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Centavra Project - Antigravity (Global Sect, 2022)

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Centavra Project - Antigravity (Global Sect, 2022)

Pre-order digital and CDs: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/centavra-project-antigravity


Imagine that you are an astronaut contemplating in open space a starry abyss shining with cold light. The greatness and infinity of Being fascinate and amaze the imagination. Your suit is high-tech and reliable, but huge, boundless space on all sides, allows you to feel like just a small grain of sand in an incomprehensible Universe...

The debut album of the Centavra Project (Dmitry Gutsu) will send the listener into an unforgettable sci-fi journey through the vast expanses of the universe. Just close your eyes, press the PLAY button and let the music take you away from everyday realities and to direct consciousness to unknown worlds and spaces.


1. Antigravity
2. Strange Object Part 2
3. Dark Abyss
4. Alien Presence
5. Pulsar
6. Back in Space
7. Long Way
8. Starry Sky of Sakhalin
9. Interstellar

Label: Global Sect
Cover Art: Ahankara Art
Mastering and Mixing: One Day Mastering Studio
Release date: 15 June 

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Cosmonauts, the release of the debut album Centavra Project is postponed to July 1st.

 The delay is due to the fact that we and the musician need quite a bit more time to polish the final 2 tracks.

 We are very inspired and want to share with you as soon as possible one of the best releases in the history of the label.

 Keep calm and trust in Global Sect :)

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