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S.U.N. Project "Crazy Stories" ep


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S.U.N. Project "Crazy Stories" 12" ep vinyl 

Suntrip Records 2022 


Crazy Stories (1996 Mix) 8:41

Space Dwarfs (1997 Mix) 8:49

Casio-Paya (1998 Mix) 8:14

Out Of My Brain (Acid Remix) 6:39


"Crazy Stories" was the first ep from German outfit S.U.N. Project, coming out on Spirit Zone in 1996. This first ep also featured the tracks "The Suburbs" and "Pink Bubbles", alongside the eponymous title track. In those days, up to and including their first album "Drosophila" which also came out on Spirit Zone the year later - 1997, S.U.N. Project were a Goa outfit. After this, they tended more towards psytrance and became well known for the relatively unusual use of guitars, often with a heavy metal flavour. "Crazy Stories" and "Drosophila" are both Goa classics and highly collectable. The problem with the "Crazy Stories" ep is that it was not very well recorded and/or mastered - heavy, booming bass and a lack of focus and clarity characterise the sound on this 12". 

In 2022 Suntrip Records re-release "Crazy Stories" on vinyl, remastered by the ubiquitous Tim Schuldt with different early S.U.N. Project tracks. According to Suntrip: "in 2021 Matthias discovered never before released versions of many of his tracks on old DAT tapes. This resulted in a digital only release on Classic Goa Trax. Because many people kept asking for a physical release of the best ones, we made this very old school looking and sounding vinyl! We took the 3 best ones and added 1 never before published track on top: the acid 303 version of Out of My Brain! Enjoy". Let us see how this ep performs. 


"Crazy Stories"

An all out stone-cold classic in my opinion. From the epic washes of synth at the opening to the churning deep bassline and propulsive bass 303 to the ripping leads, this is hypnotic stuff. More importantly, this track really understands storytelling - a winding journey in set stanzas that builds to a storming climax. The sounds are quite simple, but they are sewn into a series of plateaus that really understand restraint and how that can lead to drama. A very, very well orchestrated track. Happily I can report that the remastering is great - the deep bass is retained but it is more defined and less of a mush than before. For me this is the best track on the ep and certainly one of the best tracks that S.U.N. Project did. A+


Space Dwarfs

A more straightforward acidic track, which is nevertheless quite gonzo. It has a big and simple lead melody that goes into full acid frenzy after the 7 minute mark with shredding 303 that sounds remarkably guitarish. I didn't love this track at first listening but it has really grown on me and now I rate it. A-



This starts off with a stumping techno vibe that reminds me of X-Dream, even using some classic scratching X-Dream type sounds. Very nice tribal percussion comes to the fore after the 3.50 point and then we go into the heavy, ripping, shredding guitar-like leads that characterise this outfit. Good track. B


Out Of My Brain

Another acid stormer of a track, this time with guitars as well as 303. Intense! It could drive a dancefloor to frenzy, especially with the wailing guitar solo after 5 minutes. A love of metal is obvious in this track. Guitars don't always work in trance, but they do in this track, which is excellent all round. A


S.U.N. Project were never going to win points with subtlety and intricacy. Rather like Green Nuns of the Revolution this is full on, in your face, intense Goa trance, with the emphasis upon INTENSE! For me this is a must-have ep because of its rarity, containing remixes not found elsewhere. Most importantly, the best track "Crazy Stories" appears here with better sound than the original. Indeed, the sound throughout is super and does not betray its age. 

"Drosophila" never came out on vinyl. Unsubtle hint to Suntrip records: please release it on vinyl!  ~*~




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