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V/A - Tribal Lineage 2

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BMSS Records
Compiled by Boom Shankar 

1– PsiloCybian - Heebie-Jeebies  5:49
2– Triceradrops - Purple Sunshine  8:49
3– Sidekicks - Anti Hero  7:24
4– Qhemist & The Trancemancer - Ayahuasca  7:20
5– Moon Tripper - Behind Time  7:00
6– Bunker Jack - Hope Is Stronger Than Fear  8:31
7– Inverse Out - Liquidimension  6:38
8– Electrypnose - Atacama (Deliriant Remix)  7:12
9– Narko - 100 Doses (BMSS Mix)  8:28
10– Triton - Motivation Protocol  8:06
11– Kundalini - Silent Moment  7:44
12– Mind Lab & Kundalini - Super Sructure  7:37
13– Arkadia - Groovy  5:54
14– Mind Lab - Places To Go  7:49
15– Psychotropists - Shivatropist  7:06
16– Anthropod - Molecular Structures  6:33
17– Exolon - Angry Planet  8:54
18– Argon Sphere - Code  7:15
19– Solitary Shell & Bio-Logikal - Carbon Cycle  7:24
20– BPM - Quantum Voyager  7:48
21– LunaRave - Reality Program  9:09
22– Krunch & Narko - Inside Out  6:53
23– Sabretooth - Face The Strange  8:14
24– Strange Cookies & No Cliu - Sunny Day  7:42
25– H-Sunrise - Harmonic Fury  7:20
26– Atoned Splendor - Pandora's Groove  9:02
27– Datacult - Symbiont  7:55
28– Mr Snookems & His Slynxs - Discotize Me  5:40

Tribal Lineage 2 is a long compilation of "classic" and modern psychedelic trance. We have about 3 hours of music. It is a mixed bag with formulaic, cliché stuff, and yet some shining moments. I will comment on a few tracks.

PsiloCybian - Heebie-Jeebies: it starts quite generic with not much happening but the energy in the ending of the track caught my interest, the climax and pressure released at the end is satisfying. A solid weapon for the dancefloor.

Triceradrops - Purple Sunshine: nice bassline change after 3 minutes, this track is more twisted and more agressive with what you could call a metallic psychedelic atmosphere.
Sidekicks - Anti Hero: very decent because of the signature melody, despite the cliché bassline, it is more basic than the previous track though (alas not very elaborate). 

Bunker Jack - Hope Is Stronger Than Fear: intense and atmospheric, some goa vibes and a forest touch too, variety and twists, overall it is a great driving track. My favorite so far, a strong highlight.

Electrypnose - Atacama (Deliriant Remix): fast tempo on a very bouncy bassline, mellow melodic sounds that mostly stay in the background, not bad at all. I have a feeling this track should be a grower and one of the best here.

Triton - Motivation Protocol: what an interesting number, it contains nice twists and breaks,  the producer is having a lot of fun playing with the bassline, and he builds a nice mental aura all along. Some will not fancy vocal samples when they take too much room in a psytrance track but I thought this robotic voice worked perfectly and actually added value. One of the darkest tracks of the compilation and another strong highlight. 

Exolon - Angry Planet: a weird composition with a guitar melody in the intro... then the producer plays with the listener when he throws the melody of Push - Universal Nation for a few seconds. This unexpected moment aside, the track has a nice build up and climax in the last minutes. Probably a nice dancefloor number, not sure of the overall quality though.

Argon Sphere - Code: after a few minutes we are granted a mystic chant combined with acid lines, I thought this combination was sweet and original. The bassline keeps evolving while the interesting elements remain alive, it felt very satisfying.
Solitary Shell & Bio-Logikal - Carbon Cycle: some goa vibes on a groovy bassline (think Ovnimoon style at a faster tempo) and some morning trance arpeggios to close the track. Pretty good.

LunaRave - Reality Program: a nice dreamy and mysterious mood throughout, the second part delivers the emotional and hypnotic key changes that we did not hear much in this compilation.

Strange Cookies & No Cliu - Sunny Day: a cliché modern psytrance / progressive track but can't help thinking it was not bad at all, it will work nicely on a dancefloor, sure it is a typical generic modern psytrance track that we love to hate but it still does the (groovy) job. 

Mr Snookems & His Slynxs - Discotize Me: something slower and more disco to finish the compilation, remember Kino Oko - Lost entertainment (if you dig this type of sound).

All tracks are very well produced, you won't find any weakness in the production or the mastering. That being said I wish there was less fillers, the first half was promising but after track #10 (probably my favorite) I heard too much stuff with not enough identity or personality. Still the tracks I enjoyed and commented above were worth the time. 
Favorites: #1, #2, #3, #6, #8, #10, #18, #19, #21.

Rating: 6/10.
Listen / Buy: https://bmssrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tribal-lineage-2-compiled-by-boom-shankar-16bit


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