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V/A - Destination Goa 1

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#1 Guest_Diepeveen_*

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Posted 13 December 2000 - 12:00 PM

V/A - Destination Goa 1

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Artist: Various
Title: Destination Goa 1
Label: Goldhead
Date: 1996

Track listing:

01. 09'45" Technossomy : Pyramid
02. 07'21" Gada-Gong : La Guera
03. 08'23" Transwave : Rezwalker
04. 08'46" Chakra And Edi Mis : Final Mission
05. 08'10" Tufaan : Probe
06. 08'17" Etnica : Tribute
07. 07'11" Shayba : Ganesh
08. 10'49" Rainbow Spirit And DJ Sangeet : Sirius Shuttle
09. 06'52" I Savastano : Trance Express


This compilation is okay... Nothing more, nothing less! And i think that this
is the only Destination Goa cd, where Robert Jarnroth haven't put some of his
Phoenix or Kayseri tracks on! The cd starts nice with the Technossomy track,
wich is fast and... nice!! The second track, La Guerra, is okay. It sounds
like the producers of this number did'nt have much money:) But i like it all
the same. The Transwave track starts out quite boring, but in the end it
becomes interesting! And now.... The worst track i have ever heard: CHAKRA &
EDI MIS - FINAL MISSION. How could Rami and Edi produce this ****?!?!?!?! But
your day is saved by the Tufan track, wich is nice hard pumping. The
soundquality is awfull though. Etnica is, as ussual, very very good! But the
Sheyba track is not good! - Boooring!!!!! The Rainbow Spirit track is okay,
but Boris Blenn has made much better stuff! The cd ends with I Savastano -
Trance Express... There is nothing interesting to say about this track,
because it's damn boring. Savastano has made better tracks than this!! There
are many Destination Goa compil's that are better than this, but hell... It
had to start somehow! So overall, like i said before, an okay compilation...

#2 Guest_Baboon_*

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Posted 13 December 2000 - 12:00 PM

What can I say !? Probably one of the best of the "old" compilations. This is
the first compilation in the now great Destination Goa collection. This One is
contains many classical tracks wich still are good floorfillers :)
Track 1 is Pyramid from Technossomy, a real classic track and very good. Track
2 is an track from Gada-Gong... its for sure a good track, nice vibes and
that old goa style. Track 3 is probably one of the best tracks of all
time...Rezwalker from Transwave is a real thunder hit, very dark and a hard
bounching beat, best one on this compilation! Track 4 is from Chakra And Edi
Mis, also two classical producers... maybe not the best track from these two
guys, but a real goodie. Track 5, Probe made by Tufan is also one of these
classics, this track is really good... hard and evil =) Track 6 from Etnica is
actually one of the better Ive heard from them... I like this track,
classical goa style with very good melodies. Track 7 is also one of my old
favourits, Ganesh from Sheyba, I really loved this track when I first heard
it, good beat and nice sounds, I still like it :) Track 8 is also VERY good...
especially the introducing melodic vibes... they really float in my ears :)
Track 9 !
is a typical track from I Savastano, very good though... I like this track, it
contains very great sounds.
So... at last I think Ill give this compilation very, very high grade...
because its a sort of an "oldie" compilation and one of the greatest of these
kinds and contains 9, today classic, still good tracks... Ill give it 10/10!
I love this compilation... and if you dont already have it, get it!! again a
real classic in your psy. goa-trance collection.

#3 Guest_Kuldipsidhu_*

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Posted 13 December 2000 - 12:00 PM

good complation diepeveen@mail is talking bullshit stupid
10/10 for good cd

#4 Guest_-_*

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Posted 29 December 2001 - 12:00 PM

Pyramid with technossomy is my favourite track.
Listen and think for yourself.
The answer of everything is hidden in there.

#5 Guest_[Anonymous]_*

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Posted 02 March 2002 - 12:00 PM

Etnica with "Tribute" is absolutley awesome...

#6 Guest_skinna[at]lycos.co[dot]uk_*

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Posted 24 May 2002 - 11:00 AM

Trying to find out more about the acid sound of Gada-Gong - DGT 4's track is
bloody awesome - anyone got any info about them?..

#7 Guest_Quetzalgoatl_*

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Posted 29 May 2002 - 11:00 AM

I've only heard tracks 1,5,7 & 8. Track 1 & 5 are nothing special, track 7 is
nice (I grew up with this track so maybe I'm not that objective) and track 8
is monotonous, very bad and boring...

#8 Guest_Quetzalgoatl_*

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Posted 29 May 2002 - 11:00 AM

Well if 'Probe' is the same as the GNotR remix it's actually very good, if not
I don't know.

#9 Ormion



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Posted 19 October 2006 - 12:21 AM

Nice cd.
Transwave, Chakra & Edi Mis, Etnica and Tufaan rule!

#10 GoaSpell



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Posted 26 March 2010 - 01:08 PM

The worst track i have ever heard: CHAKRA &
EDI MIS - FINAL MISSION. How could Rami and Edi produce this ****?!?!?!?!

No way, that track is awesome = P

This cd is amazing, this is Goa Trance people. Nothing more, nothing less. It's good Goa Trance at that. :)

Sheyba - Ganesh

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