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GhostOnAcid@GOA NIGHT by Axe - Radio Underground Six 20.11.2020


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A new set for a long time. :-)

My recording from the radio show "GOA NIGHT by Axe" on Radio Underground Six on November 20th, 2020. Have fun!


1. Oforia - Emotionally Charged Memories //Suntrip
2. Hallucinogen - LSD //Dragonfly
3. Cosmic Baby - Cosmic Force //MFS
4. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Cor //Flying Rhino
5. Slinky Wizard - Supernatural //Flying Rhino
6. MFG - Pure Energy //Suntrip
7. Genshi - Psycho Genetic Time //DAT
8. Shiva Chandra - Caraman //Spirit Zone
8. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference //Space Dock
9. Triquetra - Forget About The Earth //Suntrip
10. Subcouds - Space Angel //Psychic Deli
11. Filteria - Mind Expansion //Suntrip


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