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  1. thats thomas elders and he has many other things he did like latex empire and other stuff, he did gabber on hypnotic to jesus christ, is anyone capable of reading CD labels?
  2. tone

    SUN Project - Drosophila

    here you have an album that couldnt be filled with more melody, an extremely melodic album, like as melodic as they get and you have people replying saying "i cant hear any melody in it" i mean how is that possible? human hear must incredibly vary. the people probably hear goa melodies like they do elevator music, just a melody thats all over the place, and their brains cant follow it because they have inferior hearing and the part of the brain that processes sound signals.
  3. http://www.myspace.com/mikebilla AKA Psygone on the old hypnotic record albums AKA Biller, Nature Bug, Safron, etc etc on old hypnotic compilation albums
  4. tone

    SUN Project - Drosophila

    6.5, haha real goa melodies and sounds are to complex for peoples brains to digest unless they listen to it over and over this is a 10/10 album
  5. tone

    Psygone - Optimystique

    did you know he has more 90s music than just optimystique? He is these artists on hypnotic records compilations: biller, safron, nature bug and a few others see if you can get your hands on "Tranced Out Sounds" its marketed as a compilation but its all him, its even better than optimystique, every so slightly better, 12/10 lol also get Close Encounters, which is half him, half the guy in O-Zone martin Nielsen. get trance 4 motion, and the goa compilations that have "DJs" listed as the artists, all his organelle tracks went on those instead of becoming an album. heres his current music: www.myspace.com/mikebilla
  6. He added that song after i posted this. for those who didnt check - the next 3 are electronica I too like the old stuff much better - not just psygone, but those tracks under safron nature bug and biller too, even a little more than psygone. every synth sound was perfect, placed in perfect pattern, then arranged perfectly into a song! Tranced Out Sounds is one of the best CDs ever, all him on various names as a marketing gimmick .. also he is half of that compilation "Close Encounters" and that other one called "Trance 4 motion". Hypnotic put him with martin nielsen the guy behind ozone, sunglory, many others together on compilations that were remarkable.
  7. The guy behind those old perfect trance projects on hypnotic records: psygone, nature bug, safron, biller, etc etc and has also worked on many different generas with many artists has new music and a new CD comming out http://www.myspace.com/mikebilla
  8. how is being morbid and dark so cool with everyone, what, embarrased to be any light at all? its embarassing right? people might be considered gay if they arent dark. well anyway the tracks have talent to them, however the morbid images do nothing for me
  9. Digital newage formed in late 2001 when psygone joined up with two hardcore rockers on the US east coast. The idea is to bridge the gap between Goa/Hard Trance and Metal they did music for two video game DVDs then the site sat there un-updated since sometime 2003. now the latest is that the album is finally to be released. From http://www.digitalnewage.org/ : here are two samples they have had up for like over 2 years: http://www.digitalnewage.org/audio/AbsoluteMagnitude.mp3 http://www.digitalnewage.org/audio/TwinParadox.mp3
  10. Mine is Arabic and just Minor using all white notes in either key A or key D is interesting, psygone/biller/safron/nature bug/michael kjeldgaard did that a lot
  11. no listen, im just talking about portables, not monitors for producing these sound so stunning, the high end is so clear and the low end is like mini subs on your head, a FREAK pair of headphones for their SIZE is what im saying. they honestly sound better than most big pairs, except for GOOD big pairs. titanium BIG pairs are the best ever, like the Pro AA or whatever its called. im telling you, titanium diaphram is the key factor in headphones, its the most amazing sounding feature
  12. the main thing is, is headphones people. speakers show nothing, then when you get headphones on you hear everything, all the differences
  13. Koss KTX Pro 1 ..AKA Radio Shack Pro 35 titanium diaphram makes all the difference 15 - 25,000 hz .. high end does not lose intensity like with other phones that claim to respond to 20 or 25 thousand 103dB sensitivity distortion < 0.2% the most amazing portal headphone ever, they are the size of like ones that come with a portal CD or File player. they sound better than most large pairs, i sware to you the clarity of titanium diaphram headphones is amazing, especially this one. use if for you portable players. its like going from black and white to color TV. i cannot believe the sound out of these for their size and price. they are at koss.com for $20 no i dont work for Koss, its just that KTX Pro 1 are to headphones as the 303 is to monophonic synths. anyone every use these? at radio shack they are called Pro 35 instead of 'KTX Pro 1'
  14. Goa is timeless New Psytrance sucks, same god damn bass used in every song and boring
  15. try a 2 Pass VBR at 192 with THIS PROGRAM: Advanced WMA Workshop . and let me know what you think. it also has LOSSLESS
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