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Tor.Ma In Dub 4xCD Digipack Limited Edition


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Tor.Ma in Dub emerged from the psytrance movement around 2006, you can notice it in his sonic style: a kaleidoscopic montage of dub filtered through the psychedelic realms. This creates a new, dark, trippy, hypnotic, bass-driven and twisted interpretation of steppers dub. With 8 full albums under his arm and an array of EPs, collaborations and remixes, he had played on some of the most important gatherings of psychedelic music like Boom, Hadra, Mo:Dem, Ometeotl, Cosmic Convergence, Tribal Gathering among others.

All tracks have been selected and compiled by Rafael himself. The 4 discs represent 4 chapters of his musical life. 
The Beginning: The style was a fusion of psychedelic chill out with dub, learning to express feelings with this new musical language, since I produced goa/trance before.

The Seeker era: Playing with several reggae/dub styles trying to find my own way, great tunes were born here and the name started to make some noise around.  

The Grow era: More energetic music with many sections in each track. Developed the Tor.Ma in Dub stamp, recogniseable on every tune. The psychedelic stepper dub style started to get in shape.  

The Focus era: Straight Stepper PsyDub led to the dancefloor focused more on the Sound System Culture. Darker and heavier basses appear, hypnotic percussion and psychedelic elements flying everywhere.

Only 100, hand-numbered copies printed. 



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