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IDing places in Goa


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Just for a little fun, I have been to Goa many times fortunately but I still have trouble identifying some of the party places, many images were probably late 80's early 90's.. one example is the image on this video, we can clearly see it is unmistakeably Goa.. that rocky outcrop going into the sea (I had a quick look on google earth to try and identify them but could not be certain) I do wonder where exactly that nice palm tree clearing might be. I am sure some respected old timer will know these places and shed some light on where these places are. I imagine the landscape changes season on season and many such places may even have been built on with hotels etc. My best guess would be somewhere south of what I know to be that big super popular restaurant on the beach of Anjuna but I could be wrong.


A couple of images attached from 2001 and 2022 - may have been that spot ?



Anjuna rocks recent.jpg

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