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  1. Thank You.... ...Great Name For An Album
  2. I could lay down some drum tracks once I sell my FA-66 Audio Interface and buy my new one anyone interested in a perfect condition Edirol FA-66 please let me know! email: jmberkland@carolina.rr.com
  3. Got an Edirol Fa-66 audio interface for all you producers / musicians who want to record. It's perfect condition, all components/cds/manuals..even the original box included. about 300 brand new, i'm selling for 200. we can ebay it to secure the transaction if you'd like. heres my craigslist posting: Craigslist Link Only selling because I need more inputs. Great quality sound. Reply to this post or craigslist posting if interested
  4. Yeah, old infected mushroom was the only "hard / dark" psy i know of I prefer Astral Projection and 1200 Micrograms myself. Wouldn't call either "dark" psy though
  5. 1200 Micrograms and Raja Ram's Stash Bag have had me hooked all day. Are either of them going to be releasing any new material?? Looks like the last album was released in like '06 or '07. Been a while....
  6. thanks, i'd been looking for that link. seems like some nutty festivals go on up there
  7. I figured there were clubs that focused on state-of-the-art lighting and psytrance music like astral projection and such i know asheville has some pretty good psytrance events, if anyone knows the site that lists all the psytrance events in the asheville area let me know!
  8. Charlotte seems to have a lack of good PSYTRANCE / Techno Clubs. What are some of the best clubs that focus on PSYTRANCE in the US??
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