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  1. Thank you for your lovely comments...And yes hypnotic is our new and very talented artist...Lucky us, we get him...:)But for me ;I also like zed's and gazzuar's tracks too...Again thank you for your kind words...
  2. Title: Elixir Of Life Artists: Various artists Label: Ezel-Ebed Records Tracks: 9 Format: CD Catalogue Number: EERCD002 Distributer: Beatspace - Psyshop - Saiko Sound - Goastore Release date: 15 January 2010 Ezel-Ebed ,proudly presents their second release called Elixir Of Life. This compilation is hot off the heels of their first va alternative colours. This compilation contains 9 tracks with a mix of new and well known artists. Each artist has polished and shined their tracks to give off a unique, deep, and reflective glimmer and shimmer. With this second release, Ezel-Ebed proves that; they always serve the freshest up and coming new artist cocktails. Were very excited to showcase their exotic cutting edge flavour to the world. Prepare to taste your dream heaven with Elixir Of Life.. To listen the samples please visit our web site or myspace:Ezel-Ebed Offical Web Site Ezel-Ebed Recors - Myspace Tracklıst 1. Yan Etki Erk Duası by Hakan Ahıskalı, Turkey 2. Project Cosmonaut Weve Been Contacted by Eli Yarkoni, israel 3. Hypnotic Signal One Step by Alexandr Makushev & Dmitriy Rusov, Russia 4. Boneva Galactic Singers by Yiğit İlgüz, Turkey 5. Goalien feat Agneton God Of Light by Boris Huskic & Elias Gits , Norway & Belgium 6. Travma Resurecting The Dead by Enver Çolakoğlu, Turkey 7. Gazzuar Eclepsia by Mikhail Kolchanov, Russia 8. Nephilim Vs Rudraksha Red Planet by Ante Gacina & Leonid Argirovski, Macedonia 9. Zed Reactor Faran by George Antonopoulos, Greece Credits: Mastered by Harald Reider aka Digitoxin Cover art by ipek Çolakoğlu aka BlackwomaN complied By Resul Yiğit a.k.a. Goahacna http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MGP3XfhCDg
  3. Amazing...You must reach to the manufacturers of bottle design industry...Maybe you can design a bottle for a vine company or vodka...I like them so much...Great work man..
  4. Nice work...I like the colours...
  5. I like the sound and spirit of Radical...They are awesome...All of their tracks have a different journey way...10/10
  6. No need to say any other word...Awesome is enough...
  7. Hello; And thank you for the review.Also thanks for the comments.It is a honour to see a topic about what we have worked so hard for... We are glad to tell you that ; after "Elixir Of Life" there will be new releases in this year!!And one of them will be a dark compilation... Because from now on dark,full-on and nitzo styles are welcome too...And anyone who thinks they have talent, they can reach us from our website... And they can send us their demos.By the way sorry for my weak English...Again thanks for everything..That means a lot to us...Love & Peace... Best Regards İpek Çolakoğlu Manager Of Ezel-Ebed Records
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