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Ziptnf - Recommended Wormhole [progressive breaks/psybreaks]


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I am sensing a shift in tastes, where styles that were once popular are now fading away. My well is running dry for some of the niche subgenres like psydnb and psybreaks, where the artists who made them are now no longer producing, or making generic music. Where there was a larger pool of this sound has now shrunken to a small puddle mostly filled with remixes of stuff people have already heard. Most of these tracks are anywhere from 7-10 years old, and I have had to exhaust most of these guys' catalogs. Let's hope when I return for another go in a few more years that we have somewhat of a resurgence. 

In the meantime, why not go check out what's on the other side of this wormhole?

Plu-Ton, Elev8, Anton MAKe - Northern Light [Mistique]
Kamakura ENV - Dankazura (Retroid Remix) [Progressive Grooves]
Monojoke - Gentle Hit [Magnetism Digital]
Audio Noir - Nachalo (Monojoke Remix) [Electronic Tree]
Lost Stations - The First [Morphosis]
Acidova & Amritone - Sorcery [Calligraphy]
Yanix - Derecho [Ridiculoud]
Acidova - Elements [Morphosis]
Llupa & Andy Faze - Empty Your Minds [In Bloom]
Ola Koplowitz, Kelle - Collapse (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot]
Timewave - Strange Worlds (Monojoke Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
Andy Faze - Teleportation (Nick Sentience Remix) [VIM]
Parallax Breakz - Scream (Project Synthetic Remix) [Rune]
Parallax Breakz & M_Spark - Dying Star [Calligraphy]
Abdomen Burst - Funky Police [Rune]
Fletric - Into Sunrise (Too Dusty Remix) [VIM]
Madmind - Reptilian (Blazer Remix) [Neom]
Hedflux - White Nights [Luminus]
LuQas - Altered States [Dead Famous]
Max Hertzz - Daydreaming (Kwah Remix) [VIM]
Throw3r - Stay Awake (Chris Voro Remix) [Sub Element]
Akash - Aliens vs Machine (MartOpetEr Remix) [VIM]
Snook - Reality Junction (Too Dusty Remix) [Perfecto]
48K - Twister (Custom Breakz Remix) [Divergence]
Chris Voro & Magnus - A Story Written Before Time Travel [VIM]

art by https://www.deviantart.com/earn-with-me


left click to download:
Ziptnf - Recommended Wormhole (2:15:28) 296MB ~320kbps

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