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  1. Nice one, antic! The concept line is really subtle (as said in the webpage), but very well thought. By the way, I don't think I'm mistaking when I say that he sampled The Sixth Sense: "Walking around like regular people" in the Contact track?
  2. Hello all. I first got aware of this kind of album when I saw the Talamasca - Zodiac CD. All the track names were zodiac names. Although the music didn't follow any special concept (except being full-on/typical Talamasca style), it did add something (bad or good, it's you to decide) to the album. So I wondered what other concept albums are out there. The ones I know are: Talamasca - Zodiac (only track names IMO) The Mystery Of The Yeti 1 (track names AND music) The Mystery/Secret Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls (hum... hard to say about the music, it has a sort of concept, but the most noticeable are the track names) Twelve (music and track names) Pleiadians - IFO (only track names) The problem is also to distinguish "concept" music and the genre. I mean Jaia - Blue Energy could have been a concept album, but the track names have no link between each other, and the music is indeed a journey and it gets really close to "concept", but IMO it's not exactly that. On the contrary, I think that Twelve has concept music, since the whole album is beatless ambient. But then, I can't say that any beatless album would be a "concept" album. What do you think about it?
  3. The CD that brought me into Goa... I have almost nothing but good things to say about this album. 1. LSD is so uplifting, complex, mind expanding and other superlatives I don't have in mind right now. One of the best tracks I know. Builds slowly but surely to a final explosion of fireworks and cosmic ascent. I also really like the bassline, smooth (the way I feel it) and that is leaving enough space for the melodies. Hallucinogen strikes right from the beginning with a hit track to set our mind for the rest of the journey - "He's loosing his mind, and feel just going" describes it perfectly. Breathtaking. Funny but it took me like 10 listens to appreciate this track, unlike the others... 2. Orphic Thrench: I like the way things change from cosmic melodies to a bit "darker" and deeper atmosphere. It has some groove that makes you shake your head. A rougher sound with higher melodies in the background. In my opinion it's a good track to dance on. 3. Alpha Centauri, the trip to the stars... This is what pops into my mind when I hear this track. At the beginning he continues with the groove of Orphic Thrench but soon after the melody is introduced and the cosmic feeling is taking the lead. It's one of the best examples of what I would call "spiral melodies" (I can't describe it properly). The melodies keep coming and going, until the end when it's combined with voices that shift to electronic sound and it's pure bliss... 4. Dark Magus takes us again to darker fields. But just the right amount of darkness after the enlightment of Alpha Centauri. At the beginning the melody itself delivers some groove, and I kinda like it. I don't even think it's complete darkness. It's like dark and light are combined. Great atmosphere track, but the melody is not the top... In my opinion it's a good intro track for Shamanix, so I feel like it's a bit a transition track. 5. Shamanix is not like anything I've heard before. A very weird track, with great rythm, and in the beginning great melodies. It seems that the melodies are made from screamings, it's really unusual. I just don't really like the way the track evolves from 7:00 - 7:30, too bad... 6. Snarling Black Mabel slows things a bit at the beginning, but only to build the atmosphere and the melody for the middle of the track. Very entrancing track, another deeper one. 7. Fluoro Neuro Sponge is the adrenaline burst!!! Starts right away with madness rhythm and brainstorming sounds, you can't stand impervious to it, you're accelerated to light-speed in just 30 seconds. It's the perfect atmosphere for dancing. The track builds itself exactly the way you want it to be. I'm in love with the 2:41 transition, and the way it builds just after... OMG!!! I'm breathless, makes my heart beat too fast. Then a melody that I don't like THAT much comes in, but it's ok. But at 5:06 it's great again, too bad it's the beginning of the end... 8. Solstice is the most emotional track after LSD (in my opinion). A felted, smooth atmosphere (especially the bassline), just the perfect thing to end an album. Constantly switching between emotional melody to danceable one. There is also this voice, so emotional, so relaxing... A PERFECT ending! My highlights are: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8. The tracks that I enjoy listening by themselves are: 1, 7, 8. This album is a journey to your inner (the darker tracks) cosmic (the cosmic ones) feelings. It has transitions between the tracks (except for Dark Magus - Shamanix) and it adds a lot for the "journey" atmosphere (have you noticed how much have I used this word? I have to find a synonym). Sounds, melodies, rhythm, everything is set for a trip that is one of a kind, you just have to get the CD, find yourself 70 minutes of calm and press the "play" button. You won't regret it (at least I hope). First review completed!
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