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  1. FIRE LOVES SUGAR is now #2 on the Top 10 Beatport Psytrance Album charts!
  2. Sun Department Records presents Labrysinthe's second EP “Fire Loves Sugar,” full-on psytrance in a hot, sweet new style to set your synapses afire: irresistible rhythms combined with evocative melodies, cinematic chord progressions, wild glitchcraft and general gothic-flavoured psychedelia. Currently #5 on the Beatport psytrance release charts! https://www.beatport.com/release/fire-loves-sugar/2510399 Mastering: Ady Connor (Scorb) Artwork: László Magyar Format: Digital Audio Style: Psytrance, full-on Released: 14 February 2019
  3. I’m excited to present you this 1-hour live/DJ set (140-145 bpm), including new Labrysinthe tracks, hot off the decks at the L-Night party in Kinzig9, Berlin on 15 December I hope you enjoy it! ~ Natalia
  4. hello, will be visiting the u.s. northeast (nyc-boston) 23 june - 7 july 2009 and was wondering if there were any boston-area parties to go to during that period. thanks! labrysinthe
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