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  1. Duca – Home feat. Umek Remix Original Artist: Duca Remix Artist: Umek Title: Home Cat. no.: TVRD064 Format: Digital Release Date: February 16th 2010 Label: Tribal Vision Records It has been almost eighteen months since Duca, currently one of the most acclaimed electronic music producers from Balkan and a core member of Tribal Vision collective, released his debut album After Dark and went on a worldwide tour to present his unique music style live on stage. As of 2010, Dusan is busy working in his studio in Belgrade and we are very proud to bring you his new single Home. The original version is accompanied by a massive remix by Umek, probably the hottest techno DJ and producer of today and author of a long series of Beatport top 10 hits. Just before the release of his long-expected new album, you have a chance to taste some of the pumping beats he is famous for among techno fans all over the world. Tracklist: 1.) Duca – Home (Original Mix) 2.) Duca – Home (Umek Remix) Support: Mark Knight, Markus Schultz, Dataworx, Jerome Isma-Ae, Eric Entrena, Thomas Penton, Kasey Taylor and more. Link for Download: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/220084/Home Artist Info: http://www.myspace.com/ducamusic http://www.myspace.com/djumek Label info: http://www.tribalvision.cz http://www.myspace.com/tribalvisionrecords http://www.tribalvision.cz/booking
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbCl77HZwE0
  3. yes thats correct, and still does from time to time :posford:
  4. This one is recorded on the summer solstice morning with some beers and a phat one for breakfast, what a wonderful day... Couldn't keep my hands of the effects but i hope you enjoy it just as much as i did while recording it Cheers!!! :drama: :posford: Title - Summer Solstice Date - 2009-06-20 Genre - Progressive Trance Length - ~70 minutes Bitrate – 192 kbps File size - 96 mb Equipment used - Ecler EVO 5 & cdj800 Download here--> http://www.aero-groove.com/sets-Dennis.htm Related linx: http://www.myspace.com/denniszemenace http://www.synergetic-records.net http://www.eclerdjdivision.com http://www.menace.se
  5. thnx for the feedback sure thing, ill post my next set here aswell once ive recorded it :posford: love&light
  6. The set is quite old so i didnt keep any tracklist, but the first track is Plaza del Trippy by Andromeda Hope u will enjoy the rest aswell :posford:
  7. Here's my little 2008 springmix for aero-groove Perfect for the morning cup.. hope you will enjoy it as much as i did while recording it. Title: Aero-Groove Date: March/April 2008 Size: 88,7 MB Lenght: 64:37 Bit Rate: 192kbps Genre: Progressive/Psytrance Equipment: Ecler NUO5 & CDJ800 Tracklist: N/A http://www.aero-groove.com/Aero-groove.com...aero-groove.mp3
  8. * Title: Tilda3000 * Date: 2008-10-14 * Genre: Psy/Progressive * Length: ~1 Hour * Bitrate: 192kbps * Tracklist: N/A * File size: Dont remember * Equipment used: 2xPioneer CDJ800, Ecler EVO5 and some other stufflish Click the link and save file as. http://devilsmindrecords.org/dennis/mixtap...-_Tilda3000.mp3 Comments are more than welcome!!! Hope you will enjoy it!! :drama:
  9. WHICKED HAYO BIRTHDAYPARTY CPC (Osom Music/Parvati Rec, Russia) One of the first time that he play in Europa Presenting for the first time in Europe his second album "Double Bouble" that have been released in november 2006 KINDZADZA (Osom Music/Parvati Rec, Russia) Presenting for the first time in Europe his 3 album "Waves from inner space" that will be released in begin of april 2007 on osom-music from moscow AZAX SYNDROM (3D Vision, Israel) Presenting for the first time in Europe his second album that will be released in begin of february 2007 on 3D Vision SIENIS (Giwa Records, Sweden) Presenting for the first time on this world some tracks from his new album "From A Nutter Perspective" that will be realesed on Giwa Records in february 2007 DENNIS THE MENACE (Labelowner DevilsMind Records, Insomnia Rec, Sweden) PSYTOUR (Labelowner Night Oracle Records, Greece) Chill Pancakes, CD Shops, Chai, Irish Coffie, Oriental Food, World Clotches Deco: Four screens projection created by Alienigena Prods from France Location: Wiedauwkaai 52, 9000 Gent, Belgium check mappy pleazzzzz Big industrial textile factory from 19 century with a capacity of more than 2000 people Entry fee: 15 euro Organizer: FEMINA MANDRAGORA Email: FEMANDRAGORA@HOTMAIL.COM
  10. L.I.S.A. - The Tribunal In the sweet forests of sweden Live: Confirmed Artists: Kluster [Digital Psionics / Stoneage Records / L.I.S.A.] Logic Bomb [spiral Trax / T.I.P.] Tranan Solistice [Records / T.I.P.] Derango [inpsyde Media / Sanaton Records] Hux-Flux [spiral Trax Records] Ibojima [Millenium Records] DJ´s: Confirmed DJs: Dennis the Menace [Devilsmind Records] Twist3don3 [L.I.S.A. / Hypnotica records] Jahbo [Parvati Records] Mussy Moody [Parvati Records] EgoT [Wicked] DJ Jonas [stoneage Records] Artax [Glowing Flame Records] ----------------------------- 17 € 1 day 27 € Full weekend 21 € Presale (full weekend) ----------------------------- Stay tuned!
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