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  1. Nice review - will for sure check this one out :posford:
  2. well written :clapping: yes this is an impressive release :posford: release of the year so far IMO
  3. aahh the memories too this album still gives me goose bumps....
  4. nice one buzzman - any moves for a release ?
  5. still have not been able to get this CD out of my car stereo this is a really good release from Entheogenic yes Skullcap is a mind-blowing tune - awesome melodies :posford:
  6. This is really f..king good wood work
  7. abasio mentioned: '1997 Green Nuns of The Revolution - Rock Bitch. This was the first Full on track (not the genre) I really loved. Such energy that filled my every gene' ahh what memories... the ganesh acid, free flying wino parties, absolutely tripping my tits off & Green Nuns launching this classic on us :posford: still rocks bitch maffia...
  8. low quality samples really don't help - But I'm sure this album will be much better in the flesh... very much on my list to buy :clapping:
  9. Artist - Entheogenic Title - Flight of the Urubus Label - Universal Symbiosis Records Release Date - 01/03/08 Track List: Skullcap Trara Araras Entheogen Spice Microcondian Urubus Vervain Fellowship Rio Barra Itaipava Entheogenic have been around for some time now & are seen as an important influence in the Psy-Scene ! their debut album was almost perfect [typical debut playful stuff].. their second album ''Spontaneous Illumination'' IMO is perfect - timeless... but the 3rd & 4th seemed to have lacked the same integrity & intensity... So ''Flight of the Urubus'' was always going to be an interesting release to see what happens next.... So, insert CD - press play & inhale... Skullcap: Fantastic opening track, very melodic & driving through the hyper-dimension.. a real journey begins to unravel with lots of interesting FX, dubby bass lines & powerful melodies.. Very entheogenic track especially with the water intro... Great starter for things to come Trara: Quite a long build up with this one... but eventually rolls out into a very funky phat kicking break-beat tune with very strong melodies.. a real stomper Araras: Similar feel to the previous track, but more subtle & melodic.. great tune this ! really dig the drums & bass in this & it all flows along beautifully twisting & turning Entheogen Spice: Nice intro.. very intense beginning with synths etc.. & then breaks out into acoustic guitars & singing !!!! the guitar work here is superb & the singing is soft & provocative... very imaginative song is this... again really enjoy the acoustic guitar ! Microcondian: All albums need consistency & a classic.. this seems to be the classic on the album & maybe a classic tune of all time !!! very intense intro.. typical Entheogenic trademark & then as we love them for - follows a huge melodic synth that seems to go from top to bottom, from sideways to in-ways & backwards to forwards... spine tingling stuff ! ends with a great build up of bass & beats & weird FX... Fantastic Tune is this one - still recovering from it Urubus: Again, quite a long build-up... but eventually flows into an orgy of melodies & mind blowing FX - very Psychedelic & emotional Vervain: Interesting tune - lovely intro with electric guitars & arpeggios.. a bit samey through-out ! but nice tune.. more subtle than the others... Fellowship: Suddenly a complete change in direction... a very jazzy feel to this one & apparently to what I've read somewhere else, this track breaks out into 5/4 - as far as I can tell.. it does !!! which gives it a very interesting feel.. ends with a climax of noise & subtle melodies, reminds me Ju Ju Space Jazz... quality tune Rio Barra: This is a lovely timeless tune with a very cuban salsa feel to it... very laid back, lots of nice guitar & beats - different to the rest of the album, but fits very well with the whole theme of the album Itaipava: Great Intro... another double bass, bass line with a Plaid like feel here - & then it flows into acoustic guitars & very powerful singing !!!! this is a beautiful track which for sure will make any gurner & grinder twitch & implode - but for those enlightened & colorful minds out there.. this will certainly make the hairs stand up on ones back & even make them cry !!! I'm not sure who is singing here [male] but it is very original & emotional... another classic ! I did not have great hopes for this album... but this has been completely exceeded - this is for sure a classic album which will go far beyond the Psy scene ! it definitely shows much maturity from Entheogenic, but still carries that innocent feeling that most music today seems to lack ! not really sure if this is chill-out music as some of it is stomping - but it is for sure pure mind food & will please trippers & lovers & all walks of life for years to come... Entheogenic have delivered another very shamanic album here which is great relieve & I very look forward to having some beautiful trips with this album... enjoy 8/10 Favourites - 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10
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