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  1. Agneton's list is a pretty good try (if the only one) to categorise the main era of nitzo (uplifting called in Greece) stuff. If anyone is interested for the latest releases there is http://www.digitaldreamsmusic.net/releases.html with free to download stuff (the Hyparxis compilations are descent), as well as https://www.facebook.com/Eutuchia/ and https://www.facebook.com/MusicExperienceRecords . Enjoy
  2. Just to mention that the main melodies in Dog Days Bliss are taken (or inspired if you prefer) from Chakra's Liquid Troll track. Not an accuse, i like the new album.
  3. Great choices all the above. Just to add some: California Sunshine - Tears in my eyes SFX - We are controlling transmission Power Sourse - The calling Khetzal - Listening winds Astral Projection - Axis ChiAd - Sight of the sages Man with no name - Teleportation Yahel - Last man in the universe Soluna - Dancing spirit
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