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Goa Trance and Psytrance Music production lessons online

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Hi there !

Long time I haven't be on this forum but want to announce, if someone is looking for a tutor or just someone who will help in music production ,specialy in Ableton live , I'm doing online music produciton classes via Zoom. If you don't know me, I'm better known as JaraLuca and have 10 years of experience in music production and for about a year I'm teaching people music production online, mostly Goa Trance and Psytrance. I also run dark psy project as Alien Translator and psy tech project as Luke Colborn.

Most classes last 2 hours and they are based on your needs. 
After every class you getting video recorded from our session, Ableton projects, samples and etc.

I will leave my soundcloud here is you will know my music too.
Anyone who is intrerested about classes you can always text me an email - jaralucamusic@gmail.com
or you can check out my classes here : 

If anyone is interested don't hestitate to text me an e-mail . Don't write to me here, please :)

My soundcloud :

My facebook :




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On 3/1/2023 at 12:21 PM, Parasphere said:

A friend of mine did one of your classes and was very happy with the newly gained insights. Seems like a good value deal, a bit more personal than just watching masterclasses/tutorials for sure.


Thank you ! Indeed.
On private sessions I can see students problems and help them to improve it even if they don't seeing them. Another benefit is that people have to watch many different youtube videos to find exact thing they want to learn and here they go it straight with me :)

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