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  1. Check the new "unique sounds" demo in the audio player on the audioxygen website. Definitely some special sounds in there.. CC
  2. Audioxygen updated Gemini to version 2.0. See new interface below. What's good of us is that it now has a dedicated Psy trance soundbank (see preset list in Gemini section of their website) Also it now has 130 Spectral/vocal waveforms sampled from Access Virus hardware synth Also check the psy trance demo song in the MP3 player. More info on their website
  3. Now they also made official post on KVR-Audio and increased presets to 180 KVR Post
  4. Check this one out: Gemini VSTi Synthesizer Price Euro 19,- Found it recently and I find it very good for analogue sounding psy baselines etc. Check the audio demo's: "Gemini megamix" and the "Goa-psy" Specs from website: * Huge, fat analogue sound with unique, massive detuning algorithm. * Radical Resonance and Distortion behavior down to the lowest sub frequencies. * 2 Unique inter-acting step sequencers for out-of-this-world sequences. * Super-easy to operate. Every knob turn really changes the sound, like Macro controls. Website: www.audioxygen.com Screenshot: CC
  5. Now they also added 2 small but nice sample packs (pack 2 has most goa/psy sounds) CC
  6. I have these exact same speakers (m520) and I am very happy with them. One of the advantages is they very accurately reproduce the high end. CCpurno
  7. Came across a new VSTi Synthesizer which seems pretty good for psy trance. Seems to have some nice sounds. Information on: http://www.audioxygen.com What do you guys think? grtz, CCpurno
  8. Thank you guys, this motivates me to continue with the goa stuff. (next to the fact that I like to make it ) I also do some trance, rave, dnb and oldschool producing. The sample in space angel comes from the series: "space above and beyond" by the way. Gox will be outro on the cosmic flower compilation. CCpurno
  9. Hi all, below are the links to my 2 first goa/psy trance style tracks. I wonder which one you like the best and why (if you like one at all ) Progix Space Angel Gox CCpurno --------------------------------------- Z3ta+ VirusMod V2
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