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Ziptnf - Neon Cube [thicc tech trance/prog psy]


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I was originally planning a 2-part mix of a different flavor than this, but while putting that together I started getting distracted by some of these thicc proggy beats I was coming across. I decided to split from the mix I was working on and make this one. Keeping it nice and smooth at 128 BPM but laying down some big, fat, driving basslines that will keep you moving. I'd like to imagine myself raving in that cool neon cube to this music.


Arhetip - Hidden Zero [TechSafari]

Liquid Soul - Devotion (Aladiah Remix) [JOOF]

Ben Rama - Xander (Nozem Remix) [Techgnosis]

Liquids MDMA - Zdarlight [Drop7]

Relaunch - Allure [Bonzai]

Suntree - Straight Forward (Live Edit 2014) [Blue Tunes]

Etherica - Senses [Sting]

Hoffman & Cyrus - Dangerous Situations [Iboga]

Perfect Stranger & Human Element - Himmelrich [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

Klum Baumgartner & Elekplunkinkantk - The Guy In The Shadows [Housexploitation]

ElectrowaveZ - Ayahuasca (Eltimass Remix) [iM Electronic]

DragonFly & Styline - Usual Suspects [Maskade]

Liquid Soul - Clean Mind (Sideform Remix) [Iboga]

Vice & Aqualize - Dust and Colors (Lyktum Remix) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

Soundcloud link

Left click to download: Ziptnf - Neon Cube (1:22:55) 182MB ~320kbps

Artwork by lacza


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