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Found 5 results

  1. "Organic Beats Vol.4" As artists must develop over time, and they do this by examining and exploring the implications and ramifications of their personal vision of existence. In other words, they explore their philosophy of life. When the artist combines this activity with their view of a particular branch of the arts - per instance making new music - what emerges is their artistic vision; the artist’s preferred subject matter and style. The combination is sometimes so unique that the artist’s works, whatever they may be, are instantly recognizable. This will be the last release of the Series. http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_61.html https://altar.bandcamp.com/album/organic-beats-vol-4-24bits http://www.altar-records.com http://www.altar.bandcamp.com
  2. ::: ASTROPILOT "Iriy" ::: “What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” :: PRESS RELEASE :: Dmitriy Red'ko aka AstroPilot, has outdone himself again with "Iriy". On this album and his last EP 'Midgard-Earth,' AstroPilot introduced us with magical symbolism to fit his new compositions and mood. Portraying a series of serious, synonymous, rich, and extremely well-polished levels of production done in 432Hz tuning. Dmitriy continues to redefine his signature sound through his inspiration of the symbolic sight within. We can all prophesy that there will never be an AstroPilot album to sound the same. Choosing to grace the design of his CD 'Iriy' with Svarogich, (a symbol of the heavenly power of god,) and Svarog, (whom preserves intact all the diversity of every life in the universe); these symbols protect all intelligent life forms from mental and spiritual degradation. From complete destruction, as a rational species. You are most welcome to listen and share another strong Altar psybient album. With 10 albums in 10 years, I assure you that this is going to become more mesmerizing with every listen. Both the 16Bit and 24Bit digital Bandcamp versions contain extended tracks with long fade-outs. Plus, 2 free bonus tracks! Enjoy! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/iriy/id794351276?uo=4 http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_49.html http://www.altar-records.com/Iriy.html http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/astropilot10 http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/iriy http://www.altar-records.com http://www.altar.bandcamp.com
  3. AstroPilot aka Dmitriy Redko returns with a new beatless space-ambient opus composed in the beautiful and natural 432Hz frequency. Following up the magnificent Solar Walk ambient series, he grants us with a volume 3 entitled 'Event Horizon'. Lush, majestic, ambient soundscapes that hang suspended in space, often backed by melodic flourishes, an emotive ambient symphonic shifting tapestry. Shimmering, sparkling, intertwining, cosmical space music.A serene journey away from Earth and into the depths of space. If you have a tendency towards escapism, or just a vivid imagination, this is the perfect music to get lost in. Tune in and wave planet Earth good-bye! PS: If you have purchased the CD format of this album, you are eligible to get a link to download "Live at Atmasphera360" in 16 bits-quality for free! : https://altar.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-atmasfera360 Enjoy =====================PLEASE NOTE:===================== 24 Bits/48Khz tracks are only available through downloading Flac files. Also iTunes does not yet support this format. Thank you. ______________________________________________________ Links: http://www.altar-records.com/solarwalk3.html http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/solar-walk-3-event-horizon-24-48khz Also available in 16Bits: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/solar-walk-3-event-horizon http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_52.html ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ released 30 May 2014 W., P. and Mastered in 24Bits/48Khz by Dmitriy Redko at AstroPilot Studios, Ukraine. Layout by DJ Zen at Altar Records, Canada. 01. Event Horizon [24/48] 02. Paraselene [24/48] 03. Millions Light Years Away (Story 01) [24/48] 04. Millions Light Years Away (Story 02) [24/48] 05. Distant Worlds [24/48] 06. Immersion [24/48] 07. Relict Emanation [24/48] 08. Farscape [24/48] 09. Whiff Of Eternity [24/48] "This album is dedicated to ambient classics: Robert Rich, Biosphere, Brian Eno, Bad Sector, Steve Roach, Ian Boddy, Alio Die, Antonio Testa... I would like to thank them for big inspiration and ideas for my music."
  4. A new down tempo-progressive compilation by DJ Zen is coming to celebrate the building warmth and energy of May! This new series in the same vein of the "Elements", will be offered with the same environmentally conscious packaging and feature the anticipated return of the spine for collectors! One installment of this compilation will be released each season in an ongoing yearly cycle! Altar Records artists were given the task to build tracks under the theme of “spring”. The result is an incredible and fresh mix of beautiful psychill and trance tracks created by some of the most well known psychedelic down-tempo artists such as Asura, AstroPilot, Cabeiri, Dense, Lab's Cloud, Sangeet, Suduaya, and features a heart-touching track made in collaboration between Reasonandu and A. Enescu (A former member of the worldwide acclaimed and award-winning act “Enigma”). All off this finishes off with superb closure with an amazing down tempo/trance track from Akshan! Let us draw upon the renewing energies of Spring to refresh up ourselves, clear our minds of the dust from a long winter, and move our asses while we prepare for the most intense vivid season! http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_41.html http://www.altar-records.com/spring.html http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/spring https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spring/id646754566?uo=4 http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Altar/releases/?order=date_down http://www.altar-records.com "The label where artists are unleashing the power of their inner creativity"
  5. "Reach for the sky because if you should happen to miss, you'll still be among the stars" http://www.altar-rec...sletter_38.html http://www.altar-rec...m/starwalk.html http://altar.bandcam...album/star-walk http://altar.bandcam...lk-24bits-48khz Written, produced and mastered by Dmitry V. Red'ko Artwork by Dj Zen http-~~-//youtu.be/zN_oZHTUlyc .::PRESS RELEASE::. The year 2012 has been fantastic with many quality releases by Altar artists, and we are proud to finish off the year with a one of our best ones yet! Altar Records presents it's final release of 2012 with Astropilot's long-awaited 8th album, "Star Walk". Following in the style of his well known "Solar Walk" series, this opus brings to us more of the depth and quality of composition that Dimitry is known for with his 10 years of experience and audio craftsmanship. Including remixes from acclaimed Greek musicians Alwoods and Cabeiri and featuring two exclusive and unreleased live remixes from his performance at Boom Festival 2012, “Star Walk” is a unique and beautiful listening experience that represents the passion and drive that both Astropilot and Altar records share in their love of music. Could this be Altar and Astropilot's final inspiration??? We'll see! Hopefully we will see you all on the other side of the Mayan's predictions for 21/12/2012 and look forward to more good music for 2013! Released 21/12/2012. Enjoy!
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