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  1. hey everbody as we are interested what all the psynews fellows think of our music...we post here a review from Full_on thx for replays Rumble Pack – Packed and Ready ( Mahogany & Morphonic, Apr. 2007 ) Track List: 1. Are we Fucking Done? 2. Packed and Ready 3. Kingsize 4. Mental Scope 5. John Steam in the Snailhole 6. Binary Beach 7. Control Unit 8. Back to Basics 9. Tea Time Rumble Pack is a psytrance project by Andreas Marki and Philip Guillaume from Zurich – Switzerland. This information if not found anywhere on the CD, so I had to resort to their homepage to find this info ( www.rumble-pack.ch ). There I found that these guys have some side projects and even released an album before under another project; if you’re interested on more info about these guys check it out. My first contacts with Rumble Pack’s music were the tracks Simulated Roadmap and The Sliph released some time ago. It’s been a long time and now two French labels, Mahogany Records and Morphonic Records (M&M Production), joined forces to release this album. Avi aka Space Cat is responsible for the mastering and did a good job. The cover is neat and was designed by Nico at PsyArt studio. It looks like an Air Mail package and the CD shares the same design. Check it here:; There’s no booklet, just the cover with the track names and credits on its back. Also no DJ sleeve or track times or bpms. The first track is a collaboration with DJ Jackomo (anyone has any info on him?) and begins with the sample: "Einstein was wrong when he said ‘God does not play dice.’ Consideration of black hole suggests not only that God does play dice, but that he sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can't be seen." It turns to be a 145 bpm full on track, on the lines of some Hom-Mega artists. Some people maybe understand this as a compliment, but it has two sides. Well produced, predicable and dance floor directed: that’s how I feel this first track. A lot of people will love it; for me it’s only a proof that the guys know how to produce on today’s standards, which is great as an opening track, but not good enough to stand out in the crowd. Packed and Ready (T2) is even faster and more energetic, but a little less straight forward. It also has a few samples (please help me to ID that "red eclipse ravers" or something ), and it’s good to dance. This is the kind of music that is being played here at Brazil in most parties; once again this compliment is an undeniable proof of its dance floor effectiveness, but also suggest it lacks on the psychedelic side. Kingsize is the name of the third track, when I notice that this track had 140 bpm I thought I understood the meaning of the track name. A relentless pounding beat and bass creates an introspective feeling and the other elements state that clearly something is going to happen. The tension is in the air, but it does not leave. An unexpected sample: "Theories predict singularities in two situations: one is in the future when the gravitational collapse starts and other massive bodies. Such singularities will be at end of time..." A sweet melody and the beat is there again, the music wake up with a well executed change in the bass, changing its direction to the dance floor and there we go… And here we are, riding the 145 bpm of the following track Mental Scope (T4), a danceable track with a nice chanting and good flow, I only miss something that could twist my legs a little more. John Steam in the Snailhole (T5) is a groovier track which arrived at good time, when I listened this album for the first time I was starting to get afraid that the whole album would be "dance floor effective." Here the album takes a turn and with the seeds of diversity everything becomes more interesting. The next track, Binary Beach (T6), is one of my favorites. Its instantaneous success comes from its background atmospheres and the good taste in the choice of the elements. Another relevant aspect is that it is one of the longer tracks here, having time to reach its full potential. Control Unit (T7) starts as a more held back track, and its bass variations and steadiness reminds me of more serious full on, like the Nano or Alchemy stuff. All in all a nice track. Then we have Back to Basics (T8), another favorite of mine, with a unique bass line signature, twisted synths and an atmosphere that keep suggesting me that things are not the way they look. Suddenly Japanese samples or something else I can’t understand catch my attention and here we go again through these bass lines... Very good work from the Rumble guys here , it’s an excellent track, specially the first 3 minutes. More Japonese samples? It’s Tea Time (T9) the track that comes at 90 bpm to close the album with golden keys. Definitely one of the best tracks here. I tested this one with coffee and it’s better than tea. After a long trip we arrive at a break in the 6th minute, right at the time to order my third espresso, good taste and small details making huge differences, yeah, this track made me smile. This is the happy ending the album needed, and it surely makes it scores higher. This CD is being the soundtrack of my laboratory experiments in the last week. The second half of the CD really put me to dance , and since I’m doing experiments overnight and everything here in the lab is video recorded, the night security guys now keep making jokes... That’s a fair price to pay for having some fun at work. This is a good album for keeping me up and dancing . As constructive criticism I must say that I missed more info about the project and the artists themselves on the booklet. M&M Production could invest a little more on the this. Also it’s good to keep in mind that not every track must end dance floor friendly. I mean, for a debut album sound quality and "danceability" are very important, however the originality and tweaking (psychedelia) that denotes the artist's peculiarities and personality must also shine through the music. It's difficult to achieve an equilibrium between these variables, this debut is a proof that it can be done, but probably the crowd will be expecting more on the next releases. Recommendation: This successful debut album is recommended for those after well produced full on with a drop of spice here and there. The album is solid, slowly evolving and getting better with each track, starting with regular full on and finishing with more innovative music. Its effectiveness does not compromise the home listening aspect, which is actually one of its strong points, specially the last half of the album. Give it a chance and will probably get hooked. Buy it here: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6464 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3390 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/mph/mph1cd004.html Favorites: 3, 6, 8(!), 9(!!). Respect!
  2. well...really big dissapointment this album. the last one was great...with the new full on touch, but still lot of EU in it. But this is just lot of noize and nothing really great. To the "sold out" thingy i just can say few things. Some ppl still think you can make money with sales of psytrance cds. But these are not the facts. A good psytrance album will sell maybe 3000 copys...maximum and very rarley 5000... The "normal" cds sell 1000 - 2000 copys...such as EU i guess will sell. So guys forget about the money issue, coz the artist gets around 1 euro per cd...so you think for 1 year work geting 1500 euros instead of 4000 euros does make someone change his own music for money? Forget about it. Its about trend maybe the artists are following to stay interesting for Organizers..but still imo no psytrance artist make a certain style to make more money, coz if he would do that, he would better do some pop, coz as said, with psytrance you dont make money. Nobody makes this music for sales, because this music doesnt sell! So stop for once this "sell out thingy" its just ridiculuous cheers
  3. Tracklist: 1. V tunes - progression 2. Yotopia - Zoi 3. Natural Flow & Chromosome - personal visit 4. Side A - Altere Ego 5. Liquid Soul - colours 6. Sonnenvakuum - Rejected 7. Sun control species - Interactive 8. BLT & DJ Nadi - Space boogie (aerospace rmx) 9. Morax - At first sight Domo records are proud to Introduce our first release for 2006:G spot compiled by our very own DJ Huda G. To the Israeli crowd its needless to introduce him but for the rest of the world's sake Huda G has become in the last 2 years the most wanted and acclaimed DJ in Israel playing everything danceable from tribal house and electro through progressive and psy progressive and naturally covering full on realms at need, always synchronised with the needs and will of the crowd he plays for. The compilation reflects naturally the Domo point of view regarding the dancefloor, covering mostly the pumpier side of proggressive but keeping it groovy all along the way. Most of the artists as you can see from the tracklist are from all over the global scene covering main proggy centres such as switzerland, australia, sweden, france, and naturally Israel which is becoming a major factor in the global scene to our delight and pride! Release date: 23/1/2006 More info, samples and official press release will follow soon! Enjoy
  4. ok..at least i know now whats eurotrance!!..thx for help dreezer... and good to know that i can do tracks in 1 hour....didnt realized this when i took me always 3 weeks or so...but i guess dreezer knows this better then me... cheers
  5. no problem spifer jo.. as i said...i have no problems with critics...we need them to evolve i think... and about eurotrance...for shure its melodic music...i like melodic music...but sometimes it seems to me that some ppl tend to say, melodic=cheese/eurtrance/whatever...and thats imo not very nice...coz as you said...its a question of taste...nad it has nothing to do with the quality of music...because for example..who says eurtrance is worst then super intelligent simon posfordish psy trance?.. i know, i'll get burned for this ...i hope traveller dont read this post.. ..but its all about taste... and for shure the niveau here seems more mature then in isratrance...there you are right 100% spifer jo looking forward to more critical reviews and not only "killa" posts cheers philip
  6. interesting to see, how ppl in this forum think only negativ from this Compilation and call it eurotrance..(i still dont know what is eurotrance even im european ) not that i have a problem with it, critics is a must in devloping and evolving i think. Its just funny to see how for example Isratrancers almost gave only positive feedback, and here only negativ... thats a proof i guess how the "psynews-user" and the "isratrance-user" is different..hehe...would be a great subject for a student....lol.. anyway...i hope some "psynewser" like it... cheers philip/rumble pack www.rumble-pack.ch
  7. i think its really funny that there are still ppl believing, that you can make money only with selling cds...sorry but if he wanted to change his music for the money, then he would do really comercial music, and "Fiction" is far from this. Beside that, its obvisius when you listen to this album, that this guy love what he does, and its not the money he's searching. And about keeping the name...i think thats he's choice and not up to one of us to judge about it. We dont know the background.. and anyway...for me the jaia spirit you still can hear very good in his music..so for me nothing is lost. And only because of a style change, you dont need to change name... I think your bashing lemmi is not ok...and your arguments are lame somehow... For me...its the album of the year...and it will last for a long time my absolutley favourite...its reall music with the heart...a great fusion of styles...and always psychedlic...thats why i loove it so much. cheers
  8. As i wanted to know, what ppl in this forum think about this compil. i copy here the review made by Guy Cohen from isratrance.... Hi All ! After almost two month from the release date of this compilation, I decided to write a review for share with you what I think about this comp. This is the second part of Mindcontrollers series, which compiled by Nomad and Talamasca. 1. Talamasca - Overload The track is start with very short vocal and 3 seconds later, came the powerful kick of Cedrec. I must say that this is mayB my favorite tune from Talamasca ever, when I hear it, I can understand why Cedric is so admired on the trance scene. Overload has excllent building, you can hear the goa influences with the fast kick and the deep melodies all over. What an amazing begining to this compilation - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! 2. Nomad - Tribute with no name The second track is belongs to Nomad, his style just rock ! pumping baseline with those beautiful melodies is someting really special. This what I call - pure psytrance ! 3. Shagma - Piano Bar This tune is more deep and less "happy" than the first two tracks. It's an intersting tune from this new project which include "tough" baseline, "flat" kick and some nice melodies in. I'm sure we'll hear more suprises from this project in the future. 4. Enterpise - NLO A pure morning tune with all the necessary elements : friendly baseline, fat kick, a lot of cool effects, some games with the baseline and of course - happy melodi ! It's a pleasant tune for any hour of the day. 5. Dizzy Mind & Nazuk - Psychosis Tell you the truth - I don't really know this 2 projects but the first minute and half make me jump to the sky - beautiful playing with a pumping kick after. The baseline is so groovy and it accompanied by very nice effects and vocals. I'm almost sure this tune will blast the dance-floor...be careful ! 6. Talamasca and Polaris - Fantastic plausibility A french co-operation with full power ! I really like this track because it has something special on it, I don't know how to explain it. I cal feel the deep emotions and feelings which Cedric and Polaris put here. 7. 220 V - Damage procedure Crazy track, full of suprises...nothing is expected. The baseline is "flexible" and has a lot of games and changes. This tune really remind me Junya's (Eskimo) style, which is always good thing. 220 V - keep it up and up ! 8. Phanatic & Electro Sun - Possessed Mind It's one of the best track on this compilation ! a serious dance floor bomb ! The begining of the track is so pumping that I almost make a hole in the celling and it's impossible not talk about this amazing melodi...WOW...it really a special one. Nadav and Kfir keep blast like this one, we all want it ! 9. Rumble Pack - The sliph What is better than close this excllent compilation with Rumble Pack's tune ? nothing A groovy tune with fast kick which force you to move your body like a crazy. It can easily jump the dance floor, just play it. The brake on 05:00 is brilliant - moledies, vocals and madnessssssssssss ! People, you don't want to miss it !!! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/mcc/mcc1cd004.html
  9. hello everybody... the new Groove Zone Rec. homepage is online.... they did a very good job i think..happy to be a part of it... http://www.groove-zone.com/ cheers philip rumble pack/natural flow
  10. @traveller dont get me wrong...but i have a question... are you jobless?? i'm really impressed how you manage to be present all the time in israforum and psynews forum, in every disscusion... and the best...you are always the wise man, who have the conclusion and explanations for everything...i guess this comes from your long forum expirience... btw. to say czech is 3th world country is really ridicoulus... i guess now you'll not gona like me...but i always wanted to say this... cheers
  11. btw...."rumble pack" are the same two guys like "blue vortex"....and of course aswell the same two in "natural flow"... we changed our name once..from blue vortex to rumble pack...thats all...still the same two guys... we have now our two projects: rumble pack is full on and natural flow is proggresiv... blue vortex we dont use anymore as name... cheers more infos: www.rumble-pack.ch
  12. out now on saikosounds...and soon on psyshop!! http://saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=4919
  13. samples are online now on saikosounds !!! http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=4919 cheers
  14. hey tatsu, there are samples to listen... chek here: http://www.mindcontrolrecords.com/coming_soon.php hope you'll like.. cheers
  15. After the success of the first compilation , we come back now with this stomping cd, where you will discover a lot of new projects that we already consider as the new generation who will play next year all over the globe !!! Mind Controler , Part 2 [Compiled By Nomad & Talamasca ] , Mind Control Rec. TRACK LIST: 1)Talamasca - Overload ! 2)Nomad - Track with no name 3)Dizzy Mind Vs. Nazuk - Psychosis 4)Shagma - Pianobar 5)220 V - Damage Procedure 6)Polarimasca - Fantastic Plausibility 7)Enterprise - NLO 8)Rumble Pack - The Sliph 9)Phanatic Vs. Electro Sun - Possessed Mind RELEASE DATE: [?] COVER - http://www.mindcontrolrecords.com/mc_part2...2_front_500.jpg SAMPLES - http://www.mindcontrolrecords.com/coming_soon.php
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