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Veasna: Providence (OUT NOW!)

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OUT NOW! (Limited cd Digipack + Digital)


Get ready to embark on a psychedelic journey with Veasna's latest album, "Providence," set to drop early next month. Drawing inspiration from the oldschool Goatrance era, this release infuses a modern twist into the genre. Brace yourself for mind-bending tracks featuring powerful acid vibes, intricate melodies, and mind-blowing FX.

We're thrilled to present this unique blend of nostalgia and innovation, and can't wait for you to experience the magic of "Providence."


1: Seed
2: Void
3: Marbles
4: Glade
5: Loom
6: Miraculix: Search & destroy (Remix)
7: Shriek
8: Morphic Resonance: Bad Dreamer (Remix)
9: Karma


Artwork by: Pieter Pan 

Mastering by: Cassio Centurion 

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What the heck. Sounds identical to something from 2014-2016... Where's the progress. Same old 303s and filtered saw waves, zzzzzzzz

Also it hurts my ears, very sharp and unclear, mastering just seems off. All around pretty shitty. 

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  • GoaMadnessRec changed the title to Veasna: Providence (OUT NOW!)

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