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Various – Classic Goa Trax


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Various – Classic Goa Trax

Suntrip Records – SUNCD74


Previously Unreleased 90's Goa Trance CD1

1-01 Color Box–Conky Knoll 8:24

1-02 Bypass Unit–Grumpy Ra 5:56

1-03 Nada–Travel In Space 8:09

1-04 Mystica–Thai Express 7:21

1-05 Virtuart–Nacht Und BoulesQuies 8:07

1-06 The Infonaut–Attractors 7:17

1-07 GAD–Out Of Square 9:47

1-08 Syrinx–The Relief 7:39

Bonus Track:

1-09 SUN Project*–Space Dwarfs (1997 Mix) 8:48


Previously Unreleased 90's Goa Trance CD2

2-01 Syrinx–Mindless Fun 7:52

2-02 Twisted Travellers–The Tesla Chant 7:47

2-03 Xploring Inner Space*–In-Flux 7:49

2-04 Andromeda (51)–Lifeform 7:21

2-05 SUN Project*–The Awakening (1996 Mix) 7:41

2-06 Goefly–Mindworms 5:59

2-07 Osmos–Planisphere 7:46

2-08 Atomas 303*–Cartesian Space (Sagittarius Remix) 6:30

2-09 Underhead–Nameless Booster 9:40

2-10 Dreamweaver–Cosmic Resonance (Tribute To Astral Projection) 5:58


All right trainspotters, here is one to test you: how many of these tracks do you know? 

Are you feeling like Amelie, finding buried treasure:


"Only the discoverer of Tutankhamen's tomb would know how she felt upon discovering this treasure" (Jean-Pierre Jeunet Amelie)


All credit to Suntrip for putting out this compilation of unreleased lesser known Goa tracks; a pleasant antidote to the greatest hits that have cropped up already on many compilations. A worthy exercise! 

For me the great tracks are Color Box, Mystica, Sun Project, Twisted Travellers, XIS, Underhead, Atomas 303. These tracks are all genuine discoveries and worthy additions to the canon of Goa trance. 

What a genuine delight and surprise to receive golden age music some 20 years later, with not a single familiar track. This is like finding the love poetry of obscure teens decades later: a unique historical window into the power of the trance dance ritual. ~*~ 


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Nice review and compilation artwork. I likey. 🤩

Just like Howard Carter stumbled upon some old school ancient Egyptian treasures, it seems Classic Goa Trax did find some real gems in the Goa archaelogical records of time as well.

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