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  1. I figured that I would tell you what I have trired. Ok, first of all.. I'm using an usb to midi cable.. In and Out both correctly plugged into my ES1. I tried setting the midi clock to external, enabling sync to it in Reason, and that didn't work. Also tried, enabling reason to sync to an outside source and setting the midi clock to internal... Neither of these sync the bpm, no will they send start/stop either way.
  2. Does anyone know how to sync this with Reason? I can't for the life of me figure it out, the computer I'm looking to use it with simply isnt' fast enough to use any other sequencer, or I would... Thanks.
  3. The limiter is for those "OH SHIT" moments. When you accidentally ahve shit up to loud. If I hear clipping, I want to just stop making music altogether. So, I prevent the problem. Like I said, I later adjust everything without it. But when I'm making music, I dont' even want to take the chance.
  4. You're question is indeed quite vague... So I'm just going to talk and maybe you'll pick something up.... First of all, I only use reason, I'm currently integrating Sonar into my daily schedule, slowly.... So,... Whenever I write a song, it's normally on accident. What I normally do when I'm in Reason is just play with sounds... I'll build synths. I'll start with some lame Maelstrom present, or a subtracter, or Thor, whatever... and tweak it until it's beyond recognition. And I usually just play around on my keyboard... Trying to find some riffs that I like... If I find one, I record it, and then edit it, because I suck at playing to a metronome... Then, I'll find some good drum samples.. Load them up in ReDrum. And then I'll program a beat into the sequencer in ReDrum, not in reasons main sequencer, and I never play drum parts on my keyboard, I'm just no good at it. So then I have 1 synth and a drum part... ... But let me rewind.... ... First things I always do. Create a mixer. Hook up a Delay, and a Reverb into the mixer. Run the mixer through a limiter, because clipping makes my ears hurt, I eventually end up removing the limiter, but it's there through most of production. I do everything in combinaters, I suggest you do as well, it'll make things a lot easier in the future. Whenever I load up redrum I do a few things there too. Combinator, then a full remixer, then I run each redrum channel into a channel in the mixer. This way I have complete control, over panning, volume, effects, etc. I also hook up a delay and reverb into that mixer, as well. .... Anyways. I'll have a drum pattern and a synth with a riff. Work on making some pads, generally just playing chords that harmonizise with the synth part. (Yes I make up words) Normally a fifth to whatever I'm playing, I like the way it sounds (that's a power chord, by the way)... So then I've got some good background noise, a cool riff, and a drum part. Alright... so then after that Make a bass. There's a few template patterns youc an use for bass. Which is the eighth after the bass drum hit, you can also do straight 16th notes with an accent on the eighth after bass hit, and probably a sideline compressor with the bass drum.... Or, you could not be like everyone else, and make you're own bass pattern For this you can use your keyboard or use the arp, or use the Matrix (my favorite) With the bass, you can do the same thing as the pad and use 5ths, or you can do a riff in the same key as your syth, or you can do octaves, whatever suites your fancy.... .... Just keep playing this on loop.. then tweak stuff... You have your 3 main instruments... bass, pad, and lead plus drums. But! You only have one pattern.... So, There's a couple things you can do. Here's what I did when I first started.. I would take everything, and mute it in the main mixer. And then push record, and play. And then just kind of do an improv live solo, Start out with your pad, then bring in your synth, build it up with delay, and then BAM drums when you bypass the delay... Then play with that, find a way to work in the bass... etc... Whatever you wanna do, just play around with it... Or, you can sequence it all... I don't find this to be as much fun. I feel like you lose emotion when you don't do it live. Another thing you can do is load up a vocal sample or two into a redrum, you can have a lot of fun with those.... play around, add some bongos, strings, whatever... I take an incredibly hands on/expiremental approach to making music, and reason is great for this... Just play around. If there's something you don't understand, don't ask a question! Try to do it yourself, if you can't... download the reason file to a song that has it in it, try to work it out!. If you still can't get it, then ask questions. But you'll learn a lot more if you experiment and learn through looking at other peoples files. Because you don't just get one anwser, you learn about flow, and what works. Plus you can find neat tricks and techniques by looking at other peoples stuff. And when you expirement you slowly develop your own style. And that's what music is all about, expressing yourself. Not mimicking other people..... Anyways, it's quite late as I'm writing this, so it's probably one large incomprehensible ramble... oh well.
  5. Merh.. Ok, now I understand. Because I guess whatever you use measures how long until the next tempo increase by the speed of the song... That's dumb Base it off something constant.] Err wait, do you actually have to use a graph in whatever your using? That's ridiculous.. This is quite confusing... i know that it would be pretty to do in reason if you wanted to just sit through the entire song and add 1 to the tempo every so often.. But... To just draw the automation out,.. you're right, pretty complicated. I'd just do it by hand,... it'd take less time.
  6. If you want to make it increase a constant speed, use a constant. Instead of make it double speed over such a time, and then again... When you do that you are using a formula like x^2 -> x (obviously not an accurate formula, considering it doesn't take time into effect...) With x being original tempo and y but if you use something like.... x+ 1 -> x And have it do that every 5 seconds... You will end up having a linear change with 1 extra bpm per 5 seconds. Personally, I think using the exponential thing would sound better, because it would get really intense, but that's just me. Now, I don't know how you are doing this. But if you're changing the temp by automation, or manually, just slowly bring it up, that's easy enough. If you're using some weird plugin where you have to use a formula, model it after just a linear formula with just an addition sign
  7. Yeah. I'm probably going to go with the ES-1 MK11, just because I like the way it looks better than the other one and the fact that it's really inexpensive, so after this I suppose I'll work on getting a synth, I'll probably buy a 303 kit and make one. like x0xb0x or something. Is there any real difference between the normal ES-1 and the MK11? Or is it all aeshetic.
  8. yeah, I know. I was being sarcastic as well, but sarcasm is very hard to portray over a forum, aye?
  9. hmm, I did not realize it would be so misleading, I apologize for the inconvience
  10. Ok. This is a hardware question.. I currently use reason to make all of my music. Meaning the Redrum is like a God to me. But, I am looking to move towards hardware, doing some alternative metal/punk/trance blendish stuff... Anyways, the firs tthing I am looking for is a drum machine. I really enjoy the way the redrums sequencer is, very 909ish... I think. pretty sure that's what it's modeled after. So, I'm looking for a drum machine that has a sequencer like the 909/redrum, but, like redrum, plays samples instead of oscillating the sounds, so I can add things that aren't traditional drum sounds. So, I might actually be looking for a sampler, I don't know... I'm new to hardware. I really enjoy the 909 from what I've seen, especially the buttons, how it's like typing on a really old keyboard... And how it's built like a tank. as a matter of fact, I would LOVE to get a 909, but, I've only seen them for upwards of 1grand, and I am looking for something a little cheaper. So, I'm basically just looking for some points in the right direction as to what I am looking for and how I can find it. Something under 800 dollars would be good, but I am willing to accept that that might not be possible for what I'm looking for.,... Oh also, does anyone know what machine atari teenage riot used?
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