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  1. Oh that is so good to hear. Thanks. I am just old fashioned. Plus as a shop, I cannot sell mp3 files. Looking forward to it.
  2. Ok, I must say that this is one of my favorite releases of 2008. Every track is a killer and finally a cd without an intro or a chillout track. There is some real heavy Nitzo feeling going on here. It is fresh and exciting. This is not your typical newschool release. Elias, you have outdone yourself. I never expected the cd to be so outstanding. It was such an eargasmic surprise to hear the cd since I refused to listen to samples before I had the actual cd. This is a 5/5 without a doubt. Melodies flying left and right, kicks that hit just the right spot. Go out and buy the original cd now!!!!!!! BIG BIG congrats to you Agneton. It was also a pleasure hanging out Saturday. We will do it again soon I hope.
  3. Ya know, that was my first impression also. Maybe this album takes a few listens before it catches on.
  4. WoW, that was fast. I haven't even listened to the first one yet. I have had it in stock in my shop only twice. The reason: Psyshop. They never restock. I was waiting 4 months for the last copy. Please, ask them to stock your cds at a more professional level hehe. Because I know this cd will sell! Good luck and kudos!
  5. I can't agree with you more. I started listening to this cd and after the first 4 tracks, I was really worried. Lame! The Pandemonium track goes absolutely nowhere, nor is it an into track. But yes, there is hope more than half way through track 5 this cd takes off like a rocket. From this moment on, there is not a dull moment. Merrow has the best track on this cd, hands down. What energy and power this track brings. It keeps building and building and eventually you are dancing so hard, you cant breathe. Astrancer and Radical Distortion are also killers. So in the end, this cd is a 4/5 and actually a must buy just for the Merrow track.
  6. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. It's a killer cover hehe. 2 more days and wawaweewa. :posford:
  7. Hey Elias, who did the artwork for your cd? Damn is looks just like Chariss party flyer. You know the one I mean? The Gates of Aruna's Dimension.
  8. They were just here in Belgium and I didn't go. But every single review from that party was negative. Not one person enjoyed the Infected Mushroom set. Horrible vocals sung by a guy who thinks he is a rock star. It's no psytrance, that's for sure.
  9. Only one more week and we shall have the album in our hands. Elias, make sure to bring lots of copies to the Amithaba Buddha party. After the disappointing Armagedance cd, I desperately need this release to appease my oldskool addiction. (I know you love that cd, sorry Elias) Me needs a fix!
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