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  1. VA - Acid Transmission Cat-Nr. - TRISHCD015 Release date: 6 June 2008 CD jewel case EAN code: 4260089560253 Arabesque Distribution London Acid Transmission is the new compilation by Trishula Records, 10 fresh & unreleased musical journeys. The transmission is powered by 10 artists, no need to introduce them as you know all of them as most of them having released music at Trishula before or other labels well known for their psychedelic music. The concept is to dig deeper and further into the realms of psychedelic trance. 1.wi']['ch - Fractal Generator 2.Zoolog - Contradictionary 3.Purosurpo - Multi Range 4.Arabali - Mars is Amazing 5.Attoya vs OIL - Escaping The Bubble 6.Karash - Likadelic 7.Oil - Behemot 8.Olien - Dynaversum 9.Mind Distortion System - Looking At The Sky 10.Psyfactor - Mythical More info and soon audio samples online at: http://www.trishula-records.com/trishcd015.htm EnJoY! MoUkA
  2. Hey man this got out of hand a bit, I never meant to offend or so anyone, was just telling my point of view. I just don't like the term darkpsy, I just like to share good psychedelic trance music with you. So basically all of the Trishula releases are not darkpsy, in fact a lot of the albums came out before the whole darkpsy hype! For me good trance has to be psychedelic with all the colours, flavours and forms! On the other hand I think it is good to have lots of reactions here, good promotion :clapping: Really appreciate the support here and I hope you will buy the cd. :posford:
  3. Hey MDK, about the promo text, a little explanation here. A pentagram was used in ancient Greece & Babylonia. The first known uses of the pentagram are found in Mesopotamian writings dating to about 3000 BC. Secondly you call the picture in the middle a devil, it is based on our christian perception to call anything with horns on the head a devil. Many figures from old mythes & sages look have horns like this figure, way before the church starting abusing this and scared people with a so called devil figure. A good example is Pan, an old Greek god, you can read more about this in the wikipedia Please read some history about old symbols and figuers, don't judge a book by its cover :wank:
  4. Psyfactor / Aries Madness Cat-Nr. - TRISHCD014 Release date: 18-04-2008 EAN code: 4260089560154 Arabesque Distribution London Mastering by 4cn-studios Artwork by Dreampaint 1. Bad Mojo 2. Angel Wrath 3. Sectoid 4. Waves From The Crypt 5. Gyroball 6. Death Monsture 7. Scratches 8. Intoxicated 9. Aries Madness After some time of silence Psyfactor comes back with his second release @ Trishula Records. He has worked hard on improving his production skills and has managed to create a high quality album with new innovative ideas. Taking us further to another level of uncompromising psytrance with the typical triple kick drum, fat synthlines & trippy fx sounds. No devil worshipping or darkpsy here, just good driving music to get you up and dance. More info & audio preview samples: http://www.trishula-records.com/trishcd014.htm EnJoY! MoUkA :clapping: :posford:
  5. Hi Everyone, To celebrate the release of his debut album, "He Claims to be Not Human," Mind Distortion System will play live on the Brussels radio station, Radio Campus. The show will also be streamed over the internet, so tune in for an exclusive preview of the album and a chance to win the CD!for an exclusive preview of the album and a chance to win the CD! Listeners will be asked a question and the first 5 people to post the correct answer as a "comment" on the MDS myspace page - http://www.myspace.com/minddistortionsystem - will win! The radio show is Thursday 28 November from 22.00 to 02.00 Belgian time (GMT +1), and will also feature: DJ - Olibiza (Be) DJ - Mogli (Be) Live - M.D.S. (Trishula, Be/Pt) DJ - Dark Elf (Trishula, Gr) Radio Campus streaming broadcast link: http://radiocampus.ulb.ac.be/index.php?opt...2&Itemid=47
  6. Well you can try Ajana Records releases from Khooman and Electrypnose Mouka
  7. Artist: Mind Distortion System Title - He Claims to be Not Human Label: Trishula Records Cat-Nr. - TRISHCD013 Release date: Nov/Dec 2007 EAN code: 4260089560208 Arabesque Distribution London Mastering by 4cn-studios Artwork by Jü Tracklist: 1.Dead Swan 2.Herbal Analysis 3.Koshka 4.Find Out 150 (feat. Kazoo) 5.Cartoon Hunter 6.Fucking Time 7.Dancebué 152 8.Mystical Druids Society 9.He Claims to be Not Human 10.Gate of Desire After several compilation releases, Belgian-Portuguese producer Mind Distortion System’s (Nelson Jara Dos Santos) debut album, “He Claims to be Not Human” invites listeners on a liquid, electric and supremely psychedelic journey, a trip modulated by groovy basslines, bouncing and twisted effects, dynamic rhythms, and cleverly spliced with quirky, often humorous, samples. “Dead Swan” (150 bpm) introduces the MDS sound; featuring a fat and powerful bassline and quirky effects; the album then accelerates non-stop, progressing to the supernova apogee of “Gate of Desire” (155 bpm), which fully demonstrates the mad creativity of MDS. Never forgetting that trance is a state of mind, tracks can be appreciated physically or mentally…or both. 3 minute Samples are online @: http://www.trishula-records.com/trishcd013.htm Release party will be in Belgium, Gent @ Novemeber 30. More info: http://www.trishula-records.com/party.htm :posford:
  8. Artist: Attoya Title - Based on true events All tracks w + p by Alex & Leonid Burshtein Cat-Nr. - TRISHCD012 Release date: 5 October 2007 EAN code: 4260089560185 Arabesque Distribution Mastering by 4cn-studios Artwork by Zoolog Tracklist: 1.Based on true events 2.Above natural sleep 3.The reflection of awry mirrors 4.Our tasty part 5.The System of multiple language 6.Green Crop Matured 7.Natural vitamin 8.Color shades 9.What i've felt Trishula Records is happy to present another artist album from the talented Buhrstein brothers. Attoya is the brainchild of Alex and Leonid Burshtein, musicians since their childhood and now presenting their debut album. Based on true events is a nine track story filled with sweeping sound scapes, distorted vocal samples and spooky melodies. Attoya have created their own unique style, a typical forest kind of psychedelic trance music. The musical story takes you through vicious night-time sceneries to more mysterious and vivacious sound spheres. The music is perfectly arranged for dancing amongst trees with the mythical creatures of the forest. 3 1/2 minute Samples are online @: http://www.trishula-records.com/trishcd012.htm Release party will be in Belgium, Gent @ Novemeber 30. More info: http://www.trishula-records.com/calendar.htm Thank you all for the support so far! Mouka
  9. VA - Phoenix Rising Catalogue nr.: TRISHCD011 Releasedate: 15 June 2007 EAN code: 4260089560192 Media Format: CD Distribution: Arabesque Distribution London At the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises… "Phoenix Rising" is the new compilation compiled by Mouka and brings you another quality tracklist with some of the finest underground artists producing true psychedelic music. No compromise just pure psychedelic fun for the dance floor, a compilation with 10 tracks that are made for higher energy levels. The artists involved on the compilation are all in their own way masters of the psychedelia in psytrance music. For this special edition Nemo has made the beautiful artwork for the compilation, a "Phoenix Rising". Tracklisting: 1. Attoya - Buddhist Symbol of The Triratna 2. Mubali Vs Kindzadza - Galactic Cannibalism 3. Mind Distortion System - Underworld 4. Dark Elf - Hot Bird Satelite 5. Darkpsy - Engine 6. Detonatik - Routeroot 7. Detonator Vs Darkshire - Mind Your Gap 8. Olien - Drophole 9. Chemical Spoon - Darkforces 10. Kemic-Al - Phantom Ki Samples & more info: http://www.trishula-records.com/trishcd011.htm Just a few more weeks till release date Cheers MOuka
  10. You can download now a lot of Olien tracks in psy- and goatrance style form the Trishula website Link: http://www.trishula-records.com/artists-pages/olien.htm
  11. Artist: Olien Title: Sounded Paratronic Label: Trishula Records Format: CD Release: March/April 2007 Catalog: TRISHCD010 Mastering: 4cn-studios Distribution: Arabesque Distr. London Tracklist: 1. Amanit 2. Darkmatter 3. Cosmide 4. Wavpool 5. Calmar 6. Surfingcaos 7. Cybersphere 8. Granularis 9. Transmoveport 10. Andsoon Trishula Records is celebrating the 10th CD release and 3 years anniversary with the debut album “Sounded Paratronic” by German artists Olien. Already released the track “Calamari” at Trishula Records before, he now presents a full length album with 10 unreleased tracks, all of them dancefloor orientated. Olien discovered electronic music at a young age and started producing his own music in 1995. He is a very talented musician and developed his own style of psytrance during the years. Besides psytrance he is also producing chill out and goatrance music. His music is build on multiple layers of instruments and always with a groovy sound. Sounded Paratronic stands for multi layered psytrance music, the sound is driving, organic and psychedelic, making it a treat for your ears to listen to and for your body to dance on. The story takes you through 10 different moods, carefully crafted and always playful in the arrangements. Written and produced by Oliver Bach @ Olien studio Germany. Olien info: Born in the south of Germany, Freiburg in 1980. His first contact with electronic music was with the Cybertribe where he went to techno parties at the time. From there on he went through several music styles from acid house to psytrance and als ambient music with the same spirit. In 1995 he installed Cubase and Rebirth on a 4400Mac and bought his first MPC2000 and started producing his own style of music, later on he purchased a Korg Z1. Now he is producing his music with the use of a PowerMac and Logic7. His first released tracks were on the Mechanophobia compilation, released in March 2006 and a chill out track on the "A Magical Journey 2" cd at Ajana Records. His musical spectrum for producing ranges from Goatrance (more melodic) to psytrance (faster and more psychedelic) and chill out music. He uses many instruments in a track like weaving a tapestry out of different fades. You could call it multi layered music. Check the website for 3 minutes sound samples. Link: http://www.trishula-records.com/trishcd010.htm
  12. I started Psysounds.com last year and I wil shut it down this year I think because there is not enough interest in buying digital music in our scene. People rather buy a cd or download it from p2p networks and thus not paying anything at all. Psysounds.com offers a track for 1,10 euro and an album for 8 euros only and both in mp3 and flac format! So this is at least 40% cheaper than buying a cd online. I was hoping for more labels to join but there is also very little interest among the labels for selling their music digital online. The idea behind Psyounds.com was to offer an independent digital download platform for very reasonable prices. Cut out the distibution and offer the music directly to you. But it will never cover the costs made for the artwork and mastering, not speaking of any money that the artists wants for his/her track. A little example calculation should clear things up: mastering plus artwork: 600 euros, price per track 200 euros, so if we have a 10 track compilation each track costs 260 euros. Now we sell the track for 1 euro, from every transaction we need to pay v.a.t., payment fee plus evt. currency conversion and the server. So my guess is to get even the track needs to be downloaded at least 800 times. Hmm that isn't so much I think, this is peanuts compared to the amount of downloads the same track has in p2p networks. So it is possible to sell the music digital. But hey in real life it is not I will continu to sell Trishula & Ajana music digitally but not on my own server anymore because now I loose a lot of money every month on the dedicated server. You will probably find our music at Musicdock in the future.
  13. Damn good job done with the cover (post #23) Frontier Psychiatrist, that is humour Now the girls will buy this one as well Mouka
  14. Well if this is supposed to be the "new order" it is still pretty lame, why not a man on the cover? Than it would have been really funny, that is humour in my opinion. But now it is still a typical male projection. But good luck with your release! Mouka
  15. The cover looks more like the "Old Order". What is the matter with the people behind covers like this? Can it be more sexism? Very poor I think to come with this. Mouka
  16. Sonic Seasoning, the new compilation from Trishula Records. All tracks compiled by DJ Chrysalid, our French support from day one! Prepare for a psychedelic surprise. Twisted and psychedelic music made with love by the artists and finished with a sauce of wickedness for your pleasure. 01. Attoya - The missed memory 02. Mind Distortion System - Desert Highway 03. Safidafi - Find the key 04. Ocelot - Sunyata 05. Dark Elf - More more more 06. Orestis - Unreal 07. Jellyheadz - Down Under 08. Vicious Alchemy - Alien Syndicate 09. Melorix - Serial Giller 10. Kraft - Remember Yourself Mastering by 4cn-studios Artwork by Laurent Antonini Catalog: trishcd009 Distributed by Arabesque Distribution Release scheduled for 22nd of september 2006. More info & audio samples at http://www.trishula-records.com/trishcd009.htm I will give away 10 cd's if you can tell me totall playing time of Sonic Seasoning. Please mail me your answers to sonic[at]trishula-records.com and before September 10. Mouka
  17. Thanks to everybody here for the comments and support for Mubali & his debut album. He is coming back to Europe later on this year so stay tuned. cheers mouka
  18. Hey Guys, Really looking forward seeing you in Europe. To promotors, book these guys as they are very profesional live performers! BOm BoM! Mouka
  19. Trishula Records returns with the compilation Mechanophobia. Nine unreleased and new tracks from our artists coming from various countries of the planet. The title Mechanophobia refers to the strory of David & Goliath, a metaphore for our fear of technology controlling our lifes. We are happy to see all the artists here together and present their crafts in one blasting compilation. Mechanophobia presents new and known producers with one thing in common: wicked psychedelic acid music. Nine tracks with uncompromising music style, hard hitting drums with fat basslines and acid synths. The BPM is ranging from 144 to 152, all mature dancefloor songs to be played at night. Made with love and passion for you to be taken on a trip. You can expect more surprising music coming form these producers in 2006. Tracklist: 1. Mubali and Xyla - Mechanophobia 2. Mind Distortion System - Japan connection 3. Polyphonia - Ano Kato 4. Baba Jelly - Zoe la folasse 5. Olien - Calamari 6. Metallaxis - Conclusion 7. Vicious Alchemy - End or fin 8. Procs - Big Fat Large Snoring Lamas 9. Psyfactor - Vodka madness Url: http://www.trishula-records.com/trishcd008.htm Releasedate: April 17th 2006, worlwide! Special mention about the title track: Mubali and Xyla wrote the track together, I want to give her special credit here for her work Cat.nr. TRISHCD008 Hope you will enjoy this one Mouka
  20. Trishula Records is happy to present its fourth artist album "Cats @ Play" produced by Mubali aka Greg Farley from California, USA. After one year of intense studio work the album is ready to blaze the dancefloors. Mubali has had many dancefloors hits allready in the past year with releases on various compialtions and in the California scene he is performing frequently live and as a dj. The album presents 9 original and unreleased tracks. The album will represent a journey into aggressive psychedelic music that will range from 142 bpm to 150 bpm. Hard hitting drums and basslines with psychedelic synths and pads. It's definitely nighttime music, but a few tracks might just work nicely around 5 am or so. You will get a bonus for purchasing the cd... Tracklist: 1.Balancing Equations 2.Mubali & Aeon- Symbiosis 3.DMV [Durty, Mubali, & Vidi] - Hotshot [Album rmx] 4.Zalophus Californianus 5.Spacial Distortion 6.Cats @ Play 7.Salacious Ooze 8.Puissant 9.Spherechucker Releasedate: March 20th 2006 Releaseparty: March 18th in Amsterdam Link to website: http://tinyurl.com/7dgt6 Mouka
  21. Psysounds.com presents the artist album "Spirits of the Dead" produced by Psychoz. All tracks written, performed and produced by Zoran Zlatkovski. Mixed and recorded by Zoran Zlatkovski at Psychoz Music, Skopje, Macedonia. Tracklisting: 1. Spirits of the dead 2. Wood ghost (old version) 3. Pandora 4. Orion 5. Kneel 6. Angel Sanctuary 7. Dirty Wash 8. Aurora 9. Spaceship Cover: The album is avaiable in mp3 and flac format. Direct link: Psychoz at Psysounds.com
  22. Thanks Nightmare Trancer for pointing out the wrong link, changed it now. BoM! Mouka
  23. After lots of work a brandnew website is up now. The site is made for fast loading and browsing and has a transparant layout now. Trishula Records We finally have T-shirts online for sale as well, you can get it at Psyounds.com. Psyounds.com clothing At the moment the Mubali album "Cats @ Play" gets mastered and pressing will follow soon. Releasedate will be announced soon but it will be in march. Mubali will come to Europe in february and march and there are still dates free for a gig. Mouka
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