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  1. Picking up on the other thread I just started, ahem, having heard them play most of the album live I think it sounds like their MOST psychedelic (as LB). There is one track, and I'll know it when I hear it again, that absolutely and utterly mashed everyone in the club up it was so twisted. People were open mouthed, WTFing.
  2. Not posted here in a fair old time, hello to anyone who's still here from back in the day! Hello to everyone else too! I recently saw LB showcasing their new album, it was of the most psychedelic audio experiences of my life, and I'm getting on in years now. Very tight, hard and heavy in places and twisted to fuck and back. Out on Dec 9th. Well worth a look. Sorry if I'm repeating another thread, just logged on and thought I'd dive straight in! Here's a snippet. http://soundcloud.co...grid-full-album Guy EDIT - whoops, there's already a thread. Apologies.
  3. Well I must say I am surprised this one has not made it onto this site because its one of the most interesting cd's I have heard in a long time. I don't have the time nor inclination to review each track, I just wanted to get it up here so that some of you check it out. It's a perfect soundscape when you don't want trance nor the fairyness of shpongle et al. Very twisted sounds, off beats, casual psychedelic mayhem, deliciously created and produced. Psyshop have it, go check out some samples, maybe someone else could write a full review.... Mr Rogers also on myspace of course. He's huge on the west coast....never been to europe as far as I can see......when is the next psynews event?
  4. I don't think this is Goa Trance. Discuss.
  5. STILL Classical Mushroom special mention to ~The Lone Deranger.
  6. Logic Bomb are very melodic and intricate without being cheesy, all three albums are very good. * Headware (Spiral Trax, 2000) * Unlimited (TIP World, 2002) * Sonic Algebra (Solstice Records, 2007) From Unlimited: From Sonic Algebra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n86VveU82Ok :posford:
  7. psytrancer

    Ticon - 2AM

    this is an astounding album. Not really psytrance, has trippyness, but not psytrance. I love it though. Spitfire is mindbending. Go Ticon!
  8. wow! one of my friends pointed me here after they saw it on google. such a spin out - that was an awesome party in Paris ! happy to say I still love psytrance Hope you are all good! Mars, Max, Joske! Joske I saw you last year I think - I didn't make it into that party Still living in London, still going to parties, trying to make music myself! It ain't easy! Guy
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