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Imago and related projects


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I didn't think there was anything old school out there to be discovered, but there was. I recently stumbled over The Spirit Dance album by Imago, and I quite like it. Not all tracks are winners, but The Black God, Azure Heaven, Angels of Peace, Wild E and Galactic Answer are certainly worthy of your attention. The album is available on Spotify.

Turns out they are Swedish, which makes me even more surprised, how did they not get more attention? Can't recall I've ever heard about them. Maybe the album was considered to be too much "goa"? Back in 1997, when the album was released, most labels and listeners (me included) were more interested in the more psychedelic and less melodic sounds from TIP and Flying Rhino. Looking back, it's certainly an underrated album.

Imago were three guys: Jesper Ahlström, Per Stålbrand and Johan Löfstedt.

I dug up some of their other projects of interest.

Jesper and Per released a four track EP on Why Not Records in 1996, as Choreus. Why Not was the label responsible for the Destination Goa series. I've found two of the tracks on YouTube:



I believe the track Creative alternative by Exotic is well known by most old school lovers. It's made by Jesper and Leo Bergman aka Spindrift:

Jesper and Per collaborated with Swedish house and techno pioneer Jesper Dahlbäck as Axxess Granted and released a track called The Guide, released on the Nordic Rave compilation.


Any way, I think these guys deserve more attention.


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