal Problems GET YOURS NOW !! :: CDs HERE :: | Saikosounds | | Goastore | | Beatspace | :: DIGITAL HERE :: | Amazon UK | | Amazon US | | Juno | :Worldwide Distribution: | Saikosounds | www.saikosounds.com | Distributors in Finland and Nordic countries: | Freakdance Webshop | www.freakdancerecords.net/webstore/en | | Antiscarp Webshop | http://www.antiscarp.com/catalog | Related Links Artwork by: Jani.Pseudo@gmail.com Mastering: Pentti Slayer Pavel Svimba | Soundcloud | Facebook | Hippie Killer Productions | Website | Facebook Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  9. VA - GOA CLASSICS Remastered 2 :: TIP Records OUT NOW !!!!! In Goa Classics 2 we share another chapter of memories from yesteryear. Between 1994 and 1996 and wow those tunes still sound so good. From the gloriously ecentric Johann to some of the classic early T.I.P.,one of the legendary Hallucinogen early works and one of the all time classics from ManWithNoName. Also new boys Laughing Buddha arrived with a series of great tracks, here we have “Karma”, Orichalcum from Denmark provided some outstanding musical nuggets and "Wicked Mille" is one of our all time favourites on the label. Still sounds awesome. And of course the French maestro´s Serge, Stef and Loic with Total Eclipse and The Antidotes´”Sunrise” which was the perfect end to many a party and is the perfect end to this album. This has been remastered to make these tracks sound fantastic and bring the sound right up to date. . Again fun to compile and tread through the memories. We hope you enjoy !! To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. The Infinity Project - Freedom from the Flesh 02. Mandra Gora - Everything's Going Fine 03. Man With No Name - Teleport 04. The Infinity Project - Telepathy 05. Hallucinogen - Shamanix 06. Total Eclipse - Cant Do That 07. Orichalcum - Wicked Mille 08. Laughing Buddha - Karma 09. The Antidote - Sunrise BUY IT NOW !! Psyshop Beatspace :: Worldwide Distribution :: ARABESQUE DISTRIBUTION www.arabesquedistribution.com Related Links TIP Records | Website | MySpace | Soundcloud | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  10. The Antidote - Skylab (Mandala Records) OUT NOW !!!!! MANDALA Records is happy to present you the 4th new album of the ANTIDOTE - SKYLAB, represented by DJ Serge from Ibiza@Spain, the famous and legendary artist all over the world of Trance !!! SKYLAB is a fresh, magical & mature album with a serious production who mixed his miscellaneous musical influences such as Trance, Progressive, House & Techno. The Antidote Aka Dj Serge Souque, got addicted to electronic music in Spain in 1986 & started djing in 1989 organizing parties in FRANCE. In 1992, he met Stephane Holweck & Loic VanPoucke in Paris & founded TOTAL ECLiPSE in 1993. They released 3 albums on Blue Room Rec. in 1995, 1996 & 1998. Dj Serge started his solo project under the name "The ANTiDOTE" in 2000 & got 2 albums released on Solstice Music in Japan in 2002 & 2003. In 2004 he founded G.B.U Aka The Good, The Bad & The Ugly with Frederic Holyszewski Aka Deedrah & Dj Dimitri Nakov which 1st album was released in 2007 on Twisted Rec. in Uk. Serge performed in all main events & festivals around the world such as Solstice Summer Festivals in Mount Fuji in Japan, Samothraki Festivals in Greece, Voov Festival in Germany, Boom Festival in Portugal, Tribe and XXXperience parties in Brazil. In 2009, The ANTiDOTE is back with his 3rd album "White" released by Neurobiotic Records. The ANTiDOTE is back !!! We wish you a wonderful musical journey in SKYLAB, see you on the dancefloor !!! To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Infrared 02. Optical Abberation 03. Blueshift 04. Antimatter 05. Early Bird 06. Light Year (Buzz Mix) 07. Decoded 08. skylab 09. Azimuth 10. Sputnik :: GET YOURS NOW :: PSYSHOP Related Links The Antidote/DJ Serge | MySpace | Facebook | Mandala Records | Website | Facebook | Myspace | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  12. Thanks to all your positive response, we thought we would tell you THANK YOU So.....TRISKELE & ARABESQUE have decided to extend the CD Clearance sale for the rest of this month.... Last date to take orders 31 July Music from over a decade, hard to find CDs, back catalogue from your FAVOURITE labels http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/arabesque/arabsale.html Over 850 titles from over 100 labels on offer here....so something for everyone !! Progressive, PsyTrance, Chillout, Dark Psy, GOA, Ambient-Electronica, ProgHouse & more Any queries or questions... or to make an order... contact robin@triskelemanagement.com Xx R~
  13. 300 tickets are available @ the price €100,00 each in all presale spots until they are depleted, together with 4 -day tickets @ €80 Taking into account the difficult economic circumstances, especially in Greece and because of the increased demand of ticket reservations, M.C.F has decided to extend the period of 300 tickets presale at €100,00 each, and to be one of the most cheap festivals worldwide, taking into account the product and the price that it offers. Also now there is the option of mass ticket purchase, as many of you had demanded. Now you can purchase 5 tickets at the price of €400,00 each(by purchasing 5 tickets you get 1 for free), only available online and by bank deposit. Please notice that just 1 month before the Festival, M.C.F offers a 9-day vacation package for camping in one of the most beautiful forests of Europe, with 250 musicians,artists,actors and perfomers from around the worldstarting at the price of €8,90 a day. Also, for all of you which won't be able to be at the festival from Day 1, now you have the possibility to purchase in advance a 4-day ticket(weekend ticket) at the price of €80,00 each. The entrance in the festival, of the 4-day ticket owners will be possible from Friday 29/07 at 15.00 and the tickets will be valid until the end of the Festival. You can purchase these particular tickets only from the MCF online store or by bank deposit. M.C.F BUS (NEWZ) Dear friends, We would like to inform you that in the framework of the enviromental sensitivity, the M.C.F organizers will provide the transportation of visitors by bus from the centre of Athens and the centre of Thessaloniki directly to the Festival entrance....In our effort to contribute to airpollution decrease and saving of energy. Group transportation will not only contribute to energy saving and pollution decrease but also save money for you, and we make your journey safer. this is especially true for the long lasting journey from Thessaloniki ! Buses schedule from Athens: 26/7,27/7,29/7,30/7 arriving 31/7,1/8 or 2/8 return Price: 30euros(one way) 55euros with return Buses schedule from Thessaloniki: 26/7,29/7 arriving 31/7,1/8 or 2/8 return Price: 70euros(one way) 100euros with return If you're interested for bus transportation from Patras or from Athens airport to the M.C.F or If there are any large groups of people you are welcome to contact us to facilitate them with an extra bus. Ticket reservations & presale: 210 8617941 or 6982 172417 Email : info@musicandculture.gr
  14. Orchid Star - Faster (Pink Hampster Recordings) OUT NOW !!!!! Orchid-Star's debut, “Birth”, released on Liquid Sound in 2008 along with ‘reBirth’ - remixes by Youth, Tripswitch, Kuba, Subsonar and band leader Pete Ardron is regarded by many as a psychedelic chill classic. Its follow-up “Faster” retains all the trademarks of the first but is a significant progression. It still takes the listener to exotic, mysterious places but this time the live element, both instrumentally and vocally, and the personalities of those involved, are altogether more obvious. Living up to its name it is as much a treat to dance to as to listen - a joyful and passionate celebration of life and spirit. Psychedelic world-fusion - Indian, Irish, African, Latin, Middle Eastern, Balkan Gypsy – driven by a mix of DnB, trance, progressive, funk, dub, ska with just the occasional downtempo groove, wrapped in a rich and vibrant orchestral-like production. Atmospheric and visually charged throughout, it's a seductive piece of work, which grows on you with each listen. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Puja 02. Prchla 03. Surya 04. Shouty One 05. A Better Ride 06. orchid-Star 07. Dans La 08. Lotus Bloom 09. barefoot (In The Sunshine) 10. Brighter What people are saying: " a sound to behold, fearless in its vision and sublime epic ambition yet fragile and very delicate in the details... a unique experience through their fusion of influences...give thanks such rare flowers such as these still exist..." Youth (Dragonfly Recs/Killing Joke/Orb) "The sounds are succulent and vivid, orchid star have covered all bases...cosmically grooved slice of flirty dream pop bathed in sheens of smoked jazz sophistication and lightly sprinkled with flighty pirouettes of bachelor pad dimpled 60’s styled French pop amour...cast amid swirling mirror balls of spectral string arrangements. Very very classy" Losing Today "...there really is no other live band like Orchid-Star. They are simply exquisite with the perfect blend of electronic and world music with simply stunning vocals..." Bruce Elliot-Smith (Archangel Records, Waveform Festival) "Orchid-Star really hits the spot for me - a beautifully attractive blend of delightfully trippy electronic grooviness, crafted with sure-footed musicality and harmonically stunning " Martin Russell ( Afro Celt Sound System) You can see ORCHID STAR at the following Festivals: 24 July : World Picnic : Milton Keynes 2-4 Sept : Waveform Festival : Secret Location 23-25 Sept : Out of the Ordinary Festival : E.Sussex :: ORDER YOURS NOW :: Buy the CD direct from Orchid Star today @ | Pink Hampster | Orchid Star | Amazon | Related Links Pink Hampster Recordings | Website | Orchid Star | Website | Facebook | Myspace | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  15. Right..... last chances for a bargain on CDs from all genres straight from the distributor... Psytrance, Dark Psy, Prog House, Progressive, PsyDub, Ambient, Chill etc.... buy 10 or more and they are only £3 each ! Sale ends this weekend, so fill your wallets and MP3 players for the summer ! xx http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/arabesque/arabsale.html
  16. The pre preproduction has started! All map plans have been made, there is already water and electricity and everything is moving so that it's all ready when we start the production! Big thanx to Vortex Productions (organisers of Milenium Festival South Africa 2000, Zambia Eclipse Festival 2002 and many others) from South Africa! Their contribution is precious and their name itself guarantees the best set up and the most functional and beautiful festival in Greece! In 15 days we will settle at the site with Vortex Productions and The Village (also festival organisers from South Africa) and the constructions will begin. Soon infos about M.C.F. busses will be announced and you will be able to book a seat; they will transfer you with absolute safety directly to the site! A totally safe festival with all necessary permits in a fresh and sublime place of unique and magical beauty! All local authorities are informed and offer full support, helping us to make the safest festival that will be established in Peloponnese. Stay tuned for more information and news very soon!!! FOLOS Stage Workshops and beginning programme:: Workshops: "New sound forms in real time electronic and natural sound combination" by Giannis Amoloxitis "Modular mixing and synthesizing" by Giannis Amoloxitis "Synthesizing percussive elements of the world", by Giannis Amoloxitis "The ancient medicine" by Imix Jaguar (MX) "Super Foods and Herbs" by Anna Korakaki 555 Timer and diy electronic construction playshop "Sensors used for automatic triggering and control in electronic music" by Giannis Amoloxitis "Healing Nutrition" by Anna Korakaki Conference: "The synchro Maya activation, 2012" by Imix Jaguar (MX) Documentaries: The Corporation, The spirit molecule - DMT, Water, Food Matters 3 theatrical plays Awareness Dances So grab your EARLY BIRD tickets now for just 72.50€ by clicking HERE For those of you wanting to stay some extra time and explore the surroundings you can camp from Monday 25 of July (Gates open @ 11.00 am) till Tuesday 2 of August (17.00 pm) MCF OFFICIAL WEBSITE Please join our FACEBOOK page
  17. Liquid Stranger - The Arcane Terrain (Interchill Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Liquid Stranger returns to Interchill loaded with a new album for the summer. The Arcane Terrain, out now, obliterates the boundaries separating dubstep, grime, dub, breaks, hip hop and outernational crunkadelica. With collaborative input from Heavyweight Dub Champion on 2 tracks, the album features impeccable vocal contributions from Sterolion, A.P.O.S.T.L.E, Killah Priest and the legendary hip hop mastermind KRS One. MC Zulu also steps up to the mic to throw down his own brand of lyrical science on the finely toasted growler "Timeless" and on the laid back riddim of "Vigilante". To round it out there are several organic elements and layers of evocative atmospheres scattered throughout, which give the album the distinctive Interchill flavour. And if that isn't enough to whet the appetite for low end yearnings, the final touches to The Arcane Terrain come courtesy of Tipper who lent his well-tuned ears to the mastering process. With plenty of impact and groove to slay any dancefloor. The Arcane Terrain also works well as an everyday listening album. Sweet! With 4 highly acclaimed full-length albums under his Liquid Stranger moniker, this multi-talented producer has established himself as the epitome of trans-national dubstep, covering everything from Latin, Asian, Eastern European and Jamaican Dancehall dubs. His first two albums, 'The Invisible Conquest' and 'The Intergalactic Slapstick' (Interchill 2007 & 2009), generated a substantial buzz with DJs and listeners alike while his next two albums, 'The Private Riot' and 'Mechanoid Meltdown' (Rottun Recordings 2010) made a firm imprint in the dubstep community worldwide, topping the download charts for over a month. With several additional remixes bearing his signature touch, the Liquid Stranger sound is in high demand as it continues to reach increasingly wider audiences. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. The Molecule Man 02. Bombaclaad Star 03. Rise feat. KRS ONE, A.P.O.S.T.L.E. & Stero-Lion (Liquid Stranger and Heavyweight Dub Champion) 04. Babylon Beast feat. A.P.O.S.T.L.E., Killah Priest & Stero-Lion (Liquid Stranger and Heavyweight Dub Champion) 05. Steam 06. Timeless feat. M.C.Zulu 07. Totem 08. Laguna 09. The Squid Strander 10. Vigilante feat. M.C.Zulu 11. Zero Gravity 12. Overlord 13. Unfold feat.Razza What people are saying: "The Arcane Terrain once again proves that no one on the planet combines dubstep with dub and global sounds more effectively than Liquid Stranger. The masterful mix of beautiful textures, fantastic production and crushing bass puts this guy in a league all his own"- Bob Duskis/ Six Degrees "One of the finest producers in the States, Liquid Stranger is someone who understands the Dub in Dubstep!" Dub Gabriel "winning" Mixmaster Morris "Liquid Stranger has developed an interesting genre defying very now and fresh sound !! The new album, 'The Arcane Terrain' is a 'must have' ........... Pathaan :: GET YOURS NOW :: Last time Interchill worked with Triskele on a back catalogue sale they were really happy with the support. To say thanks they've set up a discount on their Bandcamp page- all you have to do is enter the code TRISKELE and you'll get 25% off anything in their store - including the great cd + download deal. Get your CD direct from the label and get the download free :: | Interchill Bandcamp | :: or at these online shops Amazon | iTunes | Addictech | Beatport | eMusic Related Links Liquid Stranger | Facebook | Interchill Records | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
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  20. CATALPA - Gus Till & Chika Asamoto (Les Vagues Records) OUT NOW !!!!! Catalpa is the stunning new album from the collaboration of japanese saxophonist Chika Asamoto and australian keyboardist/ producer Gus Till (aka Slinky Wizard / BUS / Zen Lemonade). Chika and Gus are both currently residents of the 'isle of the gods'- Bali, where they met and realized a common musical bond, leading to the creation of this album. With the writing and pre-production beginning in Bali, the project was then moved to Oslo so further overdubs and musicians could be added at the legendary 'Rainbow Studios' with Jan Erik Konshaug at the engineering and mix helm. The album is a unique pot-boiler of their life-long influences: from the electric turbulence of Bitches Brew period Miles Davis and prog rock uber-artists King Crimson, to the gentle ambient landscapes of Eno and the post-modern rock trappings of David Sylvian, all awash with the sophisticated jazz-stylings and eclecticism of european jazz and and the more tripped out psychedelic soundscapes of modern electronica. A powerful album which they are taking out on the road with special live shows not to be missed! ''The power of sound to evoke has always been immense and always been with us". Japanese Shamanism, with it's roots in the ancient past, has always placed special import on the ritual use of music - the beating of drums, the twanging of a bow made of catalpa wood and ritual chanting - a particular array of sounds, song and dance with the power to evoke curiosity in the spirit world, to cause spirits to breach the impenetrable barrier separating their world from ours. Catalpa, with it's ability to strike and be struck, to be strummed as a bow and for it's delicate horn shaped flowers seemed a fitting symbol for our project.''- Gus Till & Chika Asamoto. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. On Angels Wings 02. Catalpa 03. The Pagan 04. Lotus 05. Collapsing Diamond 06. Cogs I 07. Cogs II 08. Cogs III 09. cogs IV 10. Tide 11. Protein 12. Ting Ting Jahe 13. The Old Path 14. Water Forest :: GET YOURS NOW :: Amazon | Psyshop | Beatspace | iTunes Related Links Catalpa | Facebook | Gus Till | Facebook | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  21. Liquid Move - Cause Of Random (Stalactite Records) OUT NOW !!!!! From the bowels of the frenetic mind comes an evolved, mutated monster of sound revealing new visions of dance floor mania. This is a frenzy inducing release, creating a whirlpool of crashing waves unleashing the power of rampaging energy through mesmerizing bass and rhythms. Beats flow like liquid encompassing delicious grooves with evil undertones only to end up plunging into a psy fantasia of melodies and breaks. From eccentric, idiosyncratic piano lines to hypnotizing guitar riffs and mysterious voice samples, the message of the music is left to your imagination. The debut album of producer Eli Kimmerling is made to last for its complexity, musicality and arrangement. True to its form this album is as melodic as it is diverse. Cause Of Random gives us the taste of a live show within a studio album with its original production style and is a true force to be reckoned with. As there are no words to explain new phenomena, Cause of Random lies beyond definition. This is a “must listen to” album. Embark on the emotional musical journey through composition. Absorb the fascinating story telling of twisted truths and natural beauty. In other words…. …Liquid Move is coming to a dance floor near you!!! This unique release is the first full-length album on Stalactite Records. To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Is Brain Wave 02. 6 Zens 03. I Preset (album version) 04. Deranged the Kid 05. Forever More 06. Cause Of Random 07. Psychoactive 08. Various Thoughts 09. I come in Liquid Form 10. Liquid Groove :: GET YOURS NOW :: CD BABY :: COMING SOON :: The Legend of The Giant Debut release of a psychedelic cinematic chill-out project. Release Date : Fall 2011 Related Links Liquid Move | MySpace | Stalactite Records | Website | Facebook | Myspace | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  22. Halcyon Presents: The Summer Ball Fri 8th July at Proud2 (matter) (The O2, Peninsula Square, London, SE10 ODX) 10pm to 7am *VERY LIMITED £8 TICKETS ON SALE NOW* Halcyon Returns to Proud2 for its 2nd event of 2011 with a very special unique selection of artists moving through tech and progressive into full on psy – trance. As is expected from Halcyon we lead from the front and we present to you a handpicked selection of some of the biggest and most influential artists in the world of psy – trance from across the globe! Son Kite Live _____________ Behind the successful production of Son Kite are Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson from Sweden. Son Kite have over years established themselves as one of the most interesting and in demand live artists in the trance scene today, always developing the music and always searching for new ways to push boundaries. Headline appearances across the globe at all the major festivals include Ozoora, Boom, Brazil, Tokyo, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, UK and anywhere else you can think off! If this does not keep them busy enough then their other project Minilogue is awaiting the release of its first album on Cocoon Records. Ticon Live __________ Ticon are Filip Mardberg and Fredrik Gilenholt. The story of their musical involvement dates back to 1991 when they found mutual interest for underground dance music. After releasing on almost every now classic trance label they earned a spot in the growing group of respected trance producers. Released in April 2001 on Digital Structures, their first full length album 'Rewind' received fantastic reviews and is today a milestone in progressive music. It's been a great journey from the first releases, and with landmark albums like 'Aero' and 'Zero Six After' and '2:AM', they have earned a top spot position in the trance and club scene. D-Nox & Beckers Live _____________________ D-Nox & Beckers was introduced to the electronic-community with tracks such as Jetlag Slave (Baroque, UK), Seven Hours (Electribe) and Memory Cell (in cooperation with David Amo & Julio Naves from Spain) and they where all incredibly successful 12inches, all reaching the number one spot on Beatport. 2007 marked the year of the LP Left Behind, which was released on the label Electribe. Shanghigh was another enormous breakthrough track for the dynamic duo. Aside from their own productions, D-Nox & Beckers are highly sought-after remixers. Minilogue, Tocadisco and many well-known artists are among the musicians they have worked with. ___________________________ Main Room: ____________ Son Kite Live Ticon Live D-Nox & Beckers Live Lish Dj Set Dejavoo / Libra 9 Matt Lorraine b2b Andy Leppard Andy Force Room 2 hosted by Liquid Records _________________________________ Tron Live BeatNik Liquid Ross Chameleon Ipcress DJ Moon ___________________________ Advanced Tickets: Limited Early Birds only £8 / £10 / £15 / £17.50 Halcyon Ticket Outlet: https://halcyon.ticketabc.com/promoter/halcyon/ Other Outlets: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/ / http://www.accessallareas.org/ / http://www.viewtickets.co.uk/ More Information Paul@Proactive-records.co.uk / 07814179946 / http://www.proud2.com/ Return buses from 1am to Liverpool St, Victoria, Waterloo, £2 a ticket.
  23. Hey great news for you music collectors and afficionados out there ! xxx Hey Im hosting a sale this next month with Arabesque Distribution ( the main distributor for most psytrance over the last decade) http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/arabesque/arabsale.html Over 850 titles from over 100 labels on offer here....so something for everyone !! Progressive, PsyTrance, Chillout, Dark Psy, Ambient-Electronica, ProgHouse & more CDs start at £5 .. and are as little as £3 if your purchasing 10 or more ... Ive made downloadable .pdfs of the entire catalogue of backstock and have 4 ways to browse : title, genre, label, artist You can also easily navigate the webpages..... Do so bearing with us, building a shopping cart would be too much time and cost to be able to still be able to offer these prices, so please make all orders by email..... http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/arabesque/arabsale.html Were hosting this only until end of June so lets see how much stock we can move ... x Robin
  24. Neurobiotic Records :: Earthling & Touch Tone - The Sneak EP Rel Date 09 May, 2011 Neurobiotic Records is proud to present The Sneak Ep: A pair of devastating nuggets of dance-floor gold from two of the scenes most forward thinking producers. Forged in the depths of Wormhole studios, London, these tracks emerged from a marathon studio session where computers, genres and minds were stretched to their very limits. Vasseyva is an adrenaline-fuelled track that is equally happy punishing club sound systems as it is driving outdoor summer dust fields. The ever building tension is mercilessly released, giving way to beautifully filtered harmonics and lush pads which bind the track together creating what can only be described, to our ears, as a sonic master-peach. Breathing Machine, while equally huge, couldn’t be more different. As its name suggests, it is a Machine… and a truly erratic one at that. Mechanical repetition and stealthy sub wobbles are craftily fused with a level of unpredictability and production values that are rarely heard or felt on the dance-floors of today. A massive breakdown and an unexpected final push provide the chocolate dipped cherry to place on top of this delicious, if slightly cunning, musical gateau from the future. As you can probably tell, we’re very excited about this release & we can hardly wait to unleash them on you and the unsuspecting festival season. So, with no further ado, roll on the summer and get ready for the wahwahwa! Available from all the usual online outlets. To see newsletter :http://www.neurobiotic.com/Newsletters/sneak.html To hear samples click on tracknames CD track listing: 01. Earthling & Touch Tone (Feat. Justin Chaos & Hemi-Sync) - Vasseyva 02. Earthling & Touch Tone (Feat. Justin Chaos) - Breathing Machine AVAILABLE ON BEATPORT NOW !!! GET YOURS HERE !!! SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEUROBIOTIC RECORDS PODCAST HERE !!! Related Links Earthling | Soundcloud | Facebook | Touch Tone | Soundcloud | Facebook | Neurobiotic | Soundcloud | Website |Facebook | Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |
  25. HI all ... What exciting news we have for you.... we have just confirmed OZRIC TENTACLES for MCF : Ancient Olympia : Greece : 27 July-1 Aug For most updated lineup, how to get tickets, travel anfo and more see below http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/mcf/mcfmail.html PLEASE join our Facebook group here for regular updates ! https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=139548686115009 See you on the dancefloor !
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