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Moon Beasts – Unexpected Turn Of Events


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Moon Beasts – Unexpected Turn Of Events


Alexandre Cohen & Jerome Lesterps


Real Externality

La Petite Porte

Escaping The Plague

Walking A Tightrope Towards The Unknown


A silvery ray of darker Goa from Moon Beasts (I'm not too convinced by this name), which features Jerome Lesterps of Proxeeus.  The mastering and pressing are solid on this white vinyl issue and the sound is generally excellent (unsurprising since the mastering is from Tim Schuldt). I'm tempted to pronounce some pretentious nonsense about this ep being appropriate to our darker times, but I will avoid that (largely).

Real Externality

There's Goa psychedelia on offer in the storming track "Real Externality", which has enough sawtooth and 303 madness to get any dancefloor moving to its screeching hectic intensity. Good track. Make that a very good track. I appreciated the vocal sample from Lovecraft, which really set the mood.  


La Petite Porte 

"La Petite Porte" has a stomping techno beat and some spooky synth lines; there's a bit of haunted forest flavour in this track, which again features some 303 madness towards the end. A darker track, though it is a bit spoilt by the knees-up faster beat at the very end - it seems that the musicians did not know how to progress or end this track. Basically, I thought it a good track that should carry on for another few minutes and found it ended prematurely.


Escaping The Plague 

The darker vibes continue on "Escaping the Plague", which may be a reference to coronavirus? This track features wailing siren synth work which works well, but again I feel that this track could have been developed further and gone on for longer. Nevertheless, I enjoy the crossover with darkpsy and darkwave/ebm in this track, which does succeed in conjuring an apocalyptic ambience and feeling.


Walking A Tightrope Towards The Unknown

The last track "Walking a Tightrope Towards the Unknown" is downtempo and has a head-nodding beat that is infectious. There's a "Bladerunner" style moody Moog ripping sound that gives a dystopian quality to this track, but yet again it seems still-born and ends too quickly. Super track nevertheless, probably my favourite on the ep. 

My take away: one dancefloor stormer and three good tracks that seem unfinished to me. What this suggests is that I was really enjoying the tracks and didn't want them to end! A promising ep and it would be great to see more by these guys, especially if pressed to vinyl, not to mention Proxeeus on vinyl - I would love to see Proxeeus on vinyl! ~*~

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