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Ziptnf - Taijitu IV [light/dark progressive psytrance] **DOUBLE MIX**


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I've been wanting to reboot this concept for a while. Hey, Hollywood is running all their IP's into the ground, why can't I? I've had several of these tracks sitting around for years, waiting to be used. Wanted a bit of a different style than Taijitu 1-3 (you can find them in my Set Archive, from 2009 and 2010 šŸµ so I slowed it down and did things a bit more progressive. As per usual, Yang is brighter and has more positive energy whereas Yin is darker, grittier, and broodier.

High & Mighty - Jelly Head [Iboga]
Oood - Snow Drifting [Iboga]
Flow Box - Colors of the Rainbow [Sinsonic]
Ooood - Devana Chasma [Pink Revolver]
Nerso - Vento [EDM Nerds]
Meller - Existence [Nuuktal]
High & Mighty - Open Air [Blue Tunes]
Astral Sense - Senses [EDM]
Antix - Little Honey [Iboga]
Osher & Omer - Back Space [Blue Tunes]
Liquid Soul - Global Illumination

One Million Toys - Steady (Nozem Remix) [Techgnosis]
Decode Blue - Naked Reality [Music4Group]
Psychoz - Trust No One [Electric Power Pole]
Inverted World (BR) - PeĢ‚ssegodelia [Dense Nebula]
Mngrm - Howl [AlpaKa MuziK]
Pspiralife - Darkness Feels Good (Nocturnal Remix) [Zenon]
ZRAK & Nexus 6 - Surviva [Horns and Hoofs]
Saga - Brain Washer [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Redshift - Assembly Required [Techgnosis]
Deep South - Vision Crystal [Neurotrance]
Chronical Effect - Ancient Dark Entities [Psy4Aliens]

Left click to download:
Ziptnf - Yang IV (1:00:47) 134MB ~320kbps
Ziptnf - Yin IV (1:09:51) 156MB ~320kbps

Art credit: guidoniart


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