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Ziptnf - Quantum Entropy [psydnb/neurofunk]


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Life is unpredictable, from the lowest atomic level to the highest universal orders. I combed through the backlogs of my favorite DNB artists and put together a new mix of mind-twisting psychedelic drum n' bass. We start with the liquid-based Ektoplazm trio of Mellow Sonic, Xenofish, and Cybernetika, before moving into the grimier and darker neurofunk artists like Axi and Black Sun Empire. Enjoy the full spectrum and enter the realm of uncertainty.

Mellow Sonic - Monsoon Flowers [self-release]
Neurosadist - Safeguard (Xenofish Remix) [Ektoplazm]
Mellow Sonic - Noctilucent [self-release]
Mellow Sonic - Dreamcatcher (Xenofish Remix) [Ektoplazm]
Mellow Sonic - Annihilation [self-release]
Cybernetika - Close Your Eyes [Ektoplazm]
Mellow Sonic - Hyperion [self-release]
Mellow Sonic - Portal [self-release]
Drop Frame - The Lantern
Myselor - Alive (Insom Remix) [Mindtech LTD]
Axi - Spiderweb [Mindtech]
Metrik - Ex Machina [Hospital]
Throw3r - Pulse (A2B2 Remix) [Sub Element]
Myselor - Eternal Energy [C4C]
Pythius & Black Sun Empire - Kepler [Blackout]
Mob Tactics - Mescaline Dream [Eatbrain]
Black Sun Empire - Bitemark (Zardonic Remix) [Blackout]
Rameses B - Hardwired [NCS]


left-click to download:
Ziptnf - Quantum Entropy (1:26:09) 190MB ~320kbps

art credit to youvebeen0wned

Enjoy :)

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