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  1. I LOVE that they returned to what we LOVE (their first 3 albums) and updated some of their best songs with contemporary remixes, beautiful sound/melody work, and no singing that distracts and robs the music of its fun, visionary, and imaginative feel, essence and divinity. This is one of the biggest, most positive album surprises from IM since.. I don't know. It's been decades. When you do something that turns people off so many times, people lose interest and can overlook or arrive late to something special. In this case, a re-invigoration of old-stool translated to new-skool Goa-Trance greatness! This REMIX ALBUM has numerous songs and moments of pure magic and beauty, fire, heart, and spirit = GOA TRANCE 😍❤️ As always, some remixes stand out more than others. I'm not placing this above their first three albums and everyone has an opinion. That said... Praying this is a sign for something wonderful to come, such as a brand new PURE Goa album with all new musical masterpieces in follow up to their first three albums. REBORN is a huge step in a positive direction either way.
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