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Ziptnf - Evil Gods [dark techno/psytekk]


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I wanted to do something lower tempo but as I searched, the darker this mix became. This shit gets really twisted after a little while, which turns out to be pretty apt for this year as a whole. I actually expected the thing in the cover art to have gotten us by now but there are still 2 months left.


ben rama - implicate (dr. strangefunk remix) [techngnosis]
ewake - ancient roots [techngnosis]
luis m - cold stars in space [digital diamonds]
x-dream - do you believe (k.u.r.o. remix) [gravity plus]
oood - hoku [iboga]
mrblenk - i'm groot [speedsound]
sourone - domesticated delusions (tystix remix) [our minds]
deepnotic - plash [zenon]
jibba jabba - motherfucker [jaira]
sinhafazatron - crysys [dimensional]
polyplex - stop [hi-trip]
mngrm - unbreakable [digital diamonds]
pick - maximum orchestra [glitchy tonic]

artwork by patvit

left click to download

Ziptnf - Evil Gods (1:12:29) 159MB ~320kbps

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