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Artist: Athena
Title- Single Collection
Label: Classic Goa Trax
Date: October, 2019

1. Human Vox (Slave Labour Mix)
2. Croctopus
3. Xshattriy (Female Remix)
4. Human Vox
5. Future Space Travellers (feat. Prana)
6. U Are Alone
7. Woodwalking


Man I loved the 90's.  That was my decade.  The beginning of the internet, cell phones, playstation...Super great.  And the music?  Awesome.

I love what this sub label of Suntrip is doing here.  Releasing classic goa trance that maybe only made it to vinyl eps or obscure compilations, but doing it digitally so that the artists can recoup some well deserved income.  Everyone knows Miranda and her stellar work, well this was her side hustle.  The first two tracks could be found on the compilation Goa Vibes 3 and they hold up well.  Melodic goa trance to the fullest. If you wanted to hear Xshattriy (Female Remix) you either had to go to a party or own a turntable cause this baby was vinyl only. And you should hear it because it is bouncy good goa with liquid bass. The original version of Human Vox (actually the first four tracks came from the Human Vox Ep) doesn't appeal to me as much as the remix.

Everyone knows Future Travellers made with Prana and that track is still a beast.  It's on a bunch of comps so no real discovery here.  U Are Alone has a techno feel, but doesn't really go anywhere.  The final track Woodwalking is a mid-tempo goa track with some barking 303's. It has groove and saunter with squelchy leads and was my favorite track here.

All in all some really good Athena tracks in one place that perhaps you haven't heard.  The sound quality is also top notch.  Bravo! 


Classic Goa Trax Bandcamp

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